0675-Corona virus

In an interview with The Sunday Telegraph yesterday, Boris Johnson explained that he was highly reluctant to enforce a second national lockdown, because of its severe impact. Today, Sarah Knapton, our science editor, reveals that official research from April put the potential cost of the lockdown at 200,000 deaths due to delayed healthcare.  The toll of the pandemic has also, of course, been heavy in financial terms. Britain is racking up wartime levels of debt to keep the economy afloat and minds are turning to how to pay for it all. Many officials seem keen on a return to austerity, but that, argues Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, would be an enormous mistake that would risk pushing the UK into a Japanese-style deflation trap. Social-distancing rules have made getting married a very difficult proposition, even for royalty. Still, the Queen and Prince Phillip were able to attend Princess Beatrice’s wedding last week, as was her father, Prince Andrew. Yet the Duke of York was nowhere to be seen in the official photographs. As Camilla Tominey explains, that absence, as well as a number of other clues in the photos, can tell us rather a lot about the relationship between the Queen and her descendants.

0674-Corona virus

Ahmed Marcouch, Lord Mayor of Arnheim, appeals to Moroccans: “Don’t go to Morocco this summer.”

The reports seem favorable, travel to Morocco will be possible again from 15 July. Yet there is the call from Ahmed Marcouch, the mayor of Arnheim: “Don’t go back to Morocco this year.” “I usually like to go there. My parents are buried there, I have the necessary family living there. But still: “I’ll skip a year,” said the mayor. “The risks are too great because of the corona virus. Now it seems safe, but that it is possible again, is more motivated from economic interest. In Morocco they like to see the hard Dutch currency come. They desperately need it.”

“Government dealt very inhumanly with people who were detained”
But what if there is another lockdown? “In recent months, the Moroccan government has dealt very inhumanly with people who were trapped in Morocco and could not go home,” said Marcouch. “A donkey does not hit the same stone twice.” Marcouch understands that the temptation to go to Morocco is great. Reports appear in the Moroccan media that borders are opening. And that Moroccans with a residence abroad and foreigners who are currently in Morocco can leave the country. ,,But until recently there was no talk with the Moroccan government.” Minister Blok (Foreign Affairs) has moved heaven and earth to bring people back to the Netherlands. Then sick, old people from the Nador region were on a bus to Casablanca for a thousand kilometers to take the plane. Little by little.”

“Do not go to Morocco under these circumstances”
Faiza Mhiaui from Tiel spent three months trying to bring her 63-year-old father back to the Netherlands. “He was to Morocco for my grandfather’s funeral. Carried medicines for his COPD and diabetes for a week. But two days before he would come back, things were locked there”, says Mhiaiu. “We tried everything. Nothing helped. I am already happy that my father is back. But no, I really would under these circumstances don’t go to Morocco.”

Temperatuurscheck op vliegveld Casablanca.

Not being able to say goodbye to a deceased mother
Despite all warnings in two weeks from now, Latifa from Zeist will go to Morocco. In the past few weeks she has experienced how stubborn Morocco was. “My mother died there on July 2. She had been ill since late May. We tried everything to get there”, she says. “But I’ve really been waiting for the opportunity to go anyway. In the end we were late. A goodbye to my mother has already been taken from me and we still want to have some kind of ceremony, to arrange things.” Whether she will return to Morocco afterwards? “It has been so inhumane. I don’t know if I will go to Morocco in the coming years. We are now guaranteed to leave again. But it already begins that only two Moroccan airlines may be flown. And what is the promise worth in the end?”

0653-KLM resumes flights

KLM, the Dutch national airline company, resumes as per 01 July a part of its schedule, for European and intercontinental destinations.

0645-Corona virus

As per 01 June at noon, there was again a decrease of the lockdown conditions. From that moment the pubs and restaurants opened their doors for the public, since 12 March. There is a strict policy: only 30 guests max inside, where the tables are placed according the conditions given by the government. Mainly: respecting the 1.5 meter distance between persons. Only people, who share in the same household, can take place at one table. On the terraces the distance between the tables is also according the 1.5 meter rules. Upon entering the queue you have to wash your hands with desinfectant gel, and there is a list with questions about your health. Then you take a place inside or outside on the terrace.

The heron on top is watching our pond in the backyard. The yard is full of blooming flowers. And with these high temperatures we can have our drinks and dinner outside.

0617-Corona virus

Oldest man in the world is forced to celebrate 112th birthday alone, due to the coronavirus.

Bob Weighton (111), the oldest living man in the world, will not be able to celebrate his 112th birthday tomorrow because of the corona crisis. “Unfortunately everything has been canceled. There are no visitors and there is absolutely no party, ”said the Briton who was born on March 29, 1908. The very old man from the British town of Alton usually celebrates his birthday with a big party with friends and family, but that is not the case this year. Reason? The British government has issued strict rules to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Weighton, who also has to keep to the lockdown, is very concerned about the virus. “The world is a mess. No one knows what’s going to happen, ”the former teacher and technician tells British media. He has the courage. The father of 3 children and 25 grandchildren is doing relatively well, although he now needs to be more independent and arrange his own food and personal care. Still, the man remains positive and praises himself happily for his good health.
It is not the first time that he has experienced a pandemic. When he was ten years old, tens of millions died worldwide from the Spanish flu. Weighton states that he did not experience the virus outbreak at the time. “A child lives in a different world than adults. When you’re young, you don’t read newspapers and we didn’t have a radio back then. ” Weighton has been seen as the oldest man on Earth since last month. Then the Japanese Chitetsu Watanabe died at the age of 112.
The Brit also later experienced World War II. He says that it was a lot clearer then how the battle should be won. According to him, the virus is a completely different kind of enemy. “In World War II, you knew exactly what to do. You could fail, of course, but the goals were clear when Churchill called on the land. There was a goal we could achieve. But nobody knows exactly how we’re going to beat the virus. ”
According to the Brit, there is no secret to longevity. “I never intended to grow old. When you’re young, you don’t think about what’s going to happen when you’re old. You are confident, the only thing you think about is the here and now. ” He says he reads a lot and he is busy building model mills to keep himself mentally young.