0635-Corona virus

During the last 120 years the KNMI (Royal Dutch Institute for Weather) records every day all aspects off the Dutch weather. This last month April was the hottest and brightest month April ever. The average temperature was 11.1º Celsius, against 9.2º Celsius over the past 120 years. The total sun hours was 281h 30m, an averaqge per dag of 9h 23m.

On the picture you can see what this kind of weather does to the people in “social lockdown” and “keeping distance of 1.5m (5ft)”. You get first a warning, then follows by the next time a fine of €390/£346/CA$617. Plus the violation and the fine are recorded on your criminal record!!!


Four days ago we had temperatures of 36 degrees Celsius during the day. Yesterday the weather changed in a dramatic form: flooded railwaystation at Haarlem, nearly two thousand camping people near the coast had to be evacuated, an occasional thunderstorm. Today we have a comfortable 19 degrees Celsius, bit overcast, but two nice views to share with you:


From a terrace on the Grote Markt: deep blue sky with towering clouds.


From the same spot: the Saint Stephan Church.