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Afbeeldingsresultaat voor blog

  • Blog post titles are in the format: <title>-XX, where XX stands for the country, like UK, US, FR.
  • Titles in the category-form are in the format: <category>-XX (see above) /99 (sequense number, starting at 1 and running up -999.
Categories are:
  1. Amsterdam-NL
  2. Anwar’s column-NL
  3. Groningen-NL
  4. Guarantee for irregularity-NL
  5. Hague, The-NL
  6. Horst-NL
  7. Politics & policians-NL
  8. Royalty-NL
  9. Royalty-UK
  10. Stewart-Wilson-UK
  11. Student housing-NL
  12. WotW-NL (Walk of the World)
  • The date of the blogpost is visible just above the title of the post, left upper corner.