Walk of the World edition #103

Training #8


  1. Leg 1: Home – Eastbound to Holy Land Area – University Sports Complex – Railwaytrack towards South [drinks]
  2. Leg 2: Railwaytrack – Groesbeek woodland – Groesbeek – Seven Hills Avenue – Berg en Dal pancakerestaurant [lunch]
  3. Leg 3: Berg en Dal pancakerestaurant – Berg en Dal busstop
  4. Leg 4: By bus (line8): Berg en Dal busstop – Nijmegen Central station
  5. Leg 5: Nijmegen Central Station – home.

The app on my smartphone reports as follows:

  • 5h 06 m non-stop walking
  • 26.05 Km  (17.37M)
  • 33.104 steps
  • 2.439 kCal.


Walk of the World edition #103

Training #2

Subscription for the 103rd edition of the Walk of the World started 4th of February. Not without problems. Because there are 47,000 start permits to get. The server was open for on-line subscription from midnight, but hundreds of participants were eager to be the first to log in. So, within 30 minutes the server was out of order. Also because the organising committee had introduced a new phenomenon: your subscrip-tion is complete when we have received your payment (€84 / £74 / CA$126). But at night the servers of the financial institutions are busy anyway, and now there came on-line payments troubling the systems. So, when you were lucky your payment (and so your subscription) came through, but e.g. Pierre’s payment was a problem. But after a while, in the evening of that Monday, we both had our subscriptions. And, because we finished both the last edition of the Walk of the World, we are sure to get the start permit.

Today was the first training day in 2019. With a fresh 4 Celsius, but a blue sky and a lot of sun, we took an easy itinerary: home – via the center to Nijmegen East, then all South bound to Berg en Dal – via the Seven Hills way to Groesbeek – North bound to Nijmegen South – home.

The app on my smartphone reports as follows:

  • 290 minutes non-stop walking
  • 24.2 Km  (16.1M)
  • 31,152 steps
  • 1,968 kCal.
  • 6h 33m all-in: dep. 09h 45m arr. 16h 18m (2 stops, in Berg en Dal and a pub near the soccer club at Groesbeek).




27 June 2018 – training #11

As bus traffic in Nijmegen city and the regional network was completely down due to a general strike of the bus drivers, announced for three days, starting today, we had to take that in consideration choosing the itinerary for todays’ training.


Leg 1: Nimwegen (home) – Groesbeek – Seven Hills Road – Berg en Dal:

dep.: 07:58 / 14.68Km / 9.8M / 3h 02m / Coffe break

Leg 2: Berg en Dal – Hill of the Devil – Beek-Ubbergen:

dep: 11:31 / 5.97Km / 4M / 1h 18m / Lunch break

Leg 3: Beek-Ubbergen – Nimwegen (East) – WotW start/finish – home:

dep.: 13.50 / 7.21Km / 4.8M / 1h 35m

TOTAL: 27.86Km / 18.57M in 5h 55

However, the stepcounter reports only distances walked in 10m or more. The real day result is: 40.098 steps = 30.24Km / 20.16M (where 30Km / 20M is the daily distance to walk + 2 times 2.1Km for home – start-finish v.v..

The 40.098 steps are a new record!!!




Walk of the World #102

05 June 2018 – training #10

201806050802WotW-10-1Leaving home at 08:00am sharp, temperature 14C and a sombre weather forecast.

Directly Westbound (Wolfkuilse-weg) then Northbound (Energie-weg) to reach the beginning of “The Crossing”. That already takes 45 minutes non-stop walking. Crossing the river Waal and leaving the bridge on the former dike of the river Waal. Eastbound to the ancient 201806050802WotW-10-2Arnheim bridge, then Southbound to Berg and Dal (Hill and Valley). First stop, after 2:30h walking. Coffee & apple cake. Then Westbound, over the famous Zeven-heuvelenweg (Seven Hills way), passing the Canadian War Cimetary, to Groesbeek. From Groesbeek Northbound in the direction of Nimwegen.

After a total of 20K / 13.33M We took bus 5 to the city.



  • top – 08am sharp;
  • center – a sombre weather forecast;
  • bottom – a view from the Arnheim bridge on the river front, with on top the famous octagonal chapel of St. Nicholas in the Valkhof Castle (built in 1030); nearby stand ruins of another part of the castle – so called Barbarossa ruins from the 12th century. The castle was demolished in 1797, just keeping its oldest part – the chapel. Below, the red brick building, the brand new museum “The Bastion”.



Edition #102 will start in 42 days; change in itinerary.

We subscribed for the 30K / 20M per day. Due to a change in the routes, the distances per day have changed too:

Day 1, the day of Elst:

33,10K / 22,06M + 4,40K / 02.93M Home – Start/Finish v.v. = 37.50K / 24,99M

Day 2, the day of Wijchen:

33,60K / 22,40M + 4,40K / 02.93M Home – Start/Finish v.v. = 38,00K / 25,33M

Day 3, the day of Groesbeek:

30,40K / 20,26M + 4,40K / 02.93M Home – Start/Finish v.v. = 34,80K / 23,19M

Day 4, the day of Cuijk:

30,00K / 20,00M + 4,40K / 02.93M Home – Start/Finish v.v. = 34,40K / 22,93M

144,70K / 96,44M Total

36,17K / 24,11M Daily average