First view romantic landscape paintings and then walk through the same landscape. This is possible if you visit the exhibition ‘Binnenste Buiten-land’ in Museum Het Valkhof.

“Un-Dutch” is also called the landscape east of Nijmegen. The flat polder land collides with the wooded lateral moraine and you get beautiful panoramas. It has long been a popular area for tourists and hikers. Earlier, in the nineteenth century, artists of the romantic school discovered this landscape. They came from all over the Netherlands to record it.

Romantic farmhouses
The landscape painters loved the vistas and idyllic motifs such as old water mills, farms and churches. And if they were not there, they were sometimes painted there. Some, such as B.C. Koekkoek, settled in this area, others stayed there for a short time. Museum Het Valkhof has brought together a collection of these works. If you want to see what remains of that romantic landscape, you can take a walking tour from the museum. There is a route at the desk or you can put it on the phone.

Now there are more trees
There are still beautiful vistas from the hills to the river land. At the same time, you also notice that the landscape used to be more open. Now there are more and higher trees. As is clearly visible when you compare the painting by Willem Carel Nakken and the photo by Flip Franssen.


Prayerbook of Mary of Gelre

The exhibition revisited: the first time with my sister on 23 December, the second time with our friend Bart de Boer from Amsterdam.



Exhibition Valkhof

scan_20160930-1Museum Valkhof in Nimwegen is dominated by gladiators since last weekend. Our image of the fighters in movies, comic books and stories is not true, prove the show Gladiators, heroes of the Coliseum. The story of the gladiators is much more nuanced than the image of the movie hero who fights to the death. The exhibition Gladiators visitors get a glimpse into the lives, fears and dreams of the Roman fighters. Who were they? How they were recruited, how they trained and what was their daily life like? Athletes Gladiators trained as athletes and had an iron discipline. The Roman population they represented especially courage, fighting spirit and self-sacrifice. Colosseum Valkhof illustrates the hardened men by means of paintings, armor and sculptures that have so far been exhibited only in foreign museums. Some of the pieces have never been outside of Italy and appears thanks to a collaboration with the Coliseum.

Private collection The museum also finds homegrown shows such as green glazed cup from Nijmegen, where gladiator fights are shown. The exhibition opens on Saturday, October 1st and lasts until Sunday, March 5th 2017. Valkhof Museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday between 11:00 AM and 05:00 PM.