The House of Representatives wants to put an end to the lack of clarity surrounding the wearing of masks in public spaces. The cabinet’s new directive creates too much confusion, according to a majority of the House. That is why there should be an unambiguous national policy for wearing mouth masks, say VVD, D66, SP, PvdA and GroenLinks. The PVV is not against national advice. Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) announced new national measures on Monday in an attempt to break the second wave of infections. Among other things, the maximum group size will be limited (3 visitors in a household, 30 visitors in bars and restaurants, 40 visitors on a terrace) and the catering industry must close at 10 p.m. For corona fires in Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam, it is recommended to wear a mouth mask in shops. It is not an obligation and it is up to the retailers to talk to customers about it. The SP and PvdA, among others, believe that the government’s advice on masks creates a lack of clarity and places responsibility with retailers. “The shopkeepers are not boas”, said Lilian Marijnissen (SP). It seems that the House is currently going for a national mouth masks advice and not an obligation that currently still has legal problems. “Don’t pass on the responsibility.” Klaas Dijkhoff (VVD) also believes that enforcement should not be placed with entrepreneurs. He also wants national management. PvdA leader Lodewijk Asscher agrees and now wants mouth masks advice in public spaces. In the long term, this should become a mouth cap relief. According to Asscher, a national guideline provides clarity.

The political parties in the Dutch House of Representatives (in this article):

  • VVD – Party for Freedom & Democracy
  • SP – Socialist Party
  • PvdA – Labour
  • PVV – Party for Freedom
  • GroenLinks – Green Left
  • D66 – Democrats 1966


What happens now the US government has shut down?

Congress failed to pass a spending bill by Friday at midnight, triggering a shutdown of the federal government. The move has big repercussions for America. US troops will continue their duties, and post will get delivered, but almost half of the two million civilian federal workers would be barred from doing their jobs. Here’s a look at what it means to shut down the government.

Intelligence work will be scaled down

The workforce at the 17 US intelligence agencies will be pared down significantly. An official said employees who are considered essential and have to work will do so with no expectation of a regular pay cheque. While they can be ordered to stay on the job, federal workers can’t be paid for days worked during a shutdown. In the past, however, they have been paid retroactively even if they were told to stay at home.


National Parks and museums

The Smithsonian museums in Washington, and the National Zoo, which are huge tourist attractions, will close from Monday if the shutdown continues. Staff will continue to feed animals at the zoo but the well-known Panda Cam will cease broadcasting. The Interior Department said that in the event of a government shutdown, national parks and other public lands will remain as “accessible as possible”. That position is a change from previous shutdowns when most parks were closed and became high-profile symbols of dysfunction. Heather Swift, a spokeswoman, said the American public – especially veterans who come to the nation’s capital – should find war memorials and open-air parks available to visitors. Ms Swift said many national parks and wildlife refuges nationwide will also be open with limited access when possible. She said public roads that were already open are likely to remain open, although services that require staffing and maintenance such as campgrounds, full-service restrooms and concessions won’t be operating. Backcountry lands and culturally sensitive sites are likely to be restricted or closed, she said.

Panda Cam

Health research disrupted

Dr Anthony Fauci, infectious disease chief at the National Institutes of Health, said a government shutdown will disrupt research and morale but will not adversely affect patients already in medical studies. “We still take care of them,” he said of current NIH patients. But other types of research would be seriously harmed. A shutdown could mean interrupting research that’s been going on for years, he said. The NIH is the government’s primary agency responsible for biomedical and public health research, ranging from cancer studies to the testing and creation of vaccines. “You can’t push the pause button on an experiment,” he said.

Law enforcement training to be cancelled

Many of the nearly 115,000 US Justice Department employees have national security and public safety responsibilities that allow them to keep working during a shutdown. So will special counsel Robert Mueller’s team investigating allegations of Russian meddling in the presidential election. His office is paid for indefinitely. Criminal cases will continue, but civil lawsuits will be postponed as long as doing so doesn’t compromise public safety. Most law enforcement training will be cancelled, according to the department’s contingency plan.

Visas could be disrupted

Heather Nauert, State Department spokeswoman. said security for American diplomats overseas wouldn’t be affected. But no decision had yet been made about what services, such as visa processing and passports, the State Department would be able to provide. Nor had there been a decision about whether Rex Tillerson, the Secretary of State, could go ahead with a planned trip to Europe next week if the government closed.


Turkish party in the House of Commons? – Consider talking to RMMN about harassment

'Potentiële kiezers worden continu aangesproken op hun godsdienst en etniciteit door Denk'

The political party THINK (DENK) and the Council of Moroccan Mosques in the Netherlands (RMMN) had tonight ,,constructive conversation where criticisms and concerns are shared.” They report in a joint statement. Yesterday reported RMMN the mosque drivers are put under pressure to feel their supporters to detect THINK vote. In the statement, the RMMN now that the media wrongly that impression is aroused. ,,It has never meant RMMN. RMMN did receive signals from Muslims who experienced an atmosphere in which they can not freely declare that they have criticized THINK as other Muslims do not permit.” RMMN suggested earlier that the blame is THINK does not take away from controversial imam’s, and has deployed fake accounts on Facebook to blacken other politicians.Minister Lodewijk Asscher (PvdA) today criticized hard THINK. ,,I see putting a policy of harassment of people clip of people put under pressure.” Journalists are not welcome on Wednesday to THINK to record the reactions to the election results in the new political movement. Media representatives may not register for the meeting, according to THINK “somewhere in Rotterdam is held. In almost all parties can make and hold discussions journalists Wednesday night shots with the leaders on the results which then trickle in from across the country. THINK provides media opportunity. President Selçuk Öztürk does not further explain the decision. ,,I refer you to THINK Live, so hot the program we broadcast directly to Facebook. So we are going to do and I leave it at that’, ‘ says the number three in the list of candidates. Reporters and camera crews can not reach NoLevel. Which newcomer on the political front, totally not organize a meeting on the outcome evening.


Turkish minister threatens the Netherlands with sanctions if he can not come

De Turkse minister van Buitenlandse Zaken tijdens een persconferentie.

Turkey threatens with heavy political and economic sanctions if the Netherlands prevents the Turkish Foreign Minister, Mevlüt Cavusoglu today to visit Rotterdam. Cavusoglu reiterated that he wants to visit a Turkish campaign meeting. The minister plans today at 18:00 to speak at the residence of the Turkish consul in the Hillegersberg district. But his visit to the sore spot of the Dutch government. Cavusoglu advocates a ‘yes’ for more power for Erdogan in the Turkish referendum on April 16th. Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb said yesterday that the Netherlands can not refuse Cavusoglu, but that any visit or will be surrounded by tight security. In any case, audiences are not welcome on the public road near the official residence of the Straatweg. The house and its garden are Turkish territory.



Netherlands withdrew landing rights for the aircraft of the Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Cavusoglu. That the government reported today. That means that the visit Cavusoglu wanted to bring in Rotterdam, does not take place. The government adopted the measure in their own words as public order and safety in the proceedings, after a call to Turkish Dutch to massively participate in a public meeting with Cavusoglu. ,,The Netherlands had discussed with the Turkish authorities the visit, which was wanted for an acceptable solution. There were discussions going on whether the Turkish authorities to move the meeting and could give a private, smaller character in a Turkish consulate or embassy. Even before these interviews were completed, the Turkish authorities publicly threatened with sanctions. This makes the search for a reasonable solution impossible”, reads the statement of the Cabinet. ,,We wanted to find a solution. We have had long and difficult talks with the Turks to come to an acceptable solution. We stand for public order and do not want that safety is at stake”, said a spokeswoman for Mr Koenders (Foreign Affairs). Cavusoglu threatened this morning with heavy political and economic sanctions against the Netherlands if The Hague would prevent his arrival. The Turkish minister was planning to 18:00 invited to speak at the residence of the Turkish consul in Rotterdam. He wanted to plead for a ‘yes’ for more power for Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the Turkish referendum on April 16th.


Authorities in Rotterdam have allocated three locations where demonstratios should be theld today. The decision comes after the public call from Turkey to Turkish Dutch to massively participate in an event at the residence of the Turkish consul to the Straatweg. That triangle Rotterdam police, judicial and Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb this afternoon issued a statement. It states the Willemsplein, the Lloyd Pier and Plaza 1940 locations. ,,On the Willemsplein can demonstrate people who would have liked to see the minister speak in Rotterdam, the Lloydpier can go against demonstrators and Plein 1940 all remaining protesters.” This morning the Dutch government withdrew landing rights from the plane of the Turkish Foreign Minister, Mevlüt Cavusoglu. Who planned Saturday at 18:00 invited to speak at the official residence in the Hillegersberg district. Cavusoglu advocates more power to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and would encourage Turkish Dutch “yes” to the Turkish referendum in April. The government fears that public order and safety are at stake. ,,Rotterdam triangle has reasons of safety and to protect the residents and the official residence of the Turkish consul decided to close the Straatweg and the immediate vicinity of the consulate on Westblaak”, it says in the statement. Straatweg and around a noodbevel true for as long as necessary. The area is temporary only accessible to residents and traffic. Aboutaleb urges all residents to keep ,,in particular circumstances, calmness and tranquility.” The Turkish consul in Rotterdam has been informed of the measures. Residents of the Straatweg be informed by a letter distributed door to door.

Prime Minister Rutte called the remarks of Turkish President Erdogan that Dutch are “Nazi remnants and fascists” bizarre. He said that Saturday afternoon in Breda at a campaign meeting of the VVD. The decision to withdraw landing rights for the aircraft of the Turkish minister is inevitable according to the government. Rutte had in recent days to contact Minister Cavusoglu. “As you know we had to campaign against the visit of the Turkish Prime Minister at the same time”, we have said. “We do not want to stop you at the airport” He then said to him: “I’m going to a Turkish location or embassy in itself. then we may have said. this must be guided in the right direction.” The discussions were extremely difficult, said Rutte. “We were not really good. Then he has this morning also said that he would threaten sanctions if he could not come. The Netherlands can never, of course, to that type of threat talk to the Turks, that’s impossible.” “The decision was not easy”, acknowledges the prime minister. “It is a NATO ally, but under threat, we can not of course talk under blackmail. I understand that they are angry, but I really believe that we have taken a good decision here”

Sharp measures

Also Minister Koenders said that the government had no choice. “We have in recent days intensively with Turkey discussed to see if there would still be an opportunity for the Minister to organize something in an embassy building or another building on the referendum. That proved almost impossible because there were problems with the public policy and safety and it was difficult to reach agreement.” “While the talks were ongoing, and we thought we might yet out could come they then threaten political and economic sanctions went. Netherlands can not be put under pressure. The combination of factors is not in good faith, and so we have the withdrew landing rights.” Koenders agrees that it is a sharp tool. “I had the decision rather not taken, but it was necessary.”


Fatma Betül Sayan Kaya

The Netherlands withdrew Saturday landing rights for the aircraft of the Turkish minister for Foreign Affairs, Mevlüt Cavusoglu. The government took action in their own words because the public order and safety in the case came after a call to Turkish Dutch to Saturday to take part in a massive public meeting with Cavusoglu in Rotterdam.

Not welcome
The minister would actually speak on Friday in the Netherlands as part of a promotional tour of Turkish ministers in Europe to make their compatriots’ enthusiasm for the referendum on the constitution. Sayan Kaya was told she was not welcome in Hengelo and Wehl. Landlords rooms in both places decided to make available their spaces for political meetings. A visit of the Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Cavusoglu was canceled. Netherlands withdrew Saturday landing rights for its plane because public order would be at stake. That led to a furious reaction from the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who grumbled about the Dutch “Nazi relics and fascists.”

Last night the Turkish Minister Fatma Betül Kaya Sayan (Family Matters) was taken away by the police from to the consulate in Rotterdam and escorted to Germany. She had come against the wishes of the Dutch government to Rotterdam to campaign. Some cars from her convoy were already towed away. When the minister was discharged arose big riots in the area. Am emergency decrete for the whole center was issued. Around 3:00 pm the rest returned to the city. Minister Fatma Betül Kaya Sayan is plotted from the Netherlands because they have been seen in our country as an undesirable alien. That said, the Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb of Rotterdam tonight in an explanation of the situation created by the Turkish Consulate. The government also issued a Declaration, and noted that “the mutual consultation has led to Minister Kaya will be directed to leave the country via the German border.

Auto's van de Politie Dienst Speciale Interventies (DSI) rijden richting de Schiedamse Vesthof waar de Turkse minister Fatma Betul Sayan Kaya van Familiezaken door de politie wordt tegengehouden

Discharging the minister asked for riots. The Mobile Unit grip hard. Stones flew towards the vans of the riot police, who then performed again batches on the audience. The protesters were met with batons, dogs and water cannons drifted apart. Police have arrested twelve people. Seven people were injured, including one policeman. Which suffered a broken hand, said a police spokesman. The area around the consulate on Westblaak was temporary only accessible to residents and traffic. More than a thousand demonstrators with Turkish flags took possession of the premises. They chanted “Allah is the greatest, the almachtigste”. The Turkish minister Sayan Kaya was a long time in her armored car behind the consulate. She wanted to address the crowd, but was stopped by the police. Then the Special Intervention Service (DSI) took over.

Turkish parliament still spoke Turkish Dutch protesters earlier this evening to a megaphone. He said to demonstrate the people alone in peace. He called on the crowd to continue, if need be until tomorrow morning, until Minister Kaya Family Affairs has been able to speak. So far, however, it would not come out. The Turkish Minister Fatma Betül Kaya Sayan (Family Matters) says that the Netherlands’ all international laws, conventions and human rights breaches, by not let me go into the Turkish consulate in Rotterdam. She said Saturday on its Twitter account. In a live program on Turkish television she dropped the phone in the same terms from.


Security service
The consulate has its own security service to keep people under control. Around the consulate are agents, ME is present, and a police helicopter hovering above. Zafer Sirakaya, the Turkish Union of European Turkish Democrats, the participants called on the spot for calm. The convoy of the Turkish Minister was first stopped by the police at a gas station in the south of Rotterdam. At the consulate there was a sudden stop, as policemen stood around her car to prevent her speaking to the crowd.

To inform
A spokesman for the AK Party in the Netherlands, Mustafa Aslan, was supposed to speak to the minister. ,,Its sole purpose is to inform people about the referendum”, said Aslan. ,,That they should vote.” ,,We take our measures”, Prime Minister Mark Rutte let know through a spokesman. ,,As for us, they can not speak group tonight in Rotterdam. We try to live up to, but anyway, about that I can not say anything.” The Netherlands today withdrew landing rights for aircraft of the Turkish Foreign Minister, Mevlüt Cavusoglu. The government took action in their own words because the public order and safety in the case came after a call to Turkish Dutch to Saturday to take part in a massive public meeting with Cavusoglu in Rotterdam.Not welcomeThe minister would actually speak yesterday in the Netherlands as part of a promotional tour of Turkish ministers in Europe to make their compatriots’ enthusiasm for the referendum on the constitution. Sayan Kaya was told she was not welcome in Hengelo and Wehl. Landlords rooms in both places decided to make available their spaces for political meetings. Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim announced this morning “extreme countermeasures” against the Netherlands. The prime minister has undermined the diplomatic immunity of Kaya. Yildirim said nothing about the content of those measures in its official statement. ,,Our so-called European friends who have it at every opportunity about democracy, freedom of expression and human rights have failed”, said the premier Sunday morning. He spoke of a diplomatic scandal. ,,These events strengthen the unity of the Turkish people.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Turkey has also indicated that the Dutch ambassador Cornelis Van Rij does not need to come back in Turkey. The administration calls the behavior of the Netherlands “first hostile act in a relationship of 405 years”. The Dutch embassy and consulate remain closed indefinitely. This is done “for security reasons”, as communicated by sources at the Foreign Office in Ankara.


De Turkse minister vertrekt onder begeleiding bij het politiebureau in Nijmegen.The Turkish Minister Fatma Betül Kaya Sayan (Family Matters) has been escorted by the police from Rotterdam to Germanyin the night from Saturday to Sunday. She was accompanied by a special police escort team from the police station on the Stieltjesstraat Nijmegen to Germany. Her private plane has brought her from Turkey to Germany, from where she travelled further by car to Rotterdam.

The minister had come against the wishes of the Dutch government to Rotterdam to campaign. Some cars from its convoy were already towed away. When the minister was discharged arose big riots in Rotterdam. A security decrete for the whole center was issued. Around 3:00 pm the rest returned to the city.

0183-Train hijacking

State holds its ground: train hijacking at De Punt indeed barred

Beeld van de treinkaping in 1977

The Dutch government, contrary to the court that the case of the train hijacking at De Punt in 1977 yet expired . The State therefore wants interim appeal in the lawsuit, which revolves around whether Marines have executed two of the Moluccan hijackers. That the Department of Defense announced today. The ministry also does not want the Marines who were involved in the rescue operation be heard by the court. That would be very stressful for them. Although the case is pending, the court in The Hague decided last month already that the case is not time-barred and that the Marines need to be heard. Defence fears that the decision may have consequences for all cases where lethal force was used by military and police since 1954.

Lawyer Liesbeth Zegveld, assisting the survivors fears delay. ,,According to the court the marines were supposed to be heard in 1977. Now the state is trying to postpone it again. It is high time that the State gives priority to truth”, she says.

The judges were critical of the way the government has made in recent decades. As autopsy reports and other vital information were not made available to the relatives. That happened only in 2013. Therefore, the relatives of the dead hijackers Max Papilaja and Hansina Uktolseja previously could not file a lawsuit.
Or the State interim appeal to the ruling, is not yet certain. It is not common, but Defense finds that an exception should be made. Should the court find that the delay is too large, or Defense acquiesces, in the hearing of the Marines can continue despite the appeal.


Nimwegen coalition seeks support opposition


Coalition Parties Socialists (SP), Green (GroenLinks) and Local (Stadspartij) were also seeking the support of opposition parties for a new city administration. But Elderly People Party (VSP) did not like to broaden the coalition. Wednesday it was announced that the coalition parties SP, GroenLinks and the Stadspartij continue without the Labour Party (PvdA). Instead Elderly People Party (VSP) gets a place in everyday city administration. The new coalition can only count on a majority of one seat.

“Constructive talks’
The coalition parties argued after the resignation of Labour (PvdA) councilor Tankir ‘constructive dialogue’ with opposition parties Freedom & Democracy (VVD), Democrats ’66 (D66) and Christian Democrats (CDA) says Socialists (SP) leader Hans van Hooft in Nieuwscafé De Gelderlander Friday. The aim was to investigate whether wanted to deliver one or more parties to support a new city administration. “But the puzzle fit not end,” Van Hooft.

No perspective
Elderly People Party (VSP) saw nothing in cooperation with the opposition parties, according to VSP leader Michel Hulskorte. The substantive differences were too great, according to him.