0701-Life with a walker

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0685-Happy Birthday!!!

Pierre Bormans: 30-07-1943 – 30-07-2020: 77 years

With Walter ten Brink (left) Pierre (right) and I (photographer) had a festive outside luncheon at the Gastendonk in Horst. Chief Joep Verstappen was also chief at the Michelin star restaurant “Valuas” in Venlo. The restaurant uses most vegetables and spices from their own plantations.


We celebrated Pierre’s 76th birthday in Horst, with friends, in the GASTENDONK, a very nice restaurant, with a variety of biological products.


Lunch and a niece afternoon on the terrace at Hannie and Walter ten Brink. Walter was -at the time that I met Pierre in 1978- managing director of the Horst local hospital. He was internist. Later, when the local hospital closed down, he was internist in a hospital of the neighboring village Venraij. I met Hannie and Walter also in 1978 🙂 🙂 🙂 .


Country house

Walter and Hannie ten Brink own a lovely country house in Horst, with a very nice garden with a lot of lawns and ponds.


2017/06/15 – Horst – social duties

Now that it is about 14 years ago, that Pierre finished his practice as a GP in the village of Horst (Limbourg), thare remain social duties towards former patients, collegues and friends. Today we visited a 77 year old lady, who suffered from lung cancer at the time that Pierre left the practice (July 31, 2003) and a collegue GP of 92 years, with whom we were both involved: Pierre as a direct collegue GP and I as guest parent for a grandson in Amsterdam: Pierre Alain, son of Joost, who is a professor in bio-micrology in Osnabrück (Germany). With the collegue GP we had lunch in GEMBER

Afterwards we went to the GP’s house, next to Pierre’s former practice. The house is immense for a man alone (his wife died about 5 years ago and all 5 children live abroad or in the Netherlands).






Left, top: Ginger beer 0% alcohol

Right, center: backyard Venrayseweg 1, Horst

Bottom: Kabroek creek with fall


Horst, province of Limbourg



Horst – De Gastendonk






The brigade of the Gastendonk (from left to right): Mrs Henny Vollenberg-Weijs, Mr Gerrit Vollenberg, Mr Joep Verstappen, Mrs Lieke Verstappen-Vollenberg

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