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Memory, a short play (two person) featuring David Belrose and Gloria Dowton. Part of ten plays presented at the annual 10 x 10 showcase Magnus Theatre in Thunder Bay. Three performances of the plays over two days April 12 & 13 2019. Story revolves around a long married couple and the humour and drama in issues with regards to remembering things.

Photo by courtesy of Marty Mascarin.

David Belrose is the partner of Brian Holden. I know them since 1999. They were the first house guests we had when we moved to Nijmegen, back in September 2003. Pierre moved Friday 12, I moved Monday 15, and Brian and David were picked up at Amsterdam Airport Wednesday 17. Apart from visiting Dutch highlights, we had a house in Bruges (Belgium). From Belgium the two Canadians visited Paris, and returned to Nijmegen.

Amsterdam, 20 September 2003, after an exhausting “touristic” day: dinner at our favourite Mexican restaurant; from left to right: David Belrose, Brian Holden, Pierre Bormans and Luke Barkhuis.

0492 – Canada

Via my special correspondent/artist Brian Holden, from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada (see his PAGE on top of the website):


Five tons of plastic out of the ocean to build a four stories high whale (Bruges, Belgium). See also the video.

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Quotation from an email:

“This morning it is -29 C with a windchill factor of – 40 C in Thunder Bay. Even the local wildlife is affected. I had a black squirrel at the kitchen doors waiting for a handout of nuts to keep warm.”


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2017/07/05 – Via: Brian Holden

This documentary was recently filmed and aired on Canadian television. The host in the film is a person I know and met in person. He helped to launch my career as a visual artist back in 1985. I had submitted a very detailed graphite drawing for a juried collection that would represent 30 artists from Northern Ontario to watch out for in the future. Christopher Hume was not only a critic on architecture and urban design but he was also an art critic. He along with 2 other notable Canadian artists traveled to Thunder Bay and spent 3 days viewing hundreds of submitted art works.
My submitted work earned me a third place honourable mention and I received an award. It along with the other selected artworks went on tour and received exhibition in several noted galleries across Canada. The documentary looks at urban issues with regards to moving large city streets in Toronto away from automobiles and towards other forms of  public transportation including the bicycle, streetcar and subway and light rail.

0101 – Canada

Winter storm causes Sports Dome to collapse


The Sports Dome collapsed overnight after developing a tear in the fabric from Friday night’s storm. For the second time in about six years, the Sports Dome has col-lapsed. The dome developed a tear in the fabric and collapsed sometime over-night. There is no definite cause for why or how the tear happened, but Friday’s strong winds and heavy snow fall is believed to be a factor. Sports Dome management has been contacted, but was not immediately available.

QUOTE: Yesterday a Colorado low pressure system created blizzard like conditions through Minnesota and Northern Ontario. It began with freezing rain and quickly developed into snow flurries as the temperature dropped. By Friday evening the highways outside of Thunder Bay were closed to traffic. A couple of days back it was 13 C and no snow here. Today with the windchill it is -15 C and about 15 cm of snow on the ground. However I awoke to very sunny conditions although very windy and cold outdoors. And not far from here the sports dome was damaged during the storm as the news report below shows. UNQUOTE


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A stroll in the woods with artist Brian Holden will surprise you in many different ways

0035 – Canada

May 2001, Thunder Bay, Centennial Park: from left to right: Pierre Bormans, yours truly, Brian Holden and David Belrose.

2001 05~Thunder Bay~Centennial Park-10

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Gentlemen, is this a mere coincidence or more…?

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