0686-Graafseweg 219

Back at home, from the lunch party in Horst, we had drinks in the backyard.


0685-Happy Birthday!!!

Pierre Bormans: 30-07-1943 – 30-07-2020: 77 years

With Walter ten Brink (left) Pierre (right) and I (photographer) had a festive outside luncheon at the Gastendonk in Horst. Chief Joep Verstappen was also chief at the Michelin star restaurant “Valuas” in Venlo. The restaurant uses most vegetables and spices from their own plantations.

0673-Student housing

As announced, there was a double birthday party on Saturday afternoon, 18 July.  Myrthe apped me: “Hello neighbors! I just wanted to let you know that on July 18 I celebrate our birthday in the garden with a friend. To avoid too much nuisance, we start already in the afternoon.” As it was a very nice weather on Saturday, the party started mid-afternoon and lasted till about 10:00pm. Meanwhile Pierre and I had drinks and dinner in the garden. And the garden is a continuous pleasure at the moment!

0573-Happy Birthday, KLM 100y

SCHIPHOL – KLM is a hundred years old, and therefore officially the oldest airline in the world. Where British Airways, which claims the same, painted no less than four airplanes in historic colors, KLM keeps it modest: almost every aircraft carries special stickers. Over the past few months, the hangars have worked hard to put the stickers on the fleet. This happened during the regular maintenance of the devices and lasted an average of three to four hours. Almost all aircraft, from the small Embraer 175 to the large Boeing 747, now carry special inscriptions on two sides to celebrate the KLM anniversary. Even the Fokker 100, which is parked on the panorama terrace at Schiphol, was given the stickers, and also the cargo fleet and the striking Boeing 777-300ER in Orange Pride livery are provided with it. Excepted are the three aircraft that wear the SkyTeam colors, and the PH-BKA, the first Boeing 787-10 for KLM that has been painted in a festive jubilee jacket. The stickers represent a new challenge for aircraft spotters: all aircraft from the fleet must be recorded on the sensitive plate by the true enthusiast. From January 2020 the stickers will slowly disappear from the fleet. Some haste is therefore required.

07 October 2019, Istanbul Internaional Airport. KL1613 (AMS-IST) arrives at gate D7, in a welcome shower by the Istanbul International airport fire brigade.


We celebrated Pierre’s 76th birthday in Horst, with friends, in the GASTENDONK, a very nice restaurant, with a variety of biological products.

0435-Graafseweg 219

pieter joseph leonard bormans

30-07-1943 – 30-07-1918


Party in honour of Peter Tönissen’s mother 80th birthday. On the program: a boat tour on the river Waal and afterwards a happy gathering in Peter & Marie’s enormous backyard.


2017/06/30 – My eldest sister invited us for a celebration dinner @ Bistro De Stadstuyn, where we often come, also with Lady Mary Stewart-Wilson 🙂

As entrée for my sister and me a “Platter Stadstuyn”.  For Pierre: goat cheese from the oven.

As main course for her: salmon with italian pasta.

As main course for me: a beef carpaccio XXL. For Pierre an entrecote with French blue cheese.

As desert for me: a “Grand Desert Stadstuyn”. Pierre and my sister: coffee.

0136-Graafseweg 219

2017/02/28 – Birthday on shore…

Birthday on shore has been rare since 2011. In such occasions there was a birthday package: breakfast by room service, champagne, a present, a wish card and flowers. The table mates always arranged a dinner at the Captain’s table. Before that I had a party, in my cabin or in the Observatory lounge. World cruises edition W1201, W1401 and W1602.