0748/Apology from the Author

An apology to all my followers cq. viewers of this site. January was a busy month. But the blog is now updated with:

1d. STEWART-WILSON 2019 (new), as Lady Mary is on cruise again, but in the meantime we made nice plans for the future;
2. ANWAR’S COLUMN with a full month of his experiences in Dutch society 🙂 🙂 🙂 ;
4d. ROYALTY 2019 (new);
5. SOLAR ENERGY (new), where you can follow the where-abouts of the installation and see the monthly reports about: input Kwearnings in €, prevented CO2 emission in Kg and the number of trees planted with this “green” energy.

Presently the weather is far below acceptable. February starts with days of either fog or snow er even both miserable items. My poor solar panels had a fairly good month January 2019, compared to December 2018:

+ 17Kw input, + € 3 earnings, + 6Kg prevented CO2 emission, + 0,02 trees planted.

0713/Birthday gifts

Lady Mary Stewart-Wilson has sent to her Companion Luke by registered mail @ £ 9.05 (€ 10.20 !!!) a cashmere shawl. With his initials on it. Have a good look at the right bottom of the picture! This is a birthday present for 28 February 2019, three months to go… But the reason she has sent it now, is that she will pass the Panama Canal on that date.

But for her Ladyship her companion had chosen a set of Svarovski pens, to be used to write a diary on her upcoming cruises. The envelope was much heavier than the shawl, which can be seen by the 10 (TEN!!!) stamps of each € 0.84. The stamps are designed by myself, and I use a picture that Lady Mary took on our honeymoon cruise in 2016.

0634/Walk of the World

Walk of the World edition #102

Day 0: Monday 16 July – registration

Pre-marches drinks at “De Vereeniging”.

Emperor Charles Square

Pre-dinner drinks in the back yard; in front: the fountain,

0489/Naviculare fracture

After two painfull days, we reported at the hospital just around 4:00pm at the trauma clinic. An immediate consult was not possible, but for the following day, Friday 16 @ 10.10am the orthopedist Tigchelaar, who did the check on Tuesday before, could see me.

New X-rays (4) did still not indicate a fracture of the naviculare bone. However, I have now a brace during the day, and will see the orthopedist back on Friday, March 2. A charming birthday though on Wednesday February 28 😦 🙂


0418/Fourtieth anniversary

Jan. 07 1978 – Jan. 07 2018

At 7 PM Pierre and I met for the first time. At that time I lived in a 2 room apartment in Amsterdam. Pierre had visited a patient of him in hospital in Amsterdam. I had prepared a 7 course dinner. The poor GP was so exhausted of all the emotions of the day, that he fell asleep after dinner. -> The expression “Ruby” derives from a congratulations App from Lady Mary.

Here are some scans of 40 year old pictures 🙂

198008300008Saint FlourPierre at the age of 34












Luke at the age of 28







0412/Exciting year: 2018!

Memorable dates in 2018:

  • 2018/01/07: Pierre and Luke are 40 years “a pair”; 
  • 2018/07/01: Pierre and Luke live officially 15 years in Nimwegen; 
  • 2018/07/30: Pierre’s 75th birthday;
  • 2018/08/01: Pierre officially 15 years G.P. “off”;
  • 2018/09/12: Pierre moved 15 years ago from Horst to Nimwegen; 
  • 2018/09/15: Luke moved 15 years ago from Amsterdam to Nim-wegen; 
  • 2018/09/17: David and Brian were 15 years ago our first official guests in Nimwegen.

Bruges (Belgium), September 27 2003: dinner with (from left to right): David Belrose, Luke Barkhuis, Roel van der Wal, Pierre Bormans, Brian Holden and Rob Chaudron.


Amsterdam – Restaurant Bouf

Very near the Concertgebouw is the restaurant Bouf. They serve a Concertgebouw dinner: starter and main course after your choice, and coffee, for the fixed price of €32.50 / £29.20 (wine not included).

For my sister: duck breast

For me: goat cheese

For my sister: Black Angus Beef

For me: Calf steak.