Memory, a short play (two person) featuring David Belrose and Gloria Dowton. Part of ten plays presented at the annual 10 x 10 showcase Magnus Theatre in Thunder Bay. Three performances of the plays over two days April 12 & 13 2019. Story revolves around a long married couple and the humour and drama in issues with regards to remembering things.

Photo by courtesy of Marty Mascarin.

David Belrose is the partner of Brian Holden. I know them since 1999. They were the first house guests we had when we moved to Nijmegen, back in September 2003. Pierre moved Friday 12, I moved Monday 15, and Brian and David were picked up at Amsterdam Airport Wednesday 17. Apart from visiting Dutch highlights, we had a house in Bruges (Belgium). From Belgium the two Canadians visited Paris, and returned to Nijmegen.

Amsterdam, 20 September 2003, after an exhausting “touristic” day: dinner at our favourite Mexican restaurant; from left to right: David Belrose, Brian Holden, Pierre Bormans and Luke Barkhuis.

0338-Memorable year

Memorable dates in 2018:

  • 2018/01/07: Pierre and Luke are 40 years “a pair”; 
  • 2018/07/01: Pierre and Luke live officially 15 years in Nimwegen; 
  • 2018/07/30: Pierre’s 75th birthday;
  • 2018/08/01: Pierre officially 15 years G.P. “off”;
  • 2018/09/12: Pierre moved 15 years ago from Horst to Nimwegen; 
  • 2018/09/15: Luke moved 15 years ago from Amsterdam to Nim-wegen; 
  • 2018/09/17: David and Brian were 15 years ago our first official guests in Nimwegen.

Bruges (Belgium), September 27 2003: dinner with (from left to right): David Belrose, Luke Barkhuis, Roel van der Wal, Pierre Bormans, Brian Holden and Rob Chaudron.


May 2001, Thunder Bay, Centennial Park: from left to right: Pierre Bormans, yours truly, Brian Holden and David Belrose.

2001 05~Thunder Bay~Centennial Park-10


Gentlemen, is this a mere coincidence or more…?

200005310008Thunder Bay20160807_171113



DAVID. Is this to be proud of or just showing off? Brian is obviously a bit embarassed  (Thunder Bay, May 2001).

2001 05~Thunder Bay~Brian&David


Our first meeting, back in May 2000: 

from left to right David Belrose, yours truly, Brian Holden.

20000531 0000Thunder Bay - 11