0628-Class A4a – Reunion May 2021

And the organizers (Harmannus & Hanneke, Rieks & Hilleke, Luke & Pierre) are working full time. Apart from this current blog, there is a (hidden) page on the site with the news from the organizing team to follow. Below: an impression of last year’s class reunion in Garnwerd, province of Groningen. The organizing team hopes to have an equal (or perhaps better) result of their efforts.

En de organisatoren (Harmannus & Hanneke, Rieks & Hillike, Luke & Pierre) werken op volle kracht. Naast dit normale blog is er een (verborgen) pagina op de site met nieuwtjes van het organisatie-team. Daarvoor is er een aparte link. De video is een impressie van de klasse-reünie in Garnwerd (prov. Groningen). Wij hopen op een gelijke (of betere) beloning van onze inzet.

0580-Walk of the World

After signing out at the finish, and having received the award according to the completed marches, we had a reunion at Grand Café MOENEN, owned by Arjen Gesterkamp. Clockwise, from upper left to  bottom right: Titia Gesterkamp, the mother of Arjen and Steef and a third (elder son), a very good friend of us, and a former volunteer at the Saint, Stepan Church; Luke Barkhuis with his 5th medal and nowadays addicted to rosé beer; Pierre Bormans with his 9th medal and a regular beer;; the girl is Titia’s granddaughter with a Coke; Steef, father of the girl, and Titia’s middle son, with an exotic beer.

The awards;

  • KNBLO (Royal Dutch Association for Physical Education) – year 1:  the most simple version (left)
  • KNBLO (Royal Dutch Association for Physical Education) – year 2-4: award 1 with a crown (center)
  • KNBLO (Royal Dutch Association for Physical Education) – year 5: “gold” switches to dark blue (right)
  • KNBLO (Royal Dutch Association for Physical Education) – year 6-9: award 5 with a crown (WotW edition #104).


Baarn, a reunion

From left to right: Chief Medical Officer Pierre Bormans, the wife of the captain of the Dutch soldiers Mary Schneider and the Headmaster of the Dutch school Rein Bertram.