0475-Mamoudou Gassama

Malinese Spiderman rewarded with a medal


Mamoudou Gassama, the man who last weekend saved a four-year-old boy who dangled on a Paris balcony, received a ribbon today. Mayor Anne Hidalgo of Paris handed him the distinction in person. Hidalgo praised Gassama extensively on Twitter last weekend, but wanted to reinforce her words by giving the Malinese ‘Spiderman’ the highest award in the city of Paris. This morning she handed him the Grand Vermeil medal. Since his heroic deed it has been raining thanks for the 22-year-old resident of Paris.

Last Monday, he was personally received by President Emmanuel Macron, who promised him a residence permit and advised him to make a request for naturalization. Mamoudou did that immediately the day after.

The Malinese was also offered a job at the Paris fire brigade. Last Friday he reported after he received his residence permit in the barracks of Champerret, where he once again demonstrated how agile he can climb. The next ten months he can show what he can do at the fire brigade. ,,I’m going to do everything to get there”, says Gassama. Mamoudou will have to wait a little longer before he gets the French nationality. It takes about three months on average to handle an application. Spiderman Since last Saturday, Mamoudou has been nicknamed Spiderman, because he climbed a block of flats on Paris’s Rue Marx-Dormoy to save a 4-year-old boy who was dangling from a balcony on the fourth floor. The video of the scene quickly crossed the internet. To the father of the child, who was not at home at that moment, an investigation was made.


0091-Fire brigade

Unmanned to 32 meters

New platform rises unmanned to 32 meters


TIEL – If you raging inferno and makes the blaze a scorching heat, you’d rather not be in the toxic smoke. With the latest platform to battle fires in Tiel, it is not necessary any more. The vehicle can in fact be operated from the ground. “The extinguishing jet, cameras, lamps; everything is remotely useful”, says René Prongs of the fire. “If it is not necessary, you do not need unnecessary people to work in a dangerous place. “

Patrick Fielder teaches as vehicle driver 10 device drivers and instructs 8 device vehicle handlers how to work with the device. If all of them on November 11 have completed their training, the old car can be sold.

20 tons
The new Austrian-built platform with a chassis of Volvo, Mercedes replaces who did more than 16 years of service in Tiel. The new platform weighs 20 tons and cost nearly 700,000 euros.