0748/Apology from the Author

An apology to all my followers cq. viewers of this site. January was a busy month. But the blog is now updated with:

1d. STEWART-WILSON 2019 (new), as Lady Mary is on cruise again, but in the meantime we made nice plans for the future;
2. ANWAR’S COLUMN with a full month of his experiences in Dutch society 🙂 🙂 🙂 ;
4d. ROYALTY 2019 (new);
5. SOLAR ENERGY (new), where you can follow the where-abouts of the installation and see the monthly reports about: input Kwearnings in €, prevented CO2 emission in Kg and the number of trees planted with this “green” energy.

Presently the weather is far below acceptable. February starts with days of either fog or snow er even both miserable items. My poor solar panels had a fairly good month January 2019, compared to December 2018:

+ 17Kw input, + € 3 earnings, + 6Kg prevented CO2 emission, + 0,02 trees planted.