0906-Dutch marines break UK record.

Mariniers verpulveren Wereldrecord Speedmars

Dutch (former) marines in military combat uniform took the world record speed march in Den Helder on Saturday. They took over the title from the British naval soldiers, the Ministry of Defense said.
The world record of the Royal Marines was changed considerably by the Dutch team. The British ran the marathon in 2016 in the record time of 4.16.48. The (former) marines took more than fifteen minutes from that. They came in at 3.58.55.
The team of 21 (former) Marines ranging in age from 22 to 54 years trained 6 to 8 times a week for a year to break the record set by the British Royal Marines, the ministry reports. The participants carried, among other things, a backpack weighing 18.1 kilos and soldier boxes at their feet.

The team actually wanted to attack during the Rotterdam Marathon on April 4 this year, the ministry writes. The corona virus put a line through that plan. Ultimately, a specially mapped out course was chosen at Den Helder Marine Base. During the marathon, money was collected for the Doe wel wel, and don’t look back! It helps (former) colleagues who suffer from cancer.