0530-Student housing


The large, Gelderland student cities of Wageningen and Nimwegen are faced with a considerable shortage of rooms. Especially those who want to study in Wageningen have to take long waiting lists into account. The shortage is constantly increasing, is the expectation. One year after their enrollment, around 175 students are still on the waiting list at Idealis in Wageningen, with some 5,000 rooms being the largest student housing provider. They started studying in academic year 2017/2018, but are still without a room. “Last year we already had some students who did not have a room after a year. But not that much. Until a few years ago almost everyone had a room before 1 May. It shows that the pressure on the chamber market continues to grow, ” said spokesman Hellen Albers. In total, Idealis received 2,058 enrollments for the past academic year. “These are also students who enrolled, but were not sure of their study city.”


More difficult
The expectation is that it will be increasingly difficult to find a room in Wageningen in the coming years. The number of students at Wageningen University is now rising to around 15,000 students in 2022/2023, according to forecasts of some 12,000. There are not so many homes: Idealis expects that around 1,000 residential units will be added in that year. ,, We do what we can and have various locations. Due to the increase in the number of students, the tension between supply and demand will worsen. ” The number of students living away from home has increased considerably in recent years in Wageningen. Ten years ago, according to the latest National Student Housing Monitor, there were still about 4,700, two academic years ago 7,400. A very different effect is observed by Idealis in Ede. There the demand has just declined and the market is ‘very relaxed’. Albers: ,, As the number of students living away from home in Ede is decreasing, it is increasing in Wageningen. ”

Just as in Wageningen, there is also much more demand in the Nimwegen market than supply. Even though the pressure is according to student accommodation provider SSH&, which has around 6,400 rooms and 35 percent of the room market, ‘stable’ in recent years. Nearly all first-year students who enrolled before the start of their studies had a room in May or June, says manager Vincent Buitenhuis. ,, Students who have to travel for a long time and therefore get priority, have a room for Christmas. Those who live closer always at the end of the first year. ” The accommodation provider has about 2,000 to 2,500 homes available every year from the 6,400 rooms in Nimwegen. More than 3,000 students register annually with the accommodation provider. “Many students find something on the private market.”


Second-year students
According to Buitenhuis, a new problem forms students who only go to rooms in their second year. “There are more and more. The problem is that they are not allowed to use our priority rules. First-year students and students with travel urgency go ahead, which puts second-year students in trouble and has to wait longer. That can take two years. We look at what to do with the rules. ” In Arnhem, pressure on the chamber market is in balance, according to the latest figures from the National Student Housing Monitor. Only 6,000 students live in rooms there, compared with around 19,000 in Nimwegen. The SSH&, which owns nearly 10 percent of the market, sees an increase in demand. Buitenhuis: ,, That is why we are going to build 140 units so that we will have 600 rooms in the future. The fact that students quickly find a room also comes from the many private providers. ”

Note: SSH& used to be SSHN, meaning: Society Student Housing Nimwegen.


Hasan (21) fled from Syria to the Netherlands and invites you for a cup of coffee.

h“All the unknown is exciting, that is why it is so important that refugees and Dutch people come into contact with each other”, says Hasan. He fled from Syria to the Netherlands. On June 20, World Refugee Day, he serves coffee with other refugees and the Dutch Council for Refugees between 8:00 am and 1:00 pm at the station in Nimwegen.

Studying or the army

You would not say it if you heard him speak Dutch, but Hasan is only 2,5 years in the Netherlands. At the age of 18 he fled to the Netherlands with his uncle to escape the dangerous military service. His father, mother, brother and sister stayed behind. “It is war in Syria. That’s why many boys who turn 18 have to go into the army. I did not want to go into the army, but to study. That is why I decided to leave Syria. “

Take the initiative yourself

KhoseMeanwhile Hasan is following a transition year at HAN (University Arnheim Nimwegen), so that he can then start his study Civil Engineering. When he asks if he feels at home in the Netherlands, a smile appears from ear to ear. “The Netherlands is really my home! The Dutch generally take little initiative to get to know you, but if you take a step yourself, almost everyone reacts positively. That’s why I like to hand out coffee on June 20: then I just come to the people myself! I hope people do not think it’s weird that I just want to drink a cup of coffee. Probably they think that I am very different, because I come from a different country. But I really do not think so. For me, everyone is just the same.”

People of the hour

Yet Hasan has already found a few differences between Dutch and Syrians. Hasan: “Time for example! Everyone is always on time. If you have to go to work I understand that, but even if I have a meeting with friends and I am 5 minutes late I get to hear that already. Recently I got a message from a friend, if I wanted to come and eat with her in three months. That’s really going too far for me, haha! In Syria we did everything much more spontaneously, then we often called the same day if it came true. That is really a big difference with how it goes in the Netherlands.”

We do not know our neighbors

Another difference, according to Hasan, is the low level of contact with the neighbors. “I knew everyone in my village in Syria. Here I literally know only one neighbor in the flat where I live.” Yet Hasan is far from lonely. He quickly made friends: both people of Dutch descent and people with a foreign background. “I have left some contacts with my time at the asylum seekers’ center. People came by to meet us. I also met people at school. And I do volunteer work at a foundation that organizes fun activities for children and young people in asylum seekers’ centers. My colleagues there are now also really good friends. “

0400-Student housing

Counted from street level, these students have their drinks on the fourth floor 🙂 🙂 🙂 Life is so nice in Nimwegen city!!!

From top downwards:

  • 4th floor: roof ( the sitting area);
  • 3rd floor: attic floor;
  • 2nd floor: gothic windowed bedrooms;
  • 1st floor: gothic windowed bedrooms;
  • ground floor: gothic windowed living rooms;
  • basement: storage rooms and apartment at backside.

For Nimwegen this is a very common way of house building. When I have to compare with our house, then I state the following:

  • 3rd floor: not in use, attic;
  • 2nd floor: storage; there could be 2 bedrooms;
  • 1st floor: master bedroom, office, sundeck (total 15m / 50ft);
  • ground floor: lounge area, dining area, garden room (total 15m / 50ft);
  • basement: running over the full length of the house (total 15m / 50ft): guestroom, living room, garden room; plus a nice back yard and a pond.

0228-Student housing

Graafseweg 217


  • Everything back to “normal”: the lounge-set is on its place, the BBQ, the American style freezer/fridge and 2 refrigerators are gone 🙂

  • A lot of the beer and soft drinks are still “in stock”, as well as a part of the meat for the BBQ 😦

  • I hope that the entrance fee of € 15 per person has covered the expenses of Friso, Tim c.s.. 🙂

0227-Student housing

Graafseweg 217



  • The party ended earlier than planned, just after midnight, due to the fact that neighbors had called directly the police instead of coming first over and discuss the matter with  the organisers of the party: Floris and Tim.

  • The first police car arrived at 07.00 PM at the neighbors Graafseweg 215, where previously this week had been nuisance to neighbors.

  • The last and third time that the police came over was just past midnight June 24/25. The police threatened to confiscate the “nuisance obstacles” (2 sound panels of the the DJ).

  • So, Floris announced the party continued but without music and light effects. At the appointed time of 01 AM all was silent, and the party members were gone to the city”s student nightlife.


By the way, I attended the party for a while and was introduced by Floris and Tim as “the understanding neighbor” 🙂 🙂 🙂

0226-Student housing

Graafseweg 217




Saturday, 08.32PM

0222-Student housing

Graafseweg 223-237

As a variation on “On a beautiful morning like this”, here the evening setting of the neighboring students of Graafseweg 223-237. Visible are 5 females and one male, the whole “assembly” coun-ted ten people, having a beer in the sunset. The picture is taken from our front balcony and the (according the owner of the student complex) offending red car is parked exactly on the driveway of Graafseweg 221, with the strict permission of the owners of Graafseweg 221.

However, the owner of the student complex, Mr. Vogelsang -husband of the owner of the buildings in question: Archi-Bel B.V., sees this as an illegal use of his property and threatens to tow away the red car (“It is only a matter of putting a chain and discard the obstacle”, as he said).

The proprietress of the car, a woman known by our neighbors, lives also at the Graafseweg (odd numbers) but more towards the city. Normally she parks the car in front of the student complex, which is -according to the angry owner- a private property. So in the last case he could ask the lady in question to park her car elsewhere. At the other side of the Graafseweg is a cycle road annex driveway, where lots of people park their car in the evening, as parking space on the odd numbered side of the Graafseweg is sparse 😦 😦 😦

0220-Student housing

Graafseweg 217

Announced for next Saturday: a party at our neighboring student house & garden till 01:00AM. The two companions of the sousterrain -we are very well “on speaking terms nowadays 🙂 “- came today at the door. Preparations (decorations) apparently just delivered…

0208-Student housing

Graafseweg 217 

The brand new lounge set looks like there will nothing happen tonight… 😦

Instead of beer in (manly) bottles, there are now pink and green cups on the table… 🙂

what will be going on tonight???

0207-Student housing

Graafseweg 217 

In the afternoon of Saturday May 6 a brand new lounge set arrived. And at 07:13PM the first guest arrived for a try-out.

And at May 7 01:05AM the remains of the party were observed. At the utmost left on the picture you can see a part of the bottles beer that were still “on stock” 😦 🙂