0699-The surgeon’s verdict.

Last Monday, 07 September, at 08:30am I had an appointment at the Radboud University Medical Center for a CT scan of the pelvis. Today, 10 September , at 01:30pm I had an appointment with a member of the pelvis surgical team. The surgeon in question, Mr. Hermans, was ill. His appointments were replaced by Mr Bas van Wageningen, the trauma surgeon, who took care of me on 12 June.

Conclusions regarding the scan:

  • There is the start of a healing process visible regarding the rifts in the pelvis.
  • The same applies for the femur and pelvis.
  • We go on with the self healing treatment.
  • Surgery for a new hip is out of the question.
  • The medication with the morphine is addictive, and is stopped immediatly.
  • From the surgeon’s view a follow up is not necessary, time (an other three months or more) will heal.

Bas van Wageningen works in the Trauma Surgery and Lifeliner 3 departments. As a trauma surgeon, he is involved in the care of patients after an accident. This can be on the street with the trauma helicopter or in the hospital at the Emergency Department. The trauma surgery specialty focuses on the treatment of fractures and wounds. In addition, they also treat the complications or problems that can arise in the healing of wounds and bones over time. His areas of focus are Pelvic and Acetabular Surgery, General Trauma Surgery and Multitrauma.