Prince Harry: I panic at the sight of my grandmother

07qe3Prince Harry has revealed he still “panics” when he bumps into the Queen walking along the corri-dors of Buckingham Palace, despite being her grand-son. Speaking in a new documentary that explores behind-the-scenes moments of the Royal family, the Duke of Sussex recounts to visitors that he still hbgets nervous when he sees  the Queen coming. Addressing a group of hospitality professionals from the Caribbean, who are spending time at the palace as part of a new scheme headed up by the Queen, the newlywed Duke offers some words of encouragement. “You guys have spent way more time in Buckingham Palace than I ever have – and you’ve only been here two weeks,” he says. “Have you bumped into the Queen yet? If you suddenly bump into her in the corridor, don’t panic. I know you will. We all do!” The two part ITV series, Queen of the World, also gains exclusive access to a collection of private home films to show the Queen’s role as head of the Commonwealth. Claudine Jeffrey is one of the group visiting from Antigua to work in Buckingham Palace. Speaking in the documentary she says: “It’s a fun place to work. I say it’s an adventure every day because every day it is always something different. “You never find that you are doing the same thing so that’s really amazing because I love a challenge and I don’t like to be bored…to find myself in Buckingham Palace, it is beyond my wildest imaginations.”  Anthony Johnstone-Burt, Master of the Royal Household, added: “Our 13qe&h1Caribbean scholars are eight fabulous young people. This very much was an attempt to reach out and see what more we can do to involve the Caribbean realms particularly in the royal household, so it’s very, very special.” During the show The Duchess of Sussex is reunited with her wedding gown and veil for the first time since her wedding day as Royal Collection specialists prepare the dress for a new exhibition. HRH The Princess Royal also reminisces on her first trip on the Royal Yacht Britannia with her brother Prince Charles, after six months apart from their parents during the great post-Coronation Commonwealth tour.

0685/Anwar’s column


Whining, the Dutch are good at it. Syrians also hear, but we only complain about food. We love our stomach and can endlessly talk about where the food was good, and where not. Dutch people complain about everything. The favorite subject is the weather.

‘It’s always cold, we have to spend weeks on holiday to the sun to recharge!’ Now it was hot all summer and everyone complained after all. Our grass is burning! The animals have a hard time and the leaves are already falling from the trees! On such a hot day I walked across the street with a newly purchased fan under my arm. People in the street clung to me in despair: “Where did you get them? Are there any more? ” It reminded me of the times in Syria that there was no bread. When you saw someone walking in the street with bread, you rushed over to ask where it came from.
Work is also a favorite complaint topic. The boss is not nice, the colleagues are not collegial and the wages too little. In Syria we have an expression that we use when someone nags. Because a tailor makes your clothes exactly for you, we say to someone who whines: ‘I’ll go tailor-made for you.’ What we actually say: life does not always exactly meet your needs and is not always ‘tailored’ for you.
The good news is: if the Dutch suffer from something, they think up solutions. It is not for nothing that this country is so good with water. Another three times a summer and the Netherlands becomes a heat expert. One very large curtain across the Netherlands? I wonder what you are coming with.

A day in Amsterdam made me a bit panicky. Is the capital a look into the future? Is what I see now in Amsterdam in ten years across the country? In that case I am not on the right track.
I walked into a store with a bag full of new clothes. Just before that, I had bought the wrong size. I did not have the receipt, so I wanted to explain that I had accidentally taken too large a size and would like to exchange it. I started my story at the checkout. “No Dutch,” she said. “Oh,” I said, “is there someone else who speaks Dutch?” “No”, the woman said.
I turned around and asked customers behind me if anyone could speak Dutch. They looked at me questioningly. No, no one understood me. Because I can hardly speak English, I started to portray everything. That the clothes are very big, but I am very small. That I had said at checkout: “A coupon does not have to be.” “The woman looked at me with a sigh, but had understood me by now. Exchange was allowed.

I went for a drink outside. There was a note on the window of the cafe: the café was looking for staff. Requirements: very good command of the English language and possibly knowledge of Dutch. The courage sank even further in my shoes. Is this how it will soon be everywhere in the Netherlands? Or is Arnhem the only city where Dutch is the basic language? I already see myself trapped in Arnhem. Everywhere is work, but I can not go anywhere because I do not speak English. ‘It starts with language’, is shown on all folders of my integration. True, but they should have told me which language.


Lady Mary’s visit day 8.

Travel schedule for 13 September 2018:

  • Dep 08:13am GMT – Arr 09:42am GMT Train Nimwegen – Schiphol Airport [Mary + Luke]
  • Dep 12:00pm GMT – Arr 01:15pm GMT KL1051 Schiphol Airport – Bristol Airport [Mary + Luke]

  • 05:25pm: KL1054 ready for departure. But the captain tells us that because of heavy passenger traffic at Schiphol Airport the departure must be postponed.
  • Dep 05:50pm GMT – Arr 06:45pm GMT KL1054 Bristol Airport – Schiphol Airport [Luke]

STRIKE OF BORDER POLICE and several hundreds of people are waiting in vain to be accepted at the border control: only 10 passengers each time, and only with European passports. ID-cards were not permitted. Crazy action to get more salary!

  • 07:00pm train to Nimwegen left
  • 07:30pm train to Nimwegen left
  • Dep 07:34pm GMT – Arr 10:06pm GMT Train Schiphol Airport – Zwolle – Nimwegen [Luke]


Lady Mary’s visit day 7.

A draidfull rainy day with a lot of Rummikub! And guess who is winning each time, after training for 6 days: Mary!!! one game after the other!


In the evening we went to the Ferryhouse in Oeffelt, for the farewell dinner, offered by Mary:


And after our return: Rummikub till bed time 🙂


Lady Mary’s visit day 2&3.


Friday 07 Serptember was a complicated day: at 08 AM Luke had to call his GP for the remaining pain, or better, the remaining absence of any sensibility in his left upper leg, after the finish on 20 July of the Walk of the World marches. But, luckily, there was a possibility to see the GP at 3 PM. First, Mary had her book (Pride and Prejudice), Pierre had the morning paper, and I had the blog. AND welearned Mary a new game called 201809072124NL_NijmegenRummikub. She picked it up very fast and is quiet fanatic 🙂 🙂 🙂 . When I was at the GP, Pierre and Mary went for a stroll to the Goffertpark. Mary asked if she could have her holy hour and appear at the dinner table dressed in a nice robe over her pyjama. And we could not refuse that. Also the neighbours Peter and Marie announced a farewell before their departure for six weeks in the South of Europe. But they did not make a fixed appointment for that evening. Friday it was my turn to show my Chef’s qualities. In May I showed at Marys’ the Chili con carne, during my visit for the royal wedding. Now it was Nachos todos grande. And just when I put the plate in the oven for the last finishing touch, the doorbell rang and the neighbours were there. As I could not stop the preparations at that time, an appointment was made for a visit around 10 PM. The nachos were a great success. And when Peter and Marie arrived, we had a nice evening, with a Lady in a housecoat….

Saturday 08 September:



Lady Mary’s visit day 1.


The itinerary of day 1 was a bit different than foreseen 😦 😦 😦 🙂 🙂 🙂

Travel schedule for 06 September 2018:

Dep 09:28 GMT+1 – Arr 10:59 GMT+1 Train Nimwegen – Schiphol Airport [Luke]

Dep 13:30 GMT+1 – Arr 13:30 GMT+0 KL1051 Schiphol Airport – Bristol Airport [Luke], the delay caused by heavy rainfall at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Image result for ghost

Dep 14:30 GMT+0 – Arr 16:40 GMT+1 KL1052 Bristol Airport – Schiphol Airport [Mary + Luke], the delay due to the late arrival of the incoming flight from Amsterdam.

The luggage came on belt 9 at 17:00 GMT+1, and we entered the railwaystation 5 minutes too late 😦 😦 😦

A chance for Mary to pick up a double espresso and a plain decaf at Sturbucks, conveniently situated next to platform 3 to catch our train.

Dep 17:30 GMT+1 – Arr 19:02 GMT+1 Train Schiphol Airport – Nimwegen [Mary + Luke]

The rest of the day (evening 🙂 ) went as foretold.





Today Lady Helen Mary Stewart-Wilson flies from Bristol on flight KL1052 in European business class seat 2a, to Schiphol (Amsterdam Airport) where I am supposed to meet her; together we travel by train to Nimwegen. At the railway station Pierre (PP) will pick us up, and at home there will be drinks and a lot to chat. For dinner Pierre will serve his world famous QUICHE LORRAINE. So far the plans. 

201805170000NorthCurry1What Lady Mary does not know, is that I take a plane Amsterdam-Bristol, and on the return flight to Amsterdam I will appear as a ghost in seat 2c, next to her. That is a way to spend your MILES from the loyalty program Flying Blue!!!

Travel schedule for 06 September 2018:

Dep 09:28 GMT+1 – Arr 10:59 GMT+1 Train Nimwegen – Schiphol Airport [Luke]

Dep 13:00 GMT+1 – Arr 13:15 GMT+0 KL1051 Schiphol Airport – Bristol Airport [Luke]

Dep 13:45 GMT+0 – Arr 16:05 GMT+1 KL1052 Bristol Airport – Schiphol Airport [Mary + Luke]

Dep 16:30 GMT+1 – Arr 18:02 GMT+1 Train Schiphol Airport – Nimwegen OR

Dep 17:00 GMT+1 – Arr 18:32 GMT+1 Train Schiphol Airport – Nimwegen [Mary + Luke]


0677/Student housing gwg 215


The  official Society Student Housing Nimwegen (SSH&) owns about 1,500 houses and appartment buildings in Nimwegen. One of these (Graafseweg 215) is just similar to our house:  219.

DIrt collection from private houses and companies is organised by a company, called DAR. The system is very easy (also for high educated students…): every week the Dar comes by; for us the Tuesday is the day. Alternating in weeks you put 201809042019NL_Gwg215-2outside your green container, next week your bags containing plastic and separately remaining garbage. On the third Tuesday special vans collect the large blue container with paper.

Yesterday it was the green container day. The students discarded everything but the green container. I took these pictures at 8:20PM. The vans of the DAR passed by long ago. But they should be strict what to collect.

This is now the 3rd time that this happens at this particular house. I complained before by SSH&.