Walk of the World #102

05 June 2018 – training #10

201806050802WotW-10-1Leaving home at 08:00am sharp, temperature 14C and a sombre weather forecast.

Directly Westbound (Wolfkuilse-weg) then Northbound (Energie-weg) to reach the beginning of “The Crossing”. That already takes 45 minutes non-stop walking. Crossing the river Waal and leaving the bridge on the former dike of the river Waal. Eastbound to the ancient 201806050802WotW-10-2Arnheim bridge, then Southbound to Berg and Dal (Hill and Valley). First stop, after 2:30h walking. Coffee & apple cake. Then Westbound, over the famous Zeven-heuvelenweg (Seven Hills way), passing the Canadian War Cimetary, to Groesbeek. From Groesbeek Northbound in the direction of Nimwegen.

After a total of 20K / 13.33M We took bus 5 to the city.



  • top – 08am sharp;
  • center – a sombre weather forecast;
  • bottom – a view from the Arnheim bridge on the river front, with on top the famous octagonal chapel of St. Nicholas in the Valkhof Castle (built in 1030); nearby stand ruins of another part of the castle – so called Barbarossa ruins from the 12th century. The castle was demolished in 1797, just keeping its oldest part – the chapel. Below, the red brick building, the brand new museum “The Bastion”.



Queen invites newlywed Duchess of Sussex to join her for day of public work

After marrying into the Royal family less than a month ago, the Duchess of Sussex is to embark on a lifetime of public service from the most glamorous of events to the rather mundane. She will do so, it seems, under the guidance of no less than Her Majesty the Queen, who has invited the newlywed Duchess to spend a full day of public engagements with her in Chester next week. In a remarkable welcome into life in the Royal family, the Queen has asked the Duchess to accompany her on three engagements in a gesture likely to be interpreted as a very visible show of support. The Duchess, a former actress, will join her grandmother-in-law for the official opening of the Storyhouse Theatre, a Grade II-listed Art Deco Odeon built in the 1930s and now transformed into a centre for films, plays and a library. The pair will also enjoy a lunch at Chester Town Hall and open the Mersey Gateway Bridge. The decision to invite the Duchess to accompany the Queen could be considered a striking show of faith in the Royal family’s newest recruit, who married Prince Harry less than a month ago. The The Queen arrives during Investec Derby Day at Epsom Downs Racecourse on June 2, 2018 in Epsom, United Kingdomcouple, who took the title of Duke and Duchess of Sussex on their wedding day, had already undertaken more than a dozen engagements together before their wedding, as the then-Ms Markle sought to learn more about her new home. Days after their wedding, they attended a garden party in honour of the Prince of Wales’ 70th birthday, before disappearing from public work as they enjoyed a private honeymoon. On Thursday 14th, the Duchess will undertake her first engagement without her husband, as she settles in to her new life as a working Royal with the support and blessing of the Queen. Information published on the Royal family’s website states that the Queen will officially open Mersey Gateway Bridge, a six-lane cable-stayed toll bridge over the River Mersey. She will be joined by the Duchess at the Catalyst Science Discovery Centre, a fPrince Harry and Meghan Markle, who married on May 19amily museum described as “putting the fun in science”. They will then visit the Storyhouse Theatre, a community cultural centre which includes a cinema, library and will soon have productions of A Little Night Music, The Crucible and Swallows and Amazons on its stage. The Duchess, who worked as a television actress in Netflix drama Suits until she became engaged to Prince Harry, is expected to meet young performers, as well as watching the Queen unveil a plaque to commemorate its opening. The Queen and her granddaughter-in-law will then have lunch at Chester Town Hall, likely to be joined by local community leaders and dignitaries.  Meghan Markle has already attended public engagements, including at the Royal Foundation

In her engagement interview, Ms Markle paid tribute to the Queen as an “incredible woman”, saying that Prince Harry had told her so much about his grandmother that “when I met her I had such a deep understanding and of course incredible respect for being able to have that time with her”. The Duchess of Cambridge has also attended events with the Queen, beginning around ten months after her wedding to Prince William. Her first joint engagement with the Queen, on March 1, 2012, saw her visit Fortnum & Mason foodhall with the Duchess of Cornwall. Several days later, they visited Leicester with the Duke of Edinburgh as part of the Diamond Jubilee tour.


Sightseeing Nimwegen: my bus leaves from #2 at 6:43pm and arrives at the terminal #8 at 06:59pm, so the ride takes only 16 minutes; in the evening, when I return, it takes often about 12 minutes 🙂

  1. From #1 (home) to bus stop#2: 8 minutes walk.
  2. Bus stop line #8 Southbound
  3. Stadium local soccer club
  4. Psychiatric clinic Dr. Pompe
  5. Sanadome, hotel and wellness center
  6. Hospital Catherine Wilhelmina
  7. Canal river Meuse – river Waal
  8. terminal line #8 in front of the family’s apartmentbuilding


Since 28 May 2018 I have a Kurdish-Iraqi family for lessons in Dutch language and basic integration. The family lives in the utmost South outskirt of the city. In front of the 12 story apartmentbuilding are woods and meadows, on the back is the large canal, that connects the river Meuse and the river Waal. The building is also the terminal of bus line 8, which has a very convenient and fast connection to the place we live 🙂


  • Tonight I have my second lesson.
  • I go to their house twice a week, from 7.00pm till 8.30pm.
  • For the lessons I must be very creative, and design all lesson material myself, as -in respect of the case, that both parents are illiterate- I give the lessons in a very practical way.
  • The parents have 10 children, living in Germany, the U.S.A., Canada and the Netherlands.
  • One should think. that the family is Muslim, but they are not.
  • They are Jezidi, a minority that in the war between IS , Turkey and Syria had a difficult time.

 father Murad Al Bakar b. 01 July 1957

married to

mother Xanaf Saado b. 01 January 1960


1 daughter Samra Al Bakar b. 01 January 1978

2 – 8 ???

9 daughter Hakema Al Bakar b. 15 December 1998 (has started integration course recently)

10 son Hisham Al Bakar b. 06 January 2002 (is at school)


Edition #102 will start in 42 days; change in itinerary.

We subscribed for the 30K / 20M per day. Due to a change in the routes, the distances per day have changed too:

Day 1, the day of Elst:

33,10K / 22,06M + 4,40K / 02.93M Home – Start/Finish v.v. = 37.50K / 24,99M

Day 2, the day of Wijchen:

33,60K / 22,40M + 4,40K / 02.93M Home – Start/Finish v.v. = 38,00K / 25,33M

Day 3, the day of Groesbeek:

30,40K / 20,26M + 4,40K / 02.93M Home – Start/Finish v.v. = 34,80K / 23,19M

Day 4, the day of Cuijk:

30,00K / 20,00M + 4,40K / 02.93M Home – Start/Finish v.v. = 34,40K / 22,93M

144,70K / 96,44M Total

36,17K / 24,11M Daily average


Malinese Spiderman rewarded with a medal


Mamoudou Gassama, the man who last weekend saved a four-year-old boy who dangled on a Paris balcony, received a ribbon today. Mayor Anne Hidalgo of Paris handed him the distinction in person. Hidalgo praised Gassama extensively on Twitter last weekend, but wanted to reinforce her words by giving the Malinese ‘Spiderman’ the highest award in the city of Paris. This morning she handed him the Grand Vermeil medal. Since his heroic deed it has been raining thanks for the 22-year-old resident of Paris.

Last Monday, he was personally received by President Emmanuel Macron, who promised him a residence permit and advised him to make a request for naturalization. Mamoudou did that immediately the day after.

The Malinese was also offered a job at the Paris fire brigade. Last Friday he reported after he received his residence permit in the barracks of Champerret, where he once again demonstrated how agile he can climb. The next ten months he can show what he can do at the fire brigade. ,,I’m going to do everything to get there”, says Gassama. Mamoudou will have to wait a little longer before he gets the French nationality. It takes about three months on average to handle an application. Spiderman Since last Saturday, Mamoudou has been nicknamed Spiderman, because he climbed a block of flats on Paris’s Rue Marx-Dormoy to save a 4-year-old boy who was dangling from a balcony on the fourth floor. The video of the scene quickly crossed the internet. To the father of the child, who was not at home at that moment, an investigation was made.


Jamie Oliver & olive oil-UK

Jamie Oliver uses olive oil as a bodymilk, but do we have to follow this advice?


That Jamie Oliver in his kitchen likes very much olive oil, we know, but apparently the chef also likes to use the stuff in the bathroom. “I love to rub my body with olive oil,” he says enthusiastically in British media, but the question is only whether beauty experts like his advice. Beauty advice from Jamie Oliver, who would ever had thought so. Nevertheless, in an interview with the magazine Closer, he was enthusiastic about olive oil, according to him a miracle remedy for radiant, soft skin. “I love to smear my body with olive oil,” he shouts from the roofs, “You just have to rub it in. The Romans did it too and I do it with my children River, Petal and Buddy.” Oliver admits that he uses a moisturizer from Clinique for his face, but he puts his own question marks. ,,Why would we spend a fortune on creams, while extra virgin olive oil is equally good? My legs are blissfully soft.”

Just like a bandage
jo1That reasoning sounds logical, but you still do well to keep all your creams for a while. ,,I think Jamie Oliver is a very good cook, but I doubt his advice for the skin is good, “dermatologist Ingrid Van Riet of the Carpe clinic reacts laughing.

“Worldwide there are many people who use oils to care for their skin. Just think of argan oil, sesame oil or avocado oil”, she continues. “They all contain essential fatty acids, but they are all very large molecules that do not penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. With other words: olive oil has a final effect, just like a bandage, which prevents skin evaporation and dehydration, but it will not really nourish and hydrate your skin.”

Dishwashing liquid
Moreover, everyone is different and you actually need a custom cream that is adapted to your skin type. “I give a person with a very greasy, sensitive skin a completely different cream than someone with dry, fine skin,” Van Riet confirms. “People with oily skin who still lubricate olive oil can also get large pores and even acne. Even on their legs, maybe it works for some people, and maybe Jamie Oliver is one of those exceptions, but I would never give this advice to our patients.” Would you like to test whether you also get a smooth skin from olive oil? “Then you need detergent to wash off,” Van Riet jokes, “Brushing your entire body does not seem very practical to me. Start with your lips, cuticles or feet, there you have no pores and you can’t get afterwards also no pimples “, concludes the dermatologist.


 the Duke and Duchess of Sussex shows the Duke and Duchess pictured together on the East Terrace of Windsor Castle.Meghan Markle reportedly broke with tradition and thanked Prince Charles in her speech at the wedding reception on Saturday evening, while Prince Harry’s father moved the crowd to tears. At the Frogmore House reception, away from the world’s eye, it was just the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and a few hundred of their closest friends. There were reports Prince William gave a “naughty” best man’s speech, and the crowd partied to tunes spun by DJ Sam Totolee, who also performed at Pippa Middleton’s wedding. After the speeches and the dancing, guests were reportedly treated to candyfloss and burgers as a midnight snack. Here are all the rumours and confirmed details about the speeches Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and Prince Charles gave to the crowd.

Meghan Markle broke with tradition

As expected, the feminist Duchess made the non-traditional choice of giving a speech at her own wedding, thanking the Royal Family. According to the Daily Mail, she is “thought to have thanked the Royal Family for welcoming her in.” She also said: “I have found my Prince”, according to reports in The Sun, and thanked friends for supporting her during an emotionally difficult few weeks.

Markle and Prince Harry, leaving Windsor Castle after their wedding to attend an evening reception at Frogmore House, hosted by the Prince of Wales.  The bride's evening dress is designed by Stella McCartney and is a bespoke lily white high neck gown made of silk crepe.Prince Harry: ‘The cat that got the cream’

Prince Harry, looking like “the cat that got the cream,” gave a heartfelt, “off the cuff” speech in which he made it clear he was the happiest man in the world. According to the Daily Mirror, he told friends: “You are the people that make me ‘me’ in my Harry life, which as you know is the backbone to Prince Harry. “Now I’m going to hand over to my far better half…” According to reports, he praised Ms Markle for dealing with the pressure from the press and her father pulling out of the wedding because of a heart condition. He is said to have applauded his wife’s cool-headedness, and allegedly declared Meghan had “navigated everything with such grace,” and added that: “We make such a great team.” The Prince also reportedly declared: “I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.”

Not a dry eye in the house as Prince Charles praises his son

Prince Charles gave a moving speech to the 600 gathered guests, welcoming the new Duchess into the family and giving details about Prince Harry’s childhood. Talking about the man his son had become, he said: “My darling old Harry, I’m so happy for you.” “Some people were even crying,”Suhani Jalota, founder of the Myna Mahila Foundation told E! online. “I think it was just a very, really nice atmosphere to be in Doria Ragland, mother of the bride, walks with the Prince of Wales after the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in Windsorwhere everybody felt really loved.” She said his speech was about “how Harry was as a child and growing up.” In addition, she said it included details about the newlyweds “and how beautiful they are together.” “So, I think it was just about their personalities and how they gel really well together,” she added. The Prince described how moving it was, at this point in his life, to watch his little boy move on. A little boy, whom he had winded so often as a baby and whom, he joked, might still have a bit of wind today. Guests described how warmly he welcomed Meghan Markle and her mother, Doria Ragland, to Windsor and into his family. Frequently, throughout the course of the reception, he was spotted with his arm around Mrs Ragland.

Prince William’s ‘naughty’ speech

dg1Perhaps pleased to have a chance to be the cheeky brother for once, Prince William is said to have been playful in his speech at the reception. He reportedly said the Duchess is “the best thing that had ever happened to Haz”. One party source told The Express: “William managed to strike the right balance between hilarious and solemn. They said: “He did mention their late mother, Princess Diana, and said she would have been proud of her younger son. “He said he was proud of Harry too and welcomed Meghan as the sister he never had.” His speech was made as a comedy duo with Prince Harry’s best friend, Charlie van Straubenzee, according to a guest. The source told the tabloid that their performance was “hilarious”. “They teased Harry about his growing bald patch, and Wills said it would become as bad as his. “It was some bash.” According to the Daily Mirror, Prince William played a prank on his brother, attaching a ladder to the couple’s car. An insider told the tabloid: “Apparently Harry fell off a ladder recently while changing a light bulb for Meghan and hurt his arm. So William tied a ladder to the back of the car, which nearly floored a few people.”


Harry and Meghan to visit Canada on honeymoon, reports suggest


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are to spend their honeymoon at the Royal family’s favourite Canadian cabin, according to US reports. Harry and Meghan will travel to the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge in Alberta, Canada, for their first holiday as a married couple, TMZ reported. The lodge they are set to be staying in is the 6,000 square foot Outlook Cabin, which has previously hosted the Queen and Prince Philip in 2005 as well as the Queen Mother, who visited in 1939 with King George VI. The £2,000-a-night lodge comes with a conservatory and veranda, private parking, a terrace with a barbecue, six bedrooms and six bathrooms. It was rebuilt following the exact floorplan of the original, after being destroyed in a fire in 2000. The resort’s brochure says the cabin “exudes the elegance and grandeur that has welcomed King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in 1939 as well as Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip in 2005.”

The historic Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge at dusk from across Lac Beauvert

The cabin is nicknamed “the Royal retreat” and can cost from around £2,000 up to around £5,000 a night, according to online booking websites. It adds: “Supreme comfort is present in every detail of the comfortable bedrooms, enclosed verandas and two majestic stone fireplaces that warms both the dining room and great room – the perfect place to entertain family & friends or celebrate a special occasion.” There had previously been suggestions that the couple would opt for an African destination for their honeymoon, given both Harry and Meghan’s interest and experience in charity work on the continent. They took a romantic holiday in Botswana shortly after they first met in the summer of 2016, before visiting southern Africa again the following year. However, the Duchess has a longstanding connection with Canada, having lived in Toronto for several years while filming the series Suits.

A spokesman for the Royals declined to comment.


Duchess of Sussex chooses songbird and sunshine to represent Californian roots in new coat of arms – but her family won’t get one

The Duchess of Sussex's coat of arms

The Duchess of Sussex has been granted her own coat of arms by the Queen, as she chooses the blue skies of California and a songbird emblem of communication to represent her in married life. The Duchess, who helped to design the image, holds the coat of arms in her own right with no input from her father, who as an American does not have his own coat of arms. Instead, she has chosen her own symbols, with a white songbird as her “supporter” to stand opposite the lion representing her husband and his family. Just as her presence brought American emblems to the vellum of the Instrument of Consent before her marriage, the coat of arms is infused with transatlantic symbols. The Duke is represented with his own coat of arms on the left-hand side, granted on his 18th birthday, which includes both his Royal family lineage and the small, red escallops of his mother’s family. The decision to grant the Duchess a coat of arms in her own right follows a model set by the Duchess of Gloucester when she married into the Royal Family in 1972 after being born in Denmark. More usually, the coat of arms belonging to a Royal bride impale the emblem of her own family with that of her husband to form a new image.

Prince Harry's coat of arms

In 2011, the Middleton family was granted its own coat of arms before Catherine Middleton married Prince William, incorporating the three acorns of the Middleton children with a golden chevron representing her mother’s maiden name of Goldsmith.  A spokesman for Kensington Palace said the Duchess of Sussex’s coat of arms was “both personal and representative”, and had involved the newlywed working closely with experts at the College of Arms over its design. The choice of symbols suggests both the Duchess’s pride in her American roots and her hope to continue to speak freely within the parameters of her new royal life. ​“The blue background of the shield represents the Pacific Ocean off the California coast, while the two golden rays across the shield are symbolic of the sunshine of The Duchess’s home state,” the spokesman said. “The three quills represent communication and the power of words. “Beneath the shield on the grass sits a collection of golden poppies, California’s state flower, and wintersweet, which grows at Kensington Palace.” While most royal brides have two “supporters of the shield” represented on their coats of arms, one from their husband and one relating to themselves, the Duchess has a “songbird with wings elevated as if flying and an open beak, which with the quill represents the power of communication”.

A coronet has also been assigned, composed of two crosses patée, four fleurs-de-lys and two strawberry leaves. The design of the Duchess’ arms was agreed and approved by the Queen and Thomas Woodcock, Garter King of Arms and Senior Herald in England, who is based at the College of Arms in London. Mr Woodcock said: “The Duchess of Sussex took a great interest in the design. Good heraldic design is nearly always simple and the Arms of The Duchess of Sussex stand well beside the historic beauty of the quartered British Royal Arms. “Heraldry as a means of identification has flourished in Europe for almost nine hundred years and is associated with both individual people and great corporate bodies such as Cities, Universities and for instance the Livery Companies in the City of London. “

The Markle family has previously complained bitterly of a “snub” after Thomas Markle, the Duchess’s father who was unable to attend her wedding, was not given his own coat of arms. Samantha Grant, the Duchess’s estranged half sister, declared it “really stripping him of an honor”, delivering a “huge insult”. In fact, Mr Markle’s American citizenship meant that he could only be granted an honorary coat of arms, had he applied for one and been able to prove descent from a subject of the British Crown. Even then, a source suggested, it could not have been used by the Duchess by virtue of being honorary.