We celebrated Pierre’s 76th birthday in Horst, with friends, in the GASTENDONK, a very nice restaurant, with a variety of biological products.

0517 – Graafseweg 219

pieter joseph leonard bormans

30-07-1943 – 30-07-1918


Party in honour of Peter Tönissen’s mother 80th birthday. On the program: a boat tour on the river Waal and afterwards a happy gathering in Peter & Marie’s enormous backyard.


2017/06/30 – My eldest sister invited us for a celebration dinner @ Bistro De Stadstuyn, where we often come, also with Lady Mary Stewart-Wilson 🙂

As entrée for my sister and me a “Platter Stadstuyn”.  For Pierre: goat cheese from the oven.

As main course for her: salmon with italian pasta.

As main course for me: a beef carpaccio XXL. For Pierre an entrecote with French blue cheese.

As desert for me: a “Grand Desert Stadstuyn”. Pierre and my sister: coffee.

0155 – Graafseweg 219

2017/02/28 – Birthday on shore…

Birthday on shore has been rare since 2011. In such occasions there was a birthday package: breakfast by room service, champagne, a present, a wish card and flowers. The table mates always arranged a dinner at the Captain’s table. Before that I had a party, in my cabin or in the Observatory lounge. World cruises edition W1201, W1401 and W1602.