Owner BZZY looking lifesaver after death of wife


Owner Jeroen Verhoeven of the successful Dutch meal attendant BZZY is looking for young entrepreneurs who can save his business in Arnhem and Nimwegen. He must perforce close its stores after the sudden death of his wife Malou, co-founder of the chain BZZY. “To continue alone is not an option,” Verhoeven says emotionally. “I’m only responsible for our baby.”

Hit – The couple opened their first store on Second Walstraat in Nimwegen in 2008. Their Healthy Fast Meals, for people who are ‘too bizzy’ to cook, proved a hit. The meals were given names like Endive Boost Blend and Cauliflower Rocket Breeze.

Arnheim – Last October BZZY opened a second branch at the new station Arnhem next Pathé.

“Heartwarming” – People who respond BZZY appalled at the conclusion of the business and the intensely sad occasion. Verhoeven called their responses “heartwarming” and fully recognizes that the company deserves a restart. “I’m looking for people who see opportunities, someone who can run it in the stores, our concept can take over or help them to find another solution. A hero who wants to work with a startup in healthy eating. It would be a shame if BZZY would disappear.”