0710/Solar energy


Monthly report: November 2018


Figures as per 30 November 2018:

  • 111.960 kW  produced in 30 days.
  • 226.027 kW  average expected (30/365 x 2,750kW).
  • 114.067 kW- below average.
  • 129.02Kg CO2 emission saved since installation.
  • equals 0.43 trees planted since installation.

0707/Student housing hwg 140

Hatertseveldweg 140

The penthouse has an immense terrace, apparently fitted to place party tents on…

On 17 November 2018, at 12:09AM there was a huge party going on:

Nevertheless this appartment is also part of the “nuisance triangle”. And it was NOT the first time that the ladies had a party, with the women in smart dresses and the gents also smartly dressed. This time no tuxedo’s. The picture below gives an impression how packed we are around the nice inner gardens… 🙂 🙂 🙂 😦 😦 😦



Duchess of Cornwall pays glowing tribute to Prince Charles at 70 as she hails his kindness and good humour

The Duchess has spoken frankly about the Prince ahead of his birthday next week

The Duchess of Cornwall today leads tributes to the Prince of Wales ahead of his 70th birthday, as she hails her “incredibly kind, very funny” husband in a fond portrait of him as mimic, workaholic and grandfather. The Duchess has spoken frankly about the Prince ahead of his birthday next week, sharing the endearing traits she sees behind closed doors. She is joined by leading figures across Britain’s public life, from the Prime Minister to the Archbishop of Canterbury, in a celebration of the Prince’s life and work as he celebrates the landmark birthday. In an amusing insight, the Duchess admitted she has not yet found a suitable present for him, disclosing she has learned not to deviate from his own “birthday list” of requests, with previous bright ideas of her own “not being a huge success”. “He’s incredibly kind,” she told the Telegraph. “I don’t think people see his incredible kindness and the things he does behind the scenes. “People who worked for him years ago will write to him and if they’ve fallen on hard times he’ll do The Duchess admitted that she has not yet found a suitable present for Prince Charleseverything he can to help them.” Saying he has a particular talent for accents and mimicry, she added: “The other thing, which probably doesn’t come over as well as it should, is that he has got a very good sense of humour. He’s very funny. “And, of course, he’s wonderful with children. “He doesn’t mind crawling about on the floor for hours with them. We had a picture the other day with Louis pulling on his hair, and he’s not one of those people who says ‘take your hand away’. He loves it. “He’s exceptionally good with very small children and babies.” In a balanced description, the Duchess also reveals her occasional frustrations with the workaholic Prince, saying it is “very hard to get him to relax and drag him away from his letters and boxes”. Asked whether he would be persuaded to slow down at 70, she replied: “You must be joking! There’s no way that he will slow down.” On the subject of whether she had found a suitable present yet, she admitted she was still praying for a “brainwave”. “He has a list of presents and every time I’ve veered off the list it’s not been a huge success,” she joked. “So I think I’m going to have to go back to the list and buy him something he really wants. The Prince is understood to be particularly fond of trees and shrubs, as well as collecting Weymss Ware pottery. The Duchess leads tributes from leaders across the breadth of British public life, from the Prime Minister and Archbishop of Canterbury to Lord Lloyd Webber and the editor-in-chief of British Vogue. Theresa May, the Prime Minister, praised his “tireless” and “exemplary service that he has given to the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth for his whole adult life”. Justin Welby, the Archbishop of  Canterbury, speaks movingly about the Prince’s “deep personal faith” which “allows him to be The Duchess says her husband is great with grandchildrengenerous, hospitable and courageous in defending the rights of all people to peacefully prac-tise their religion without fear”. Edward Enninful, editor-in-chief of British Vogue, hailed his contribution to the UK fashion industry, while Alan Titchmarsh sings the praises of the gardener Prince’s devotion to the “green and pleasant land” and Sir ‪Barry Gibb‬ celebrates the “sense of fun” he attributes to “your love of The Goons and, of course, the fact that you’re always smiling”. Lord Lloyd Webber, the award-winning composer, has praised his passion for arts education and the British architectural vernacular, saying: “Be it the too little sung glories of our unique parish churches, be it the English church choral tradition or his concern that not enough young people are learning to play the church organ, his love for less than headline grabbing causes is palpable.” He adds: “What I admire about Prince Charles is his outspoken passion for subjects that people either pay lip service to or are so downright unfashionable that few champion them. “We should be profoundly grateful that our future King speaks out so passionately about causes and values that as a nation we too often ignore at our peril.”

Next week, the Royal Family will celebrate the birthday with a party thrown by the Queen at Buckingham Palace for family, friends, and an expected glittering array of foreign royalty.

0703/Dutch PM Mark Rutte

Premier Mark Rutte bij een top in Brussel vorige maand.

Chistian Democrats & Democrats 1966: “When Rutte leaves, the cabinet falls”

Government parties Christian Democrats and Democrats 1966 want new elections when VVD Prime Minister Mark Rutte leaves next year mid-term to Brussels for a European top function. That means high-ranking sources in the coalition. As far as the two largest government partners of Rutte are concerned, a mid-term departure would not be without consequences. Then the cabinet falls, they warn. “Theoretically, new elections are not necessary. But it would be undesirable to do such a major intervention in the cabinet without elections”, says a high ranking D66 member. A high-ranking CDA member of the coalition is certainly: “If Rutte goes to Brussels, there will certainly be elections. This is what Rutte also realizes, so he will think three times. But the pressure from 27 countries can be so great that there is no other option.”

About he future of Rutte has been speculations for months. After the European elections of next spring, the post of President of the European Commission will be vacant. It is now being filled by Luxembourger Jean-Claude Juncker. Rutte is also tipped to succeed Donald Tusk as President of the European Union at the end of next year.

Longest-serving government leader
That Rutte’s name always pops up is because he is one of the longest-serving government leaders in the EU. Moreover, he has a lot of experience in closing complex coalitions. Something that the union, which is sometimes divided to the bone, desperately needs. Rutte himself has said on several occasions that there is no question of traveling to Brussels for a top job. ,,I am finishing this period and see if I am available again for a new period”, said Rutte last spring. There is a struggle between the European Parliament and the EU heads of government on the follow-up of Juncker. The parliament thinks that one of the so-called ‘Spitzenkandidaten’ (list leaders in the European elections) should get this position. The government leaders themselves want to keep a finger on the composition of the daily management of the union in Brussels.


Prince Harry and the traditions of royal tour style

Prince HarryWhile all eyes have been firmly trained on the Duchess of Sussex and her emerging baby bump, you may have noticed that that fellow beside her has been busy too. On the Duke and Duchess’s first official tour, spanning Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, his wife’s outfits may garner the most attention – particularly if you happen to leave the label on – but it took an eagle-eyed Instagram user to note one remarkable point about Harry’s look. The post, which swiftly went viral, highlighted the astonishing similarity between the Duke in his Tropical Dress of the Blues & Royals regiment, and his grandfather Prince Philip from 1957 on the cover ofParis Match magazine in that same uniform, their ginger beards and grins almost identical. Will he one day inherit the Duke of aEdinburgh’s sense of style? The patriarch of The Firm has always looked appropriate and pin sharp, but never at the expense of the main attraction, the Queen. His wardrobe – still polished as he approaches 100 – melds handsome Savile Row tailoring with sportsman vigour. It’s a lesson that Harry might look to; like the Duke of Cambridge’s total tour of India in 2016, Harry unerringly plays it safe in the style stakes. Which is entirely the point; as a royal on a taxpayer-funded tour of duty, he can’t well break out the camp collar shirts and micro shorts as if he’s posturing for Instagram in #Positano. His easy “nothing to see here” style – navy chinos, linen shirts, desert boots – are all well and good (actually, the desert boots are a little bit too rustic to wear with smart tailoring, but let’s revisit) but perhaps his wife’s stylish Gant has led to a few style adjustments along the way. Firstly, the introduction of workwear in to his wardrobe, by way of a chambray, button-down shirt. British men in hot climates can find themselves cast adrift style wise, particularly if they spend much of their time in office attire, but a utilitarian chambray shirt is a halfway point between casual and smart. And it seems Harry’s taken some tips from BFF Barack Obama, with smart tailoring in a light dove grey shade to suit the tropical climes. And in Fiji this week, he donned a jolly blue Hawaiian shirt. He perhaps has a way to go until he grows into his style legacy and follows in the footsteps of Prince Charles and the Duke of Edinburgh. The desert boots are best for summer BBQs, not meetings with Heads of State, the Hawaiian shirt with smart trousers is a curious mishmash and he’d do well to crop his beard short and trim his hair to disguise his thinning patch – but the Duke’s wardrobe while on tour is a welcome respite from the restraints of the (albeit beautifully cut) blue navy suit he’s so fond of usually. And as we eye up winter breaks in the sun, the workwear, jaunty shirting (worn with casual chinos, not formal trousers) and lightweight, pale tailoring isn’t a bad formula to work from. Just opt for some deck shoes next time, Your Highness.

0701/Anwar’s column


Your mother has been operated, the neighbor wrote from the hospital in Aleppo.

My mother has breast cancer. At least that’s what I think. I suddenly received a message from my parents’ neighbor last week. She was in bed with my mother, in a hospital in Aleppo. “Your mother has undergone surgery,” she wrote. I had my mother on the phone almost every day that week, but she told me nothing about her operation. ,,You could have noticed”, said my mother. ,,I said in the last conversation several times that you had to take good care of your brother? I thought I was going to die during the operation”. My mother is being operated, she does not know when that will be, only that there was something very big in her chest that had to be removed immediately. Last summer it became known that the woman of the president in Syria, Asma al-Assad, has breast cancer. As she undergoes her treatments, she has given all women in Syria the opportunity to also test for breast cancer. My mother also went and was told that she had to be operated immediately the next day. “What have I done to get this life?”, m y mother said. “First the poverty, then the war, my one son far away and my other son in hiding for the army. And then I’m still seriously ill now”. It all hurts. That she is ill, that she loves her life so much and that I did not know anything about her illness. Although it is painful, I understand. In recent years there have been times when things did not go well for me. I did not tell her that either, because I did not want to worry her. If I ever get a daughter, I call her Suhaila, after my mother. I hope I can give that girl the life my mother wanted.

I myself am 28 years old, and am still on the platform.

Women in the Netherlands, sometimes I feel sorry for them. Parents teach their daughters that there are many liberties for them. They can work, study, cut their hair, everything they want. Personal development is the highest good. I spoke with a friend of almost 40 years. She has everything she wants. A car, a house and a good job. “Anwar, I got a lot of things,” she said. ,,But I am alone. I have no husband or children”.  There are many women like her. They have completely plunged into their personal development. If they are very far with it, they only look around. With whom will I share my life? Sometimes it is too late, because they can no longer have children. “The train has already left for you,” we say in Arabic.

Family first
In Syria you learn as a girl from an early age how you can take good care of your future family. You learn that it is important to start your own family. A Syrian woman will not look up suddenly at the age of 35 and realize that she is alone. Her life focuses first on creating a family. This is followed by personal development. It is an order that appeals to me because there is always time for personal development. That train is never gone. I myself am 28 years old, and am still on the platform. I hope, as often in my life, on the best of both worlds. A woman who develops personally but in the meantime looks up. Then we take the train together.