0561-Graafseweg 219

With these temperatures ( >30º C.) we have dinner at the terrace of the pond. From there you have the most beautiful views at our assortment of flowers in the backyard. This one hangs down from the little balcony at the end of the ground floor of the house. We enjoy -starting 9PM- also the company of bats.

0428-Graafseweg 219


As the water pump of the pond shuts down at 10:00pm till 08:00am, you see here an impression at 09:55pm of our pond and backyard:

0363-Graafseweg 219

0239-Graafseweg 219

Every second Sunday the fish get 3 hands of pure colehydrates; up till today they do it quiet well on this “diet” 🙂 🙂 🙂

0206-Graafseweg 219

2017/06/20 – Yard & pond

Although we have a pump (on the pic: under, left) with built-in filter, and a big cleaning machine with UV radiation, the water what returns in the pond is far from clear (on the pic: upper right). According to our neighbor Peter we should work with plants, which absord the green stuff and turns it into oxygen. So, off to a large garden center South of Nimwegen: “Intratuin”.

What we bought: 2 baskets, to be filled with little stones and plants, and to be placed approx. 40 cm below the water surface. That was great, as our first section of the pond is 42cm 🙂 . Furthermore pink and yellow fleur-de-lis and 5 floating plants. 

All arranged according to the instructions of the salesman 😛 😛 😛 at “Intratuin”, ready to sink off in the pond.

The result: the pink fleur-de-lis already in bloom. The yellow fleur-de-lis are the green stems you can see. The floating plants: not 5 but 6! Perhaps the tall, blond, blue-eyed salesman  😛 😛 😛 liked us…???

0204-Graafseweg 219

Yard & pond @ Graafseweg 219