0615 – Amsterdam

Friday, 01 March 2019: birthday dinner at Ristorante Italiano “Libero”, with our neighbors Peter and Marie from Nijmegen, my sisters Clarijalke and Ninouchka Barkhuis from Amsterdam, my friend Bart de Boer from Amsterdam, Pierre and yours truly.

0484 – Nijmegen

Party in honour of Peter Tönissen’s mother 80th birthday. On the program: a boat tour on the river Waal and afterwards a happy gathering in Peter & Marie’s enormous backyard.

0305 – Graafseweg 219

40th anniversary


A big heart, with a very clever composition of the pictures of a blog post dated December 31, 2017. Discreetly hidden behind pine trees, and only visible from our sitting room. Perhaps our neighbors of 217 sousterrrain will enjoy it also. Let us say: up to 50 years and June 21, 2024: our silver legal anniversary  🙂

Our gratitude to Marie and Peter Tönissen, the neighbors of Graafseweg 221.

All rights reserved to Peter and Marie 🙂 🙂 🙂

0036 – Nijmegen

Our neighbors, Peter and Marie, have just opened an Airbnb location.



The film on YouTube is very professional and it will also see pieces of their garden. Our garden is adjacent to it, so you also get a piece “Graafseweg 219” with.



Address: Graafseweg 221, 6531 ZS NIJMEGEN, the Netherlands


Copyrights: Pjoiter T

  • Basement: office, master bedroom, very large garden;
  • Ground floor: lounge area, dining area, kitchen;
  • 1st floor: B&B – 2 guestrooms, kitchen, balcony, bathroom;
  • 2nd floor: B&B – 1 guestroom;
  • 3rd floor: attic.