Walk of the World edition #103

Training #9

Near Mook.

Between Mook and Plasmolen.

Between Milsbeek and Gennep (near river Meuse).

Stork at city hall Gennep.


  1. Leg 1: Home – Nijmegen East – University Sports Complex – Railwaytrack towards South [drinks]
  2. Leg 2: Railwaytrack – woodland Groesbeek – Malden – Mook [lunch]
  3. Leg 3: Mook – Plasmolen – Middelaar [drinks]
  4. Leg 4: Middelaar – Milsbeek – river Meuse – Gennep [drinks]
  5. Leg 5: By bus (line 83) Gennep – Nijmegen Central Station.
  6. Leg 6: Nijmegen Central Station – Nijmegen Central Market [dinner]
  7. Nijmegen Central Market – home

The app on my smartphone reports as follows:

  • 5h 58m non-stop walking
  • 35,70Km (23.8 M)
  • 40,634 steps
  • 3,226kCal.


Walk of the World edition #103

Training #8


  1. Leg 1: Home – Eastbound to Holy Land Area – University Sports Complex – Railwaytrack towards South [drinks]
  2. Leg 2: Railwaytrack – Groesbeek woodland – Groesbeek – Seven Hills Avenue – Berg en Dal pancakerestaurant [lunch]
  3. Leg 3: Berg en Dal pancakerestaurant – Berg en Dal busstop
  4. Leg 4: By bus (line8): Berg en Dal busstop – Nijmegen Central station
  5. Leg 5: Nijmegen Central Station – home.

The app on my smartphone reports as follows:

  • 5h 06 m non-stop walking
  • 26.05 Km  (17.37M)
  • 33.104 steps
  • 2.439 kCal.


Walk of the World edition #103

Training #7


  1. Leg 1: Home – bus stop (line 14)
  2. Leg 2: By bus (line 14 & 33) – Doornenburg center
  3. Leg 3: Doornenburg center – Ferry station river IJssel (West bank)
  4. Leg 4: Ferry station river IJssel (East bank) – Pannerden – shore river IJssel – Kijfwaard – Ferry station river Rhine (North bank)
  5. Leg 5: Ferry station river Rhine (North bank) – Millingen on Rhine [coffee break]
  6. Leg 6: Millingen on Rhine – Zeeland – Leuth [drinks]
  7. Leg 7: Leuth – Beek [drinks]
  8. Leg 8: Beek – Berg en Dal bus stop line 8
  9. Leg 9: Beek – Nijmegen Central Station – Home by bus (line 8)

The app on my smartphone reports as follows:

  • 5h40 minutes non-stop walking
  • 30.00 Km  (20.00M)
  • 37,654 steps
  • 3,503 kCal.


Walk of the World edition #103

Training #6


  1. Leg 1: Home – by bus (line 99) – Gennep bus terminal
  2. Leg 2: Gennep bus terminal – along the river Meuse – Linden (drinks}
  3. Leg 3: Linden – Katwijk – Cuijk (drinks)
  4. Leg 4: Cuijk – along the river Meuse – Oeffelt/Ferry house (lunch)
  5. Leg 5: Oeffelt/Ferry house – Gennep bus terminal
  6. Leg 6: Gennep bus terminal – by bus (line 83 &2) – home.

The app on my smartphone reports as follows:

  • 5h44 minutes non-stop walking
  • 32.59 Km  (21.73M)
  • 38,217 steps
  • 3,203 kCal.


Walk of the World edition #103

Training #5


  1. Leg 1: Home – by bus (line 2 & 33) – Doornenburg
  2. Leg 2: Doornenburg – along the river Waal – Gendt (drinks}
  3. Leg 3: Gendt – Bemmel (lunch)
  4. Leg 4: Bemmel – Lent – the Crossing – Nijmegen West – home.

The app on my smartphone reports as follows:

  • 5h26 minutes non-stop walking
  • 26.45 Km  (17.63M)
  • 33,716 steps
  • 2,529 kCal.


Walk of the World edition #103

Training #4


  1. Leg 1: Home – Polder of Ooij – Ooij [coffee break]
  2. Leg 2: Ooij – Kekerdom [sanitary stop & drinks}
  3. Leg 3: Kekerdom – Millingen [lunch]
  4. Leg 4: Millingen to bus stop
  5. Leg 5: Millingen to Nimwegen by bus 80
  6. Leg 6: bus stop at Emperor Charles Sq. to home

The app on my smartphone reports as follows:

  • 5h34 minutes non-stop walking
  • 26.33 Km  (17.56M)
  • 34,283 steps
  • 2,555 kCal.


Walk of the World edition #103

Training #3

Itinerary: home – South-West bound all down to Energieweg (Energy Av.) – North bound towards the bridge De Oversteek (The Crossing) – crossing river Waal – East bound along the monument for the 47 soldiers, who died at The Crossing – Lent – river Waal – Lent – South bound over the Arnheim bridge over Waal – West bound along river Waal, on the South bank (Nijmegen city) – South bound to Grote Markt (Market place) – West bound to Kronenburg Park – passing Emperor Charles roundabout – Graafseweg – home.

The app on my smartphone reports as follows:

  • 233 minutes non-stop walking
  • 19.61 Km  (13.1M)
  • 25,238 steps
  • 2,096 kCal.
  • 3h 30m all-in: dep. 10h 05m arr. 14h 35m (2 stops, at the river Waal near Lent and at a terrace on the Market in Nijmegen.


Walk of the World edition #103

Training #2

Subscription for the 103rd edition of the Walk of the World started 4th of February. Not without problems. Because there are 47,000 start permits to get. The server was open for on-line subscription from midnight, but hundreds of participants were eager to be the first to log in. So, within 30 minutes the server was out of order. Also because the organising committee had introduced a new phenomenon: your subscrip-tion is complete when we have received your payment (€84 / £74 / CA$126). But at night the servers of the financial institutions are busy anyway, and now there came on-line payments troubling the systems. So, when you were lucky your payment (and so your subscription) came through, but e.g. Pierre’s payment was a problem. But after a while, in the evening of that Monday, we both had our subscriptions. And, because we finished both the last edition of the Walk of the World, we are sure to get the start permit.

Today was the first training day in 2019. With a fresh 4 Celsius, but a blue sky and a lot of sun, we took an easy itinerary: home – via the center to Nijmegen East, then all South bound to Berg en Dal – via the Seven Hills way to Groesbeek – North bound to Nijmegen South – home.

The app on my smartphone reports as follows:

  • 290 minutes non-stop walking
  • 24.2 Km  (16.1M)
  • 31,152 steps
  • 1,968 kCal.
  • 6h 33m all-in: dep. 09h 45m arr. 16h 18m (2 stops, in Berg en Dal and a pub near the soccer club at Groesbeek).


Walk of the World edition #102

Day 4: Friday 20 July – the Via Gladiola

Leg 1:  Home – Start: dep 06.17am arr. 06.41am / 2.5Km /1.67M; Leg 2: Start – Nimwegen South: dep.06.53am arr. 08.47am / 11.96Km / 7.97M drink break: Leg 3 Nijmegen South – Heumen: dep. 08.55am arr. 10.58 / 10.76Km / 7.17M / lunch break; Leg 4: Heumen – Malden: dep. 11.31 arr. 12.20pm / 4.13Km / 2.75M / drinks break(pic below);


Leg 5: Malden – Nimwegen South: dep 12.29pm arr. 01.02pm  / 2.89Km / 1.93M / drinks break; Leg 6: Nimwegen South – Saluting point Lord Major – Finish – Collection of medal – Pub: dep. 01.05pm arr.2.07pm / 5.3Km / 3.53M / drinks; Leg 7: Pub – home: dep. 03.13pm arr. 03.40pm



47.431   100.00%   Claimed starts permits

02.951-  006.22%- No show at registration days

44.480   093.78%   100.00%   Start permits day 01

00.607- 001.28%-  001.36%- No show / not finished

43.873   092.50%   098.64%   Start permits day 02

01.334- 002.81%-  003.00%- No show / not finished

42.529   089.69%   095.64%   Start permits day 03

01.225-  002.58%- 002.75%- No show / not finished

41.304   087.11%   092.89%   Start permits day 04

00.298- 000.63%-  000.67%-  No show / not finished

41.006  086.48%    092.22%    Successful marchers


Walk of the World edition #102

Day 3: Thursday 19 July – the day of Groesbeek

Leg 1: Home – start: dep. 07:00am arr. 07:25am 2.28Km / 1.52M. Leg 2: Start – Nimwegen South dep. 07:37am arr.08:29am 4.58Km /  3.05M / Musical break & snack.

Leg 3: Nimwegen South – Malden: dep. 08:36am arr. 09:32am 5.11Km / 3.41M / Strawberry break (picture below is the last house of the city, where the Kurdish-Iraquee family lives.

Leg 4: Malden – Groesbeek woodland: dep. 09.47am arr. 10:53am 6.67Km / 1.45M / break drinks. Leg 5: Groesbeek woodland – Groesbeek: dep.10:59am arr. 11:31am 1.2Km / 0.80M / lunch break. Leg 6: Seven hills way (Groesbeek – Berg en Dal): dep. 11:50am arr.12:48pm / 6.29Km / 4.19M / break drinks. Leg 7: Berg en Dal – Finish: dep.12:57pm arr 02:58pm 12.08Km / 8.05M. Leg 8: Finish – pub: dep. 02:59pm arr 03:13pm 0.84Km / 0.56M / drinks. Leg 9: Pub – home: dep. 04:12 arr. 04:30 1.49Km / 0.99M

Walk of the World edition #102

Day 2: Wednesday 18 July – the day of Wijchen

Pink Wednesday.

We started the day not very well: we should report at the departure gates between 06:45am and 07:15am. At approximately the time that the departure gates went open, we left HOME.

Leg 1: home – checkpoint – Nimwegen South: dep. 06.44am arr. 08:48am 16.64Km / break drinks;  Leg 2: Nimwegen South – Wijchen: dep. 08:56am arr. 10:58am 12.73Km / break drinks; Leg 3: Wijchen – Beuningen: dep. 11.12am arr. 01.23pm 11.02Km  / break lunch; Leg 4: Beuningen – Finish:dep. 01:45pm arr. 03:11pm 8.9Km / break drinks; Leg 5: Finish – home: dep. 03:41pm arr. 04.12pm  2.54Km

Walk of the World edition #102

Day 1: Tuesday 17 July – the day of Elst

Dep. from home: 07:10am arr start: 07:36am, 2.28Km / 1.52M

Parcours day 1: 35.39Km / 23.59M

Dep. finish 05.11pm arr home 05.45pm, 2.81Km  / 1.87M

A new step record: 55,939 steps

Walk of the World edition #102

Day 0: Monday 16 July – registration

Pre-marches drinks at “De Vereeniging”.

Emperor Charles Square

Pre-dinner drinks in the back yard; in front: the fountain,


Walk of the World edition #102

Prior to the opening festivities on Saterday evening, there is always an art gathering in the St Stephan Church. An artist, who has created the “Nimwegen Painting of the year” gets from the Lord Major a decoration.

In the evening there is the first rock concert in the church, a daily event till next Friday, with well known national an international stars, and very well sought after, as tickets are sold out months prior to the real events.

Day -1: Sunday 15 July – pre-registration

At 06:30AM the police arrives for an incident with public intoxication.

My credentials for the coming week 🙂 🙂

And a busy time for the pubs and restaurants on the Grote Markt 🙂 🙂 🙂

Walk of the World edition #102

Training scheme

ORANGE = matching the day limit of 30K / 20M during the marcges

MARCH 2018:

  • #01 March 10: 20.00K / 13.33M; #02 March 24: 22.75K / 15.17M;

APRIL 2018:

  • #03 April 06: 20.02K / 13.35M; #04 April11: 20.08K / 13.39M; #05 April 17: 16.50K / 11.00M; #06 April 28: 13.49K / 8.99M;

MAY 2018:

  • #07 May 04: 25.14K / 16.76M; #08 May 06: 34.57K / 23.05M#09 May 11: 27.30K / 18.2M; 

JUNE 2018:

  • #10 June 05: 20.00K / 13.33M; #11 June 27: 30.24K / 20.16M

JULY 2018:

  • #12 July 06: 33.67K / 22.45M#13 July 10: 35.15K / 23.43M#14 July 11: 32.55K / 21.70M.

TOTAL in 14 training sessions:

351.46Km/234.31M (av. per session: 25.10Km/16.74M)


11 July 2018 – training #14

Leg 1:

Nimwegen (home) – Groesbeek woodland; dep.: 07:58 arr 10:18 / 15.16Km / 10.11M / 2h 20m / refreshments break

Leg 2:

Groesbeek woodland – Plasmolen; dep: 10:29  arr 11:54 / 6.77Km / 4.51M / 1h 25m / coffee break

Leg 3:

Plasmolen – Gennep; dep 12:07 arr 14:14 / 10.57Km / 7.05M / 2h 07m / Lunch break

Leg 4:

Gennep – Nimwegen (home); dep.: 15:11 arr: 16:00 by bus line 83/99.



10 July 2018 – training #13

Leg 1:

Nimwegen (home) – Kekerdom; dep.: 07:45 arr 11.43 / 21.70Km / 14.47M / 3h 58m / refreshments break

Leg 2:

Kekerdom – Ooy; dep: 11:54  arr 13:16 / 8.17Km / 5.45M / 1h 20m / lunch break break

Leg 3:

Ooy – Nimwegen downtown quay side; dep.: 14:03 by bus line 80.

Leg 4:

Nimwegen downtown quay side – Home; dep. 14:27 arr 15:07 / 5.23Km / 3.49M / 0h 40m


06 July 2018 – training #12

Leg 1:

Nimwegen (home) – bank river Waal – polder of Ooy – Persingen; dep.: 07:35 arr 09:53 / 12.35Km / 8.23M / 2h 18m / refreshments break

Leg 2:

Persingen – Leuth; dep: 10:03  arr 11:23 / 6.80Km / 4.53M / 1h 20m / refreshments break

Leg 3:

Leuth – Millingen on Rhine; dep.: 11:28 arr 13:08 / 10.92Km / 7.28M / 1h 40m / lunch break

Leg 4:

Millingen on Rhine – Nimwegen downtown quay side; dep.: 14:04 by bus line 80.

Leg 5:

Nimwegen downtown quay side – Home; dep. 15:13 arr 15:53 / 3.60Km / 2.40M / 0h 40m

TOTAL: 33.67Km / 22.45M in 5h 58m



The last training was not the longest one: On 06 May we did 46,795 steps (Gennep – Cuyk – Grave), 38.85Km / 25.9M in > 10 hours!


27 June 2018 – training #11

As bus traffic in Nijmegen city and the regional network was completely down due to a general strike of the bus drivers, announced for three days, starting today, we had to take that in consideration choosing the itinerary for todays’ training.


Leg 1: Nimwegen (home) – Groesbeek – Seven Hills Road – Berg en Dal:

dep.: 07:58 / 14.68Km / 9.8M / 3h 02m / Coffe break

Leg 2: Berg en Dal – Hill of the Devil – Beek-Ubbergen:

dep: 11:31 / 5.97Km / 4M / 1h 18m / Lunch break

Leg 3: Beek-Ubbergen – Nimwegen (East) – WotW start/finish – home:

dep.: 13.50 / 7.21Km / 4.8M / 1h 35m

TOTAL: 27.86Km / 18.57M in 5h 55

However, the stepcounter reports only distances walked in 10m or more. The real day result is: 40.098 steps = 30.24Km / 20.16M (where 30Km / 20M is the daily distance to walk + 2 times 2.1Km for home – start-finish v.v..

The 40.098 steps are a new record!!!



102nd Four Days Marches 17-20 July 2018


Welcome to the official website of the International Four Days Marches Nijmegen.

The Four Days Marches are a walking achievement event for four consecutive days, in which annually tens of thousands walkers are participating. On those days, people from all over the world come to Nijmegen to walk in and around the city and its beautiful wooded surroundings. Thousands of spectators are cheering on the walkers along the route every day. After four days of walking, a glorious entry along the Via Gladiola awaits the walkers, followed by the distribution of their well-deserved Four Days Medal.

The registration period for the 102nd Four Days Marches closed with 51,130 people registered. Since the registration limit of 47,000 had been exceeded, the available starting tickets were allocated by a draw by lot. The results of the draw can be viewed at My Four Days. All participants were informed personally by e-mail about the outcome.

Facts and figures

Statistics provide insight into all kinds of figures concerning the participants of the Four Days Marches. How many participants have started, what is the division between male and female participants, where do the walkers come from, what is the division of medals that have been given, et cetera.

Barometer 2017

During the Marches the Barometer can be found here. It shows the number of walkers that have dropped out or have finished every day.

Registrations 47,000
Registrations on 1 July 44,680
Registered on Sunday and Monday 42,036
Dropped out 1st Day 00,792
Finished 1st Day 41,244
Dropped out 2nd Day 01,525
Finished 2nd 39,719
Dropped out 3rd Day 01,002
Finished 3rd Day 38,717
Dropped out 4th Day 00,308
Finished Four Days Marches 38,409


Do’s and don’ts

Stichting DE 4DAAGSE has several rules and regulations. These rules and regulations ensure that the registration and the participation of thousands of walkers in the Four Days Marches are well organised. We ask you to read all the regulations concerning you and – of course – also to follow them.

1. Rules and regulations (2018)
2. Restriction protocol (2018)
3. Regulations for civilian groups (2018)
4. Regulations for military participants (2018)
5. Regulations governing distances and rewards (2018)
6. Regulations governing start and sign-off (2018)
7. Anti-doping regulations (2018)
8. Privacy regulations (2018)
9. Regulations governing disqualification (2018)

Children under accompaniment

Parents/carers of children turning 12, 13, 14 or 15 in the year of the participation can accompany their child, even if that implies that the parents cannot walk the minimum distance required of them by the rules and regulations. You can add a companion to the registration of your child via My Four Days on our website. It is possible to do so from 3 April until 12 July 2018. The companion will not receive a reward. Information about companions: Regulations for companions for young individual participants (2018).


v4The Four Days Marches are a walking achievement event, in which the gravity of the achievement obliges the participant to prepare him- or herself sufficiently to the event by means of training. In certain cases people with disability, either physical or intellectual, can appeal to the dispensation regulation of the Four Days Marches in order for them to walk less kilometres a day than the regulation distance that applies to them states. These special circumstances are affiliated to the internationally established standards in sports for people with a disability. This regulation is, however, not applicable to participants who cannot walk their regulation distance due to medical circumstances (e.g. illness). Dispensation requests can be submitted in writing after your registration has been accepted and have to be received by Stichting DE 4DAAGSE by 15 June at the latest.

Participants in a wheelchair

Participants, who as a result of chronic loss of movement of the lower limbs are confined to a wheelchair, can request dispensation to be awarded the Four Days Medal. This dispensation will be granted only under certain circumstances, the most important being that the participant has to use a classic, non-motorised, non-sports, hand rim wheelchair (ADL) during the length of the Four Days Marches. Requests for dispensation can be submitted in writing after your registration for the Four Days Marches has been accepted and need to be received by Stichting DE 4DAAGSE by 15 June at the latest.

Which distance can I walk in 2018?

There are three different distances in the Four Days Marches: 30, 40 and 50km.

v5The tables below show the distance(s) you can participate in, based on your gender and year of birth. In the year of participation, the participant must turn at least 12 years old. The distance marked with an R is the minimum distance for which you must register and is determined on the basis of your age and gender. This minimum distance is called the regulation distance. It is not possible to walk a distance shorter than the regulation distance, but it is possible to choose a longer distance. The distances marked with an E are other distances for which you may register, but these distances are not compulsory for your age and gender. This is why we call these distances extended distances.

Please note: once the Four Days Marches has begun, you can no longer change the distance you will be walking. You must then walk the full distance you are registered for on each of the four days.

Men born in the years:

2003-2006 30km R 40km E 50km E
2000-2002 40km R 50km E
1969-1999 50km R*
1959-1968 40km R 50km E
1958 or earlier 30km R 40km E 50km E

* For military servicemen the regulation distance is 40km, providing they carry at least ten kilograms of marching kit.

Women born in the years:

2003-2006 30km R 40km E 50km E
1959-2002 40km R 50km E
1958 or earlier 30km R 40km E 50km E

Changing the distance

You can change the distance for which you are registered by logging on to My Four Days. You can change this free of charge until Thursday 12 July. After this date, changes to the distance can only be made on Sunday 15 or Monday 16 July at the Central Administration at the start and finish location, for a €15 fee.


As with many other sporting events, the Four Day Marches also has a reward system. Everyone who completes the marches in accordance with the regulations will be eligible for a reward. Anyone who is participating for the first time will receive a Four Days Marches Cross. Either a number or another type of Four Days Marches Cross is awarded for each subsequent successful participation.

Digital participant registration

All participants (including group participants and those in military contingents) will be given a wristband upon signing in. This wristband with barcode is used to register participants electronically at the start and finish. Each participant must have his or her bar code scanned at the registration desk at the end of each day.

Start and finish area

Start and finish area the Wedren
The start and finish area ‘the Wedren’ is divided into three places: the Wedren, the opposite Vierdaagseplein and adjoining Julianapark. All individual participants on the 30, 40 and 50km-route start from the Wedren/Vierdaagseplein and will report to the finish at one of the registration desks (Julianapark) at the end of each marching day. Civilian groups line up at the starting gate for groups in the Julianapark. On Friday the sign-off for civilian groups is at sports park De Kluis, this is possible until 17.00 hrs. After signing off, everyone walks the Entry on the Via Gladiola to the Wedren.

Start and finish area Heumensoord
Military detachments and individual military participants starting from Heumensoord also sign off at Heumensoord. On Friday these military participants finish at Charlemagne, the sign off is until 16.30 hrs. Afterwards, everyone walks the Entry on the Via Gladiola to the Wedren.

Waiting at the start

The organisation is trying to spread the flow of walkers over the route in order to prevent congestion just after the start. Therefore the participants are not allowed to start all at once. Of course, when tens of thousands participants have to start within in a timeframe of a couple hours it is not unlikely that participants will hinder each other. So, just like travelling with public transport or when in the supermarket, we would like to ask you to show some consideration for each other, and that you do not cut in line and that you wait your turn. Kindly address each other regarding inappropriate behaviour and try to arrange matters justly.

Problems with your wristband?

Your wristband is indispensable during the Four Days Marches, as you need the bar code both at the start in the morning and at the finish in the afternoon. The scanners must be able to read the print on the wristband. If you are unsure of your wristband code’s legibility or if your wristband is broken, please go to the Central Administration (open from 3:30am-5pm) at the Wedren. After verification of your details, you will receive a new wristband. To avoid a lot of trouble, be sure to do so on time. Participants starting from Heumensoord who have problems with the wristband prior to the start, can report to one of the starting team members. They will give you a temporary replacement wristband. At the end of the day, report to the Central Administration at Heumensoord, where – after verification of you details – you will receive a new wristband.

Starting and signing-off times 2018


Start indivuals   
Start groups       
Signing off               
or 06.00-06.30
or 7.30-08.00
40km MIL

* On Friday this will be 03.30 – 05.30 hrs. Signing off on Friday 11.00 – 16.30 hrs (Charlemagne).
** On Friday until 18.00 hrs. This time is only for individual civilian participants with start location Wedren.

The 30km and 40km walkers will start in two separate groups. The partitioning of start slots is linked to the (random) allotment of a walker to a registration desk.

A good night’s rest

During the Four Days Marches, thousands of walkers stay in Nijmegen or its surrounding areas at campings, in hotels, with host families, or at one of the many other accommodations available. For walkers, this is convenient as they do not need to travel, but the main benefit is that walkers will also be able to visit Nijmegen and celebrate along in the Four Days Festivities.

Where can I spend the night?

Vierdaagsebed, part of the Tourist Information Office for the district of Nijmegen, offers many opportunities to spend the night. For instance, they offer the possibility to help find walkers of the Four Days Marches a hospitable accommodation with a host family in Nijmegen or its surrounding areas. Many families in Nijmegen make room in their houses in that particular week to receive and look after one or several walkers. And in the course of history, this has already led to many special friendships. For further information and online registration, please see www.vierdaagsebed.nl/en. Furthermore, there will also be Four Days Marches hotel package deal made available and you can also contact RBT KAN for information on campsites. This information can also be found at http://www.vierdaagsebed.nl/en. To establish personal contact please call 0031-(0)481-366280 or send an e-mail info@vierdaagsebed.nl.

Where do I apply if I want to be a host family?

Everyone who would like to accommodate walkers during the Four Days Marches can register as a host family at www.vierdaagsebed.nl/en. There are, however, a few conditions that ought to be fulfilled; walkers should be provided with a good bed and the use of a clean bathroom.

Next to a hospitable stay you may provide for your guests by:
• Bed and breakfast
• Full board (overnight stay with breakfast, packed lunch, dinner)

Walk of the World #102

05 June 2018 – training #10

201806050802WotW-10-1Leaving home at 08:00am sharp, temperature 14C and a sombre weather forecast.

Directly Westbound (Wolfkuilse-weg) then Northbound (Energie-weg) to reach the beginning of “The Crossing”. That already takes 45 minutes non-stop walking. Crossing the river Waal and leaving the bridge on the former dike of the river Waal. Eastbound to the ancient 201806050802WotW-10-2Arnheim bridge, then Southbound to Berg and Dal (Hill and Valley). First stop, after 2:30h walking. Coffee & apple cake. Then Westbound, over the famous Zeven-heuvelenweg (Seven Hills way), passing the Canadian War Cimetary, to Groesbeek. From Groesbeek Northbound in the direction of Nimwegen.

After a total of 20K / 13.33M We took bus 5 to the city.



  • top – 08am sharp;
  • center – a sombre weather forecast;
  • bottom – a view from the Arnheim bridge on the river front, with on top the famous octagonal chapel of St. Nicholas in the Valkhof Castle (built in 1030); nearby stand ruins of another part of the castle – so called Barbarossa ruins from the 12th century. The castle was demolished in 1797, just keeping its oldest part – the chapel. Below, the red brick building, the brand new museum “The Bastion”.


Edition #102 will start in 42 days; change in itinerary.

We subscribed for the 30K / 20M per day. Due to a change in the routes, the distances per day have changed too:

Day 1, the day of Elst:

33,10K / 22,06M + 4,40K / 02.93M Home – Start/Finish v.v. = 37.50K / 24,99M

Day 2, the day of Wijchen:

33,60K / 22,40M + 4,40K / 02.93M Home – Start/Finish v.v. = 38,00K / 25,33M

Day 3, the day of Groesbeek:

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Day 4, the day of Cuijk:

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144,70K / 96,44M Total

36,17K / 24,11M Daily average

RE: 0555/Walk of the World

On the evening of 29 December 2016, a Romanian benzene tanker dug in very dense fog through the Grave dam. This ensured that the Meuse and the Meuse-Waal Canal literally ran empty. Shipping was not possible for a long time and houseboats became uninhabitable. The social damage went into the tens of millions of euros.

De beschadigde stuw bij Grave vanuit de lucht.

Rijkswaterstaat bekijkt met onderwatercamera's de schade aan de stuw van de John S. Thompsonbrug bij Grave, die beschadigd raakte toen er een schip tegenaan voer.

De jachthaven van grave kwam bijna droog te staan na de aanvaring van een schip met de stuw.

De schade aan de stuw bij Grave, die beschadigd raakte toen er een schip tegenaan voer.