0580-Walk of the World

After signing out at the finish, and having received the award according to the completed marches, we had a reunion at Grand Café MOENEN, owned by Arjen Gesterkamp. Clockwise, from upper left to  bottom right: Titia Gesterkamp, the mother of Arjen and Steef and a third (elder son), a very good friend of us, and a former volunteer at the Saint, Stepan Church; Luke Barkhuis with his 5th medal and nowadays addicted to rosé beer; Pierre Bormans with his 9th medal and a regular beer;; the girl is Titia’s granddaughter with a Coke; Steef, father of the girl, and Titia’s middle son, with an exotic beer.

The awards;

  • KNBLO (Royal Dutch Association for Physical Education) – year 1:  the most simple version (left)
  • KNBLO (Royal Dutch Association for Physical Education) – year 2-4: award 1 with a crown (center)
  • KNBLO (Royal Dutch Association for Physical Education) – year 5: “gold” switches to dark blue (right)
  • KNBLO (Royal Dutch Association for Physical Education) – year 6-9: award 5 with a crown (WotW edition #104).

0188-Graafseweg 219

2017/04/30 – Exhibition “MAAS”


Moenen of Antwerp (Belgium)

Following the post about Mariken of Nimwegen, follows here a bit more abot this one eyed charming devil:

Moenen plays an important role in the medieval story of Mariken Nimwegen. He is the devil who tempts Mariken to go with him to Antwerp. There they go together and lead for seven years a life of debauchery. If Mariken repents, Moenen trying to murder her, but fails. Eventually Marikens sins are forgiven. The limestone statue of Moenen is designed by Piet Killaars and placed in 1968 on a staircase between the Saint Stephan Cimetary and Stikke Hezelstraat. The position in which the image is placed – Moenen turns his back to the church to – needs no further explanation.