0684-Walk of the World


The marches start next Tuesday. Prior to the start there are two days for the registration; showing your email confirmation for  participation you get a plastic wristband, with QR-codes on it (picture below); the QR-codes contain: subscriptionnumber, distance you walk every day, and a start code. The start codes are a walking shoe and a gladiolus. The gladiolus indicates early starts (6.45am) on Tuesday and Thursday, and late starts (7.30am) at Wednesday and Friday. Pierre and I have -as walking shoe- the opposite schedule. The term “30km/20M per day” is also rather relevant: day 1 33.2KM/22.13M, day 2 33.6Km/22.4M, day 3 30.5Km/20.33M and day 4 30Km/20M. Plus each day  home-start and finish-home = 6.32Km/4.21M. In total we walk the total of the daily marches plus 4 times the return trips home-start/finish = 152.6Km/101.73M. The average distance per day (home-start-march-finish-home) is 38.15Km/25.43M.

0494-Walk of the World

Walk of the World edition #102

Day 0: Monday 16 July – registration

Pre-marches drinks at “De Vereeniging”.

Emperor Charles Square

Pre-dinner drinks in the back yard; in front: the fountain,

0493-Walk of the World

Walk of the World edition #102

Prior to the opening festivities on Saterday evening, there is always an art gathering in the St Stephan Church. An artist, who has created the “Nimwegen Painting of the year” gets from the Lord Major a decoration.

In the evening there is the first rock concert in the church, a daily event till next Friday, with well known national an international stars, and very well sought after, as tickets are sold out months prior to the real events.

Day -1: Sunday 15 July – pre-registration

At 06:30AM the police arrives for an incident with public intoxication.

My credentials for the coming week 🙂 🙂

And a busy time for the pubs and restaurants on the Grote Markt 🙂 🙂 🙂