0700 – Graafseweg 219

With these temperatures ( >30┬║ C.) we have dinner at the terrace of the pond. From there you have the most beautiful views at our assortment of flowers in the backyard. This one hangs down from the little balcony at the end of the ground floor of the house. We enjoy -starting 9PM- also the company of bats.

0699 – Graafseweg 219

Today in our backyard: overwhelming bloom of lillies.

0677 – Graafseweg 219

Backyard Graafseweg 219, Nijmegen,

Wednesday 26 June 2016:


0576 – Graafseweg 219

You can not miss Graafseweg 219, as there is also lighted decoration in the front… ­čÖé ­čÖé ­čÖé

The postman will have this (close-up) view:

0516 – Graafseweg 219

201807272054NL_Gwg219Three spectacular things on one evening…


This “Fleur de Lis” finally in bloom, after weeks of replacing, enriching the soil and waiting… waiting… waiting…










For tonight, 27th of July, a “Bloodmoon” was announced. The spectacle started at 10:30 pm with the red rays of the sunset on the earth reflecting on the moon.





When the spectacle was over, a full moon appeared bit by bit.

0508 – Graafseweg 219


As the water pump of the pond shuts down at 10:00pm till 08:00am, you see here an impression at 09:55pm of our pond and backyard:

0496 – Graafseweg 219


The contract for the solar panels has been signed. The inspection in person had an unpredictable result: for Peter and Marie the roof is too soft to carry the weight and to anchor the panels. On 219 -Barkhuis/Bormans- the result was positive: there will be an extra (eigth) panel. The electrical installations will be on the ground floor.


When Peter was having coffee with us, talks concentrated on new plants in the garden. He advised Trachelospermum Jasminoides (Toscan jasmine); we bought 2 of them and they are already put in the garden by expert Pierre.


As herons take away a lot of the fishes in the pond, there should be a compensation in number:  five gold ides and five blue ides. The master of the pond -Luke- has already put them in the pond, to meet their new friends.

0448 – Graafseweg 219

Spring!!! Rhododendron & more!!!


0447 – Graafseweg 219


Lots of flowers in the yard!!!