0615 – Amsterdam

Friday, 01 March 2019: birthday dinner at Ristorante Italiano “Libero”, with our neighbors Peter and Marie from Nijmegen, my sisters Clarijalke and Ninouchka Barkhuis from Amsterdam, my friend Bart de Boer from Amsterdam, Pierre and yours truly.


Bart de Boer was so kind to have delivered a secret envelope with this memorable string in it.

0301 – Nijmegen

Commonwealth War Cimetery Nimwegen: 



201712311443Jonkerbos_CimeteryA last stroll in the city before the events of New Year start (fireworks etc.). Near our house is a large city park. The stadium of the local premier division football club is there, an open air theatre, several ponds and even -temporarely- a circus. But also a Commonwealth War Cimeterary 1939-1945. You can not compare it with the Groesbeek Canadian War Cimetery. Not that well maintained. The tomb stones here are grey and sometimes even dirty. In Groesbeek it is all very well organised, with donations from Canadian families.




0298 – Nijmegen

On the second day of Bart’s visit, we walked to the town center and peeked in the Saint Stephan Church, to see the two Chtistmas nativity scenes:

Under the König Organ is the scene by the Brethern of Limbourg


In the Choir the scene of Biblical Parc Orientalis:


the city of Bethlehem


the nativity