Loud music, laughter & party sounds at Groenestraat 356

Long live the newly wedded pair

The day after the night before.

This time not students, but a newly wed (gay) pair, who had a loud party. One “groom” was  about 30y, the other “groom” about 60y. The eldest groom informed me, that it was not necessary to inform the neighbouring households about the wedding party, because he had suffered enough from the parties by the students, living around him (and us too).

0574-Student housing

To kick off the week of festivities of the Walk of the World edition #103, there was a party on Saturdaynight at our neighbors. Picture: the day after… Yesterday the partyseason at the students’ accomodation next to us started. Friso Schmidt had ordered a new party tent of 3 x 3 meters, which covers the entire lounge area. There are three crates of Heineken beer visible, so there was at least a consumption of 3 x 24 bottles = 72 bottles @ 0.3 liters beer. No wonder that laughter and conversation became louder and more uncontrolled during the evening.

Although that the website of our newspaper published a picture of the festival area in Nijmegen-North (Lent). Crowded there too ♠ ♣ ♥ ♦

0544-Student housing

Probably there has been a contact between the house owner and the tenants. The green container has been placed on the parking of Graafseweg 215, so on the property of SSH&. Meanwhile the bag with the curious white (plastic???) pebbles is still on the ground and the pedastrian has to walk through it.

However, Nijmijgen City Community, the DAR (garbage collection service) and the Environment Council are busy with the case, as well as the owner of the student housing, SSHN. There will be an inspection next Monday.

But over the weekend we can enjoy this:

0543-Student housing

People, who own a private house and live also in it, are not very amused when their (direct) neighbours are students or young people who may have studied in the past, but stay in their former student housing. SSHN / SSH& provides such housing in Nijmegen and Arnhem. Here is a quotation of their website. In the meantime, ordinary owners have to live with the nuisance.




  • SSH& is the premier student housing provider in Nijmegen & Arnhem…
  • …“SSH& is an active organisation that stands for good, affordable housing and the services associated with it for young students in Nijmegen and Arnhem as well as for related groups and individuals staying in these areas for short periods of time.”…
  • …the growing number of students without wealthy parents find decent rooms…. 
  • …SSHN primarily purchased townhouses in the popular neighbourhoods of Nijmegen Oost and Bottendaal as well as Nijmegen city centre for various student associations… 
  • …student living involves more than just renting a room…. 
  • …We provide the room & the student creates the wonderful experience inside it… 
  • …Students who are eagerly looking for housing in Nijmegen or Arnhem for the short or long term…

0485-Student housing

Hatertseveldweg 140

The penthouse has an immense terrace, apparently fitted to place party tents on…

On 17 November 2018, at 12:09AM there was a huge party going on:

Nevertheless this appartment is also part of the “nuisance triangle”. And it was NOT the first time that the ladies had a party, with the women in smart dresses and the gents also smartly dressed. This time no tuxedo’s. The picture below gives an impression how packed we are around the nice inner gardens… 🙂 🙂 🙂 😦 😦 😦

0467-Student housing

Graafseweg 215


The  official Society Student Housing Nimwegen (SSH&) owns about 1,500 houses and appartment buildings in Nimwegen. One of these (Graafseweg 215) is just similar to our house:  219.


Dirt collection from private houses and companies is organised by a company, called DAR. The system is very easy (also for high educated students…): every week the Dar comes by; for us the Tuesday is the day. Alternating in weeks you put outside your green container, next week your bags containing plastic and separately remaining garbage. On the third Tuesday special vans collect the large blue container with paper.

Yesterday it was the green container day. The students discarded everything but the green container. I took these pictures at 8:20PM. The vans of the DAR passed by long ago. But they should be strict what to collect.

This is now the 3rd time that this happens at this particular house. I complained before by SSH&.


0431-Student housing

Hatertseveldweg 140


In the night from 15 July on 16 July I awoke because of an immense noise of a party, which took place on the balcony of a house at the Hatertseveldweg 140. Ladies in evening dress and men in suits with black tie AT THREE O’CLOCK AM. The party lasted at least till 04:00am, because then I fell asleep. The following morning at 11:00am the (half dressed) party-gang was already busy evaluating the feast of the night before. I went over to neighbor Peter to ask him if he had heard the noise also. He had not. Peter and Marie sleep two levels lower than Pierre and I. However, Peter told me that the appartment recently was hired by two young ladies. As I was too angry about the very unsocial behaviour of the people, Peter went alone over to the ladies. He explained to them that any noise on balconies and in gardens was kept in the inner garden of all the houses in the nuisance triangle. Thus, because both the Graafseweg and Hatertseveldweg are elevated roads, creating an immense surface with sousterrain floors and large gardens. The ladies had no idea of that and promised to take consideration in future.

0394-Student housing

Graafseweg 213-B

This morning -Sunday, 13 May- a very noisy group of young people were still outside on the premises of Graafseweg 213-B, on the lower ground level. At 12:20am I went over to the group, and asked who the host/hostess of the party was. A young lady indicated her front door, saying “We shall put the volume of the music lower”. At 12:50am I woke up by the noise of the party still going on, with loud conversations and laughter. I was annoyed being woken up, and decided to record the incident. Here a very short (45 seconds) impression:

When I went to the St Stephan church -11:10am- to do my volunteer work, the following picture of “the remainders of the night before” were this:


When I was taking the picture of “the remainders”, a neighbor (Graafseweg 215) asked me if there were problems. When I told him of what happened in the early morning, he told me, that he has had a note, saying, that the party should last till 02:00am max.

The definition “neighbor nuisance”  is hard to get:

  • Dutch law refers to the city laws.
  • City laws are complex, so I called the Nimwegen police.
  • The police informs me, that -as soon as I feel nuisance of neighbors- they will send an officer, no matter what hour of the day.
  • The police says: each individual has it’s own interpretation of “nuisance”, so they take it always seriously.
  • Strict hours for neighbor nuisance are nowhere stated, e.g. from 10:00pm till 07:00am.

0386-Student housing

Graafseweg 223-237

But a few days later it was a beginning mess again: on Monday morning (07 May) I had seen the service van of the container company leave the premises at 07:30am. When I passed by coincidentally at 12:40am, the following situation was there:


I mailed the next morning to the owner of the complex. I told him, that I was grateful that he had taken immediate action after the first complaint.

Mr Vogelsangs called me in the afternoon around 02:00pm. It appeared, that there had been a new tenant in the complex, who had dumped all the packing materials of the furniture etc. in the container. The last incident (picture above) was only due to a tenant, who was too lazy to use the key for the chain on the locker.

0383-Student housing

Graafseweg 223-237

After the complaint about the carbage container and the lose carbage disposal bag…

the owner of the student housing Graafseweg 223 – 237 + 239 came over at the door at 11:00am. He threatened me: “I have a kickbox school who wants to hire a part of the building, and those boys will teach you a lessen”, “I come over this afternoon with my business companion and we can be very nasty”, etc.. Meanwhile he took pictures with his smartphone of my face, my entire body, the number plate of our house and the name plate. Perhaps more. But my mail to the city nuisance department made him to act, as the container was emptied within 2 days: