0881-Just outside the severe corona rules

This Limburg inn is one meter away from the stricter corona zone: “We follow the rules of Gelderland-South” -> Inn “The little  Swan” is a favourite resting point for Pierre and myself during the training sessions for the Four Days Marches. <-

The regionally imposed corona rules expose the crazy boundaries of the security regions. In one place, the new measures have been in force since yesterday, but not in an adjacent neighboring village. Limburg, yes, Richard Meeuwsen of the  inn “The little Swan” should actually listen to that. To the safety region of Limburg-North, an area from Roermond to Mook, to be precise. He is in charge of the piece of land in the woods near Mook, 12 kilometers from the center of Nijmegen. And let this just be another region that has only been labeled “vigilant” when it comes to corona infections.

The fraying of the lockdown has just come off
Meeuwsen literally only has to take two steps and he suddenly finds himself in a zone that is considered “worrisome” when it comes to corona infections. Secretly, a small part of his site is even located in Gelderland. That is where Hubert Bruls, chairman of the Gelderland-South security region and Lord Major of the city Nijmegen, is in charge. And where stricter corona rules apply since 27 September from 6.00pm. For Meeuwsen there is no doubt, he does not abuse his status as a “borderline case”: “I just follow the rules of Gelderland completely. We belong to Limburg, but we are completely focused on Nijmegen. And of course it would not be good at all if we suddenly become a fall-back place here for groups from Groesbeek, for example, who think that they can suddenly come and walk here”, says the owner of the inn. In any case, he does not have a business where night owls Come to drink until late at night. “We also close earlier. But that is also because we observe the rules very strictly. Everything to prevent us from having to lock again,” said the restaurant owner. The “fraying of the lockdown” has just come off, he sighs. “The little Swan has fortunately had a very nice summer season”. And if everything still has to be locked because the number of infections spreads uncontrollably, that would be disastrous for the catering industry, says Meeuwsen. “So we do what has to be done. Even wearing such a face mask. Although we are not happy with it at all, because it is way too hot.”

One must bleed, the other not
A round along the edges of the Safety Region borders (partly also provincial borders) shows that many catering establishments are in doubt. And they all expect national rules again. Yes, calls for regional measures were strong in the country. Because it was so unfair that regions where hardly anything seemed to be going on were the victims of hot spots such as the West of the country. But wherever a line is drawn, the inability to establish really fair rules is also exposed. One must bleed, the other not, is the feeling.

Typical measure for student cities
The early closing time and the restriction of groups is typically seen by many catering establishments as a measure for student cities. Inno Venhorst of inn “The Angel” in Dodewaard nevertheless thinks it is strange that such differences exist between regions. Blinks his eyes three times and he is in the Gelderland-Middle region, with cities such as Wageningen and Arnheim where the number of infections is increasing, but where the stricter rules do not yet apply. But “The Angel” falls under Gelderland South. “I’ve already had phone calls from customers asking if we are still open?” The fact that his business has to be locked by 01:00 at the latest is not a problem for him in practice. “Last week I did have a group of friends over, they were celebrating the birthday of one. Now I have to send people away according to Mr Bruls in such cases.”

0855-Happy Birthday!!!

Pierre Bormans: 30-07-1943 – 30-07-2020: 77 years

With Walter ten Brink (left) Pierre (right) and I (photographer) had a festive outside luncheon at the Gastendonk in Horst. Chief Joep Verstappen was also chief at the Michelin star restaurant “Valuas” in Venlo. The restaurant uses most vegetables and spices from their own plantations.


We celebrated Pierre’s 76th birthday in Horst, with friends, in the GASTENDONK, a very nice restaurant, with a variety of biological products.

0664-Holiday travel

Our stay in Somerset, a short impression:


Memory, a short play (two person) featuring David Belrose and Gloria Dowton. Part of ten plays presented at the annual 10 x 10 showcase Magnus Theatre in Thunder Bay. Three performances of the plays over two days April 12 & 13 2019. Story revolves around a long married couple and the humour and drama in issues with regards to remembering things.

Photo by courtesy of Marty Mascarin.

David Belrose is the partner of Brian Holden. I know them since 1999. They were the first house guests we had when we moved to Nijmegen, back in September 2003. Pierre moved Friday 12, I moved Monday 15, and Brian and David were picked up at Amsterdam Airport Wednesday 17. Apart from visiting Dutch highlights, we had a house in Bruges (Belgium). From Belgium the two Canadians visited Paris, and returned to Nijmegen.

Amsterdam, 20 September 2003, after an exhausting “touristic” day: dinner at our favourite Mexican restaurant; from left to right: David Belrose, Brian Holden, Pierre Bormans and Luke Barkhuis.


Friday, 01 March 2019: birthday dinner at Ristorante Italiano “Libero”, with our neighbors Peter and Marie from Nijmegen, my sisters Clarijalke and Ninouchka Barkhuis from Amsterdam, my friend Bart de Boer from Amsterdam, Pierre and yours truly.


Dinner Voucher

When Pierre had his 75th birthday, he invited his family for dinner in a nice restaurant in Geleen, a smal city in the South of Limbourg, as it is more practical that Pierre and I travel by car to the South than that his familymembers with husbands/wives travel to Nimwegen. We had that expierence ten years ago, when Pierre turned 65y and the whole family came to Nimwegen.

For inviting the family to dinner, Pierre got as a present a dining voucher of a very large Dutch hotel – restaurant chain. Their last project is a 14 stories high hotel – restaurant just across the river Waal, in Lent (Nimwegen-North). This hotel is very sought after by the participants of the Walk of the World: the hotel provides bus transfers in the (early) morning to the start location (Wedren) and the double rooms are only €99 (£87 / CA$149) per night.

Today we went to Van der Valk in Lent to cash the voucher and have a dinner party. The service was excellent, as was the food. Only… what a lot of people come there!!! The restaurant can accomodate 300 guests!



Image result for van der valk lent adres

0530-Graafseweg 219

pieter joseph leonard bormans

30-07-1943 – 30-07-1918

0514-Walk of the World

Walk of the World edition #102

Day 0: Monday 16 July – registration

Pre-marches drinks at “De Vereeniging”.

Emperor Charles Square

Pre-dinner drinks in the back yard; in front: the fountain,


Asparagus season