0275-High tide

The river Rhine enters at Lobith the Netherlands. There it is immediately split up in the West bound river Waal and the North-West bound river Rhine/IJssel.  At the moment there is a flood of 18,000 cubic meters water per second  that comes in at Lobith. At Lobith the water level is 1,495 cm above NAP (see below). At 1,800 cm there will be a critical phase. The institutions for water management have already all measures taken. 😦 😦 😦

Below is in a chart the rise of the water level in Nimwegen harbour. In the period from January 03 till today 10.00AM it went up from 880 cm to 1,180 cm above NAP.

(NAP stands for New Amsterdam Level; all water heights in rivers and surrounding seas are measured to this standard, where NAP = 0 centimeters. So we have here a water level, that is 1,180 cm HIGHER than Amsterdam.)