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2016/12/29 – New Year’s guest Bart

Today at about noon our friend Bart de Boer from Amster-dam will arrive. He is staying till January 2, 2017. On the picture: Pierre Alain with Bart, August 2, 2001.



2016/12/27 – Pneumonia again???

@ G.P. Friday December 23: bacterial pneumonia; Augmentin + side-effects;

@ G.P. Tuesday December 27: viral pneumonia; Codeina + side effects;

@ hospital Tuesday December 27: X-rayed lungs: no pneumonia. For two weeks now severe dry cough, no sleep at night. Far from a Merry Christmas, I did not even mount the tree 😦 😦 😦



This is the reason that there a so few pages on the blog presently. 

2016/12/16 – Villa Mondriaan starts art year with exhibition series


Villa Mondrian is included in the list of breeding sites of the Dutch art movement De Stijl. The Winterswijkse museum collaborates with other Gelderland museums such as Kroller-Muller. Under the name ‘Mondrian to Dutch Design’ is a today an art year started in Winterswijk, where the development of the style is shown to the internationally renowned Dutch Design.

Dutch Design
The style began in 1917 with the magazine. To the art movement were artists like Piet Mondrian, Gerrit Rietveld, Bart van der Leck and Theo van Doesburg connected. Dutch Design is the last 25 years become internationally known names of designers such as Piet Hein Eek, Marcel Wanders, Joep van Lieshout and Maarten Baas.

Kröller Müller
Villa Mondrian is part of a series of museums throughout the Netherlands spend a year at Mondrian attention to Dutch Design. In Gelderland that further Municipal Arnhem, CODA Apeldoorn, Kröller-Müller in Otterlo and City Museum Harderwijk.

The exhibits (twenty in the Netherlands) are brought to the attention internationally. The goal is the growing number of tourists coming to seduce to the Netherlands to visit places outside the main attraction of Amsterdam.

Villa Mondrian in Winterswijk is bilingual (Dutch and German), there are also guided tours in English. The museum descriptions are also conducted in English from 2017. Of the 15,000 visitors now is about 30 per cent from abroad, mainly Germany.


201612122244dvorakJERUSALEM QUARTET:

Alexander Pavlovski and Sergeii Bresler, violin; Ori Kam, viola; Kyrill ZLotnikov, violoncello. With in the string quintet and the string sextet Veronika Hagen, viola and in the stringsextet Gary Hoffman, violoncello.



  1. 201612122232vereeniging
  1. String quartet F major, opus 96, “American”
  2. String quintet E flat major, opus 97, “American”; with Veronika Hagen, viola
  3. String sextet A major, opus 48; with Veronika Hagen, viola and Gary Hoffman, violoncello



2016/12/10 – Upcoming General Elections: Wilders as popular in working-class neighborhood


Geert Wilders is still a hero in the Hague district Loosduinen. Since the judgment of the court not change. On the contrary, he seems still more popular than ever. The community center in Henneberg, a stone’s throw from the market square where he spoke almost three years ago for the first time “less Moroccans if possible”, the politician has the unconditional support of visitors.,, It is outrageous that he even prosecuted by the Public Prosecutor. Apparently you can not even say what you think in this country’, ‘ said visitor Marco van Dam (55) who settled here a cup coffee. ,,On the other hand works will soon be back in his favor in the elections. He is now a martyr and shall continue to be a winner.” Neeltje (55), a volunteer behind the bar, is stunned that the court believes that the is guilty of incitement to discrimination. “Okay ‘less fewer Moroccans expression’ was perhaps not so convenient formulated by him, but it just falls under freedom of expression. A great thing. In addition, if you ask me I say less. Everyone here I think. It is too crazy with all these foreigners in our country. We still have to be careful that we do not soon have to adapt to them. Wilders said at least what people think but do not dare say.” Neeltje say it indeed, but does not want her name in the newspaper. Fearing reprisals.

Not afraid
The 75-year-old Francine van den Berg, ‘billiards queen’ of the community center, is not afraid of that. “Put me with name and picture in the paper though. I am proud that I am PVV’er.” Born and raised in Loosduinen she proudly informs you that she is even on a picture with her big hero when he visited in 2014 to the market. ,,Of course Wilders gets my vote in March. He is right in everything he says. The government has us older people the money away and give it to the mess. My sister will not even eat decently in her nursing home and the refugees get everything here.” Franciens billiards teacher, who does not want his name in the newspaper because he was once a famous football player at Feyenoord, regrets that Geert not the ‘brains has Pim Fortuyn. ,,But he appoints at least have trouble. This week was the news that 63 percent of the cons of ethnic origin. That says something, right?”

2016/12/07 – 5.4 million for e-bikepath Kleef-Groesbeek


 In 2017 will begin the construction of a fast bicycle path between Kleve and Kranenburg. Berlin and Düsseldorf (Land NRW) put together before 5.4 million euros on the table, according to the newspaper NRZ Kleve. The new bike path will connect to the bike path between Groesbeek and Kranenburg. This creates a continuous cycle route from Kleve to Nijmegen. The path is partly along the railway line Kleve Nijmegen.

The final piece, along Biesselsebaan direction Scheidingsweg, is fairly narrow. Nijmegen has already previously let known the plans of Kleve and Kranenburg following “with interest.”

11 kilometers
With the construction of the fast cycle – for E-Bikes – involves an amount of 6 million. Kleve and Kranenburg themselves bear respectively 610,000 and 690,000 euros to the cost. The new bike path is 11.12 kilometers long: 4.6 kilometers is Kleefs territory and 6.4 that of Kranenburg.

The required land is already largely in possession of Kleve and Kranenburg. Only a few small pieces still need to be acquired.

Cleaner environment
Berlin and Dusseldorf have also piled into their pockets because the bike path contributes to a cleaner environment. Kleve and Kranenburg asked which 5.2 million as part of the nationwide contest Klimaschutz im Radverkehr. That application is therefore granted. The aim is also to get motorists on the bike.

2016/12/07 – Floating tree in Velp covered with hundreds of icicles


That is scaring! The students of the college green (VHL) in Velp. come up the schoolyard, they see hundreds of icicles hanging beneath the test tree by artist Daan van Geijlswijk and teacher Freek Rürup. The so-called degenerate tree, hanging in a steel construction on the school since July this year, the last few weeks had been repeatedly frozen roots. The project was started because VHL wants to know whether a tree can live without soil.


Lecturer and project supervisor Rürup assumes that the plane the cold nights, good footing. “I have absolute confidence that the tree next year, when leaves are formed, nothing makes brands. It’s a whopper. But we’ll see.”


Actually, the tree had already must be winterized, with the roots in a bucket of sand, but that did not work. Rürup admits that his team was surprised by the recent severe frost. “We had the coldest November night in eighteen years,” he says. The watering of the roots was ongoing and that led, in combination with frost, to icing.


Next Thursday a container with sand is still placed around the root party. The basin is replaced by a stack of wooden pallets on which the container is coming. The sand must protect the roots from frost and wind chapped.

2016/12/06 – Scouts: Queen Máxima more exciting than Santa Claus


While most children today again quite nerve went to school after Saint Nicholas, four scouts from Amsterdam Major Bosshardt Scouting Group had also still plenty of shivers. At the working palace of the king and queen, Noordeinde were Roshendley (8), Jayla (8), Matteo (10) and Kevin (9) allowed to talk about their particular group, the youth of Amsterdam-Southeast along with the Salvation Army brings to scouting. Santa Claus was not exciting, because that’s every year, ” muses Roshendley. Matteo: ,, It was really scary.

Queen Máxima is patron of Scouting Netherlands. Once in a while she visits the scouts during one of their activities, but this morning they came to her, to explain three social projects. The collaboration with the Salvation Army was one of them. The Amsterdam scouts, outdoor children in a major city, the queen asked spontaneously questions. What they like best, for example: the beach, woods or hills? Máxima replied diplomatically: actually you can not say it in the Netherlands, but she loves hills, she is very happy in the woods and she loves to swim in the sea. So basically they’ll find it all beautiful.

2016/12/06 – More Christmas atmosphere in downtown Nijmegen


At breakneck speed Nimwegen center gets a Christmas look. On several squares in the city in the coming days there will be a lot of activity on the construction of Christmas markets.Also, the lighting gets another boost in a few places. On the eve of Christmas, December 23, even attracts tens of thousands of lights lit truck parade through downtown. The first stalls for Christmas were already established Monday at Plein 1944. standing on the Grote Markt definitely be twelve small Christmas tents and a large tent in the days before Christmas are a series of musical performances. The tents are decorated in a medieval atmosphere with a reference to the Limbourg Brothers. It is the biggest Christmas event in years in the Nimwegen Centre. “We want a better face Christmas show,” says Hubert Hendriks, chairman of the House for the Inner City. He emphasized that the Christmas week for retailers in terms of sales are becoming increasingly important, even in comparison with ‘Sinterklaas’.

2016/12/03 – Extra tunnel for toads in Overasselt


Overasselt – Toads can still safely cross the Donderbergweg in Overasselt next week. Under the road is an extra tunnel for amphibians. Toads, frogs and salamanders can so easily cross over to the water the river Waal of the community pond Craijenbergh.

Catch Buckets  

Under the asphalt of Donderbergweg lies a number of amphibian tunnels. There are also screens that direct the animals toward trap buckets. During the toad migration in spring put volunteers of Red Toad the animals that end up in the buckets. That about 500 to 1,500 per year; mainly toads.


The municipality Heumen lays next week at the request of the State Forest the new tunnel near the T-junction with the Loksheuvelseweg. At the same time the municipality removes the traffic locks on Donderbergweg, Parksesteeg and Blankenbergseweg. In place of the seven locks there will be four bumps.

2016/11/29 – Coldest autumn night of the century

2Last night was the coldest night since autumn 1998. The temperature dropped in De Bilt to 6.6 degrees below freezing. Eighteen years ago it was freezing even harder to -8.5 degrees, Reported Weather Online. In Enschede, at the ground was even severe frost measured 11.9 degrees below zero.It stays cold until the last day of the meteorological autumn on 30 November. In early December, mild weather 3forecast Thursday and Friday ceilings from 7 to 10 degrees. It has been freezing tonight. And for those in a hurry (and cold fingers), it can be tempting: the most efficient way to scratch your windshield. But only a small glimpse is awfully dangerous, so the police check is strict. What should you do, and what should you not do? As a driver this morning in Oudenbosch (Noord-Brabant), it did, as it should in any case. 4The gain in time the driver came too dearly. He or she received a fine of 230 euros.Police Moerdijk which these frugal clawed diamond comb, the a driver twittered this morning all: who wants safe on the road, it is recommended to de-ice all windows and mirrors. So the sides and rear.A driver is required in the Netherlands to have sufficient forward visibility and side. For those who do not feel the fine, depending on how bad the view, up to 360 euros.

1. Do not run your engine while scratching. This firstly has no sense, secondly it is bad for the environment, and thirdly it is bad for your wallet. A cold engine consumes more fuel. In addition, the fan only blows hot air in a warm engine and it takes a while before the engine has warmed up.
2. Do not throw hot water on your windshield. Because of the sudden temperature difference can crack or break the glass. With all its consequences.
3. Keep your windows clean. Ice adheres less to clean glass. For example, use alcohol diluted with water, or special glass wipes.
4. Put the scraper diagonally against the glass, so you get the ice easiest way
.5. Leave grandma’s tips to grandmother. rub your windows, for example, a raw potato makes the glass particularly very dirty and no less frozen.
6. Are you in the morning not at your best? Save yourself the trouble and cover your windows with anti-freeze blanket.

2016/11/29 – Twelve Apostles back to facade Latin School


The images of the twelve apostles return Tuesday to the facade of the Latin School, directly opposite the entrance to the St. Stephen’s Church.The (handmade) twelve images date from 1965 and are replicas of the original ones from 1545, designed by architect Herman van Herengrave.
Bad condition
The original apostles dating from the 16th century were in such a bad condition that they could not be restored anymore. After fifty years, the new images had been restored. The stone had become porous and sometimes there were parts of the displays missing.
That’s why they were picked up at the St. Stevenskerkhof in December 2015 of the facade. A specialized quarrying, with help from 3D scans restored the twelve former glory, a little earlier than planned.

2016/11/28 –  State visit by the King and Queen of the Belgians – program

Monday 28 November


King Philippe and Queen Mathilde will be officially welcomed by King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima at Dam Square in Amsterdam. After the ceremonial inspection of the guard of honour, a reception will be held at the Royal Palace Amsterdam for Dutch and Belgian dignitaries. King Philippe will then lay a wreath at the National Monument on Dam Square. At the Royal Palace, in the presence of all four royals, Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs Koenders and Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs Reynders will sign a treaty altering the Dutch-Belgian border in the River Maas near Eijsden-Margraten, Maastricht and Visé. In the afternoon King Philippe, Queen Mathilde, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima will visit the Flemish cultural centre in Amsterdam, De Brakke Grond, for a cultural programme by the three Belgian communities. The two kings will then attend the concluding session of the Belgian-Dutch Innovative Entrepreneurs & Finance Conference at Euronext Amsterdam. At the same time, she will attend a symposium on urban development and bilateral cooperation. The first day will close with a state banquet at the Royal Palace in Amsterdam.


From left to right, standing: Mr Pieter van Vollenhove & Princess Margriet, Prince Constantijn & Marylène; From left to right, sitting: Queen Mathilde & King Filip, King Willem-Alexander & Queen Máxima, Princess Beatrix.

28-11-2016 AMSTERDAM -Staatsbanket in Koninklijk Paleis Amsterdam Koning Filip and koningin mathilde en koning Maxima en koning willem Alexander tijdens dag 1 van het Staatsbezoek aan Nederland van Koning Filip der Belgen vergezeld door Koningin Mathilde. Koning Willem Alexander en koningin Maxima. Staatsiefoto met koning Willem Alexander, koningin Maxima, de Belgische koning Filip, koningin Mathilde, prinses Beatrix, prins Constantijn, prinses Laurentien, prinses Margriet en Pieter Van Vollenhoven in de kleine Ontvangkamer, voorafgaand aan het staatsbanket. COPYRIGHT ROBIN UTRECHT

Tuesday 29 November

The second day will begin with a visit by King Philippe to the European Space Agency/European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESA/ESTEC) in Noordwijk. King Philippe will then meet with the President of the Senate, Mrs. Broekers-Knol, and the President of the House of Representatives, Mrs. Arib, as well as the heads of the permanent committees on European affairs of both houses of parliament. After the 2meeting Prime Minister Rutte will receive King Philippe at his office. King Willem-Alexander, Queen Máxima and Queen Mathilde will then join the prime minister and King Philippe for a government lunch at the Hall of Knights. The issues that will be discussed at the various tables are sustainability, logistics, construction and smart cities, fintech & investments, food & innovation, startups, life science & health. In the afternoon King Philippe and King Willem-Alexander will attend the conclusion of a CEO roundtable under the leadership of the Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers (VNO-NCW) and the Federation of Enterprises in Belgium. King Philippe will also visit the Netherlands-Flanders Accreditation Organisation (NVAO). Queen Mathilde and Queen Máxima will visit the Pierre Alechinsky retrospective at the Cobra Museum in Amstelveen. In the evening the King and Queen of the Belgians will host a concert at the Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ, which will include performances by the National Orchestra of Belgium and Ozark Henry.

Wednesday 30 November

2016-11-30 10:29:36 AMSTERDAM - Koningin Maxima en koningin Mathilde van Belgie vertrekken vanaf Amsterdam CS met de Koninklijke trein naar het nieuwe station Utrecht Centraal op de laatste dag van het driedaags staatsbezoek. ANP ROYAL IMAGES OLAF KRAAK

Queen Mathilde and Queen Máxima will travel to Utrecht by royal train to tour the city’s new central railway station and the surrounding area. Queen Mathilde will then travel on to High Tech Campus Eindhoven and Sligro Food Group in Veghel, for the opening of ZiN, an ‘inspiration lab’ for the food service industry. The state visit will end at Heeze Castle, where Minister Schultz van Haegen will take official leave of the King and Queen of the Belgians on behalf of the Dutch government.

2016-11-28 13:34:47 AMSTERDAM - Koning Willem Alexander, koningin Maxima, de Belgische koning Filip en koningin Mathilde tijdens de ondertekening van het Verdrag Grenscorrectie bij het paleis op de Dam tijdens een drie daags staatsbezoek. Minister Koenders en minister Reynders van Buitenlandse Zaken ondertekenen het verdrag. ANP ROYAL IMAGES ROBIN VAN LONKHUIJSEN

And, the Netherlands are 10ha = 24ac 30951.04ft² larger now!!!



King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima shall welcome the royals Monday on the Damsquare in Amsterdam, where will be a reception at the Royal Palace. King Philip will lay a wreath at the National Monument. The two kings save his Monday afternoon in a cultural program at De Brakke Grond and symposia on Euronext before they sit down at a state banquet in the palace on the Dam.

Het Koninklijk Paleis Amsterdam is tegenwoordig actief ontvangstpaleis van het Koninklijk Huis. Als ontvangstpaleis wordt het gebruikt tijdens staatsbezoeken, voor de nieuwjaarsrecepties van de Koningin en voor andere officiële ontvangsten. Ook vindt er jaarlijks de uitreiking van de Erasmusprijs, de Zilveren Anjer, de Koninklijke Prijs voor Vrije Schilderkunst en de Prins Claus Prijs plaats. Het gebouw speelt tevens een rol in koninklijke huwelijken en de troonswisseling.

Damsquare shut off for trafic

For the traffic in the center of Amsterdam’s state visit provides the necessary problems. Dam will be from 08:00 to about 13:00 are completely closed to traffic in connection with the laying of wreaths. The closure is comparable to the area that is sealed at the annual Remembrance Day on May 4, according to the municipality. All morning the main road will be from Mr. Visserplein-Amstel Dam Rokin-Damrak be closed to traffic, as well as the Damstraat from Oudezijdsvoorburgwal.

4Palace closed

Also on the Damrak and the Spuistraat must take into account traffic. The car parks of the department store “Bijenkorf” and Hotel Krasnapolsky will not be accessible. The Royal Palace is closed during the state visit. After visiting the doors remain closed due to the presentation of the Erasmus Prize on December 8 and the Prince Claus Awards on December 15. From December 17 the palace is open to visitors again.

Rest of the state visit

Also Tuesday the two royal couples will be found in Amsterdam. King Philip first meets in The Hague, Prime Minister Mark Rutte and the chairmen of the Senate and House. In the evening offer the King and Queen of Belgium in the Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ concert with among others the National Orchestra of Belgium. Wednesday’s state visit will conclude with a tour of the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven and a visit to Castle Heeze, one of the last inhabited castles in the Netherlands.


King Filip brings a part of Belgium to the Netherlands.


King Filip takes today with him a special gift during his state visit to the Netherlands: a piece of Belgium. Today both countries sign a treaty on a border adjustment in the province Limburg. The Belgian peninsulas Presqu’ile de L’llal and Presqu’ile d’Eijsden be exchanged for the Dutch Peninsula Petit Gravier. As a result, net Netherlands about 10 hectares larger.It is the second boundary adjustment between the Netherlands and Belgium in 175 years. This adjustment is necessary because by straightening the winding Meuse the three areas in 1961 suddenly came to be on the wrong side of the border. That led to small pockets of lawlessness, because Belgian police officers could come with the consent of the Netherlands only by boat or via a detour and at L’llal. Local residents complained about nuisance caused by illegal parties, drug dealers and sex tourists in the park. Although there live no people or are buildings, to adjust that situation still a lot of work, says Theo Bovens governor of the province of Limburg. It was a tough job because there are many parties involved. “Not only the ministries of both countries, but also water states, the Land Registry, the provinces, three municipalities and states. You can imagine what it involves.”If both parliaments adopt the treaty next year, the exchange a reality on January 1, 2018. Bovens is quite proud of that result: “You do not see so often that changing borders without firing a shot, but there was an excellent collaboration”

2016/11/27 – Two cars caught fire after arson in Nimwegen

At the Panflute Street in Nijmegen is a car set on fire in the night from Saturday to Sunday, and a second car also caught fire. The fire was discovered around 3:30 pm. The fire is believed that one car first against the second car is pushed. After this, the rear vehicle is lit from the front.


Firefighting lasted at least an hour, because of both cars broke the tank and thereby the fuel kept going up again.To our knowledge, no one injured. Both cars have been abducted by a salvage company and the Technical Investigation doing further investigation into the arson.

2016/11/26 – “They brought Job back from heaven, recovered after serious accident in Cuijk ‘

A heavy fall during the Easter Cross on the circuit Lombok at Cuijk seemed to the then 17-year-old Job Laarhoven from Valkenswaard to be fatal. Job was upstairs. In heaven. With his best friend Chamelle, killed by a fatal accident. He did not let you down. Was it a dream? “I dreamed three thousand dreams in succession.” Tough guy who Job (20), as he had to sit at home at the dinner table. He talks a little slow and thoughtful, but also see if you have anything special to mark him. Unimaginable for someone who was so close to death. “I’ve located a black bed. there could not down and no one helped me.”

No longer stand up
Immediately after the start of the second round fell Job, with number 141, hard on his back. “It happened in front of us,” said Father Hans van Laarhoven. “Job was lying with his head down, in the earthen wall. I heard hawking him, thought he was choking. I’m going running and have reached the inner lining of his helmet. The first aid arrived and was coincidentally also a trauma physician, who had stabilized Job and placed a tube in his trachea. ” Job himself can not remember anything of the accident. “Until the start I remember everything. After that I know nothing. Luckily not. I have seen again the video shooting. Not fun, but it was part of my process. “

Cooling bed
1There was found very severe brain injury in the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre in Nijmegen. “Job was in intensive care in a deep coma and the doctors estimate the probability of survival at 3 percent. He is not operated. There was a reduction of  the pressure on his brains. And he was placed on a cooling bed. Furthermore, we could do nothing but wait.” Four weeks Job hovering between heaven and earth. For his parents, Hans and Marlene and his sister Daniek was hoping for a miracle. They did not think that he would always remain so. “There you are crazy.”

Healing Session
In addition to the medical team of the hospital the Van Laarhoven family had immediately sought the assistance of healing therapist William Verbruggen of Practice54. A well-known name in the world of the riders and the man had assisted Job with previous injuries quickly back on his motorcycle. Three, four times a week Verbruggen came for a healing session at the Radboud, sometimes along with fellow therapist Marjon of Looverbosch. Often their English friend Chris Mills there to pray for Job.

Given up
While the doctors had given up all hope actually, the family kept confident alternative treatment method. Even went therapy extremely difficult. “Job did come increasingly from coma, but then fell back substantially. It was three steps forward and then two back,” said Verbruggen. “I could not last room. Every time I tried, the door remained closed,” Job would explain later. After a month in the intensive care unit and medium care, Job could go to the clinic Libra Rehabilitation Leijpark in Tilburg to undergo a new therapy, the Early Intensive Neurorehabilitation (VIN), for young coma patients. To the delight of his parents, who were staying at the nearby Ronald McDonald House.

“When he went there he was still in semi-coma, but off the oxygen. There we have razed clear that a fixed range in which visible progress needs to be made. After fourteen weeks, the program stops. But the daily treatments hit tremendously well to the various therapists. Job went by leaps and bounds. After seven weeks, he had already achieved the intended and desired result.” Really amazing when you see the first videos. As a rag doll with a vacant look in his eyes is Job, lying in a hammock, lifted from his bed. It seems like he’s asleep. “I know nothing about it,” he laughs now.

Final push
Rehabilitation in Libra they had no problem with that William Verbruggen continued his specific approach. “To give the final push, I did a long session of almost three hours. In the days after he came slowly. Well-he’s there again,” we said to each other. He picked up his sunglasses, put it on and pressed our hands. “

Fall and rise
After the joyous moment began a period of trial and error. Job behaved like a baby with the power of a young adult. He bite, hit, also walked away from the rehabilitation center. “There just was not slow down,” says Marlene mother, who was present every morning at 7:30 am. However, all heard in the repair process, learn to move again, and so did Job incredibly fast. ‘Indoor hockey, I was very good.” Quietly he was of his little nephew Jake, the son of his sister. “With him I have a special bond.”

On July 8, 2014 Job is finally back home in Valkenswaard and he needs to continue rehabilitation at Blixembosch in Eindhoven. The start of fighting two long years to be old again. “If you want somewhere to go, never give up and fight until the end,” he tweeted nota bene ten days before his accident. He proved: in September Job follows the Summa College MBO security guard training. “It is hard at school. Concentration is difficult and I am soon tired. I must go to bed and all good plans. But I want that diploma cost what it costs to make it. I’m looking for the way a nice internship.” In order to be allowed to ride on his scooter, he had to re-examination and succeeded. Indeed, his driving license he has now also achieved.

His cross comrades he misses very much and does very best. However, he still comes every week with his old mechanic and great friend Johan Bollen of MB Tuning/Ecomaxx. “Self-cross go again? No, my head is no longer at. I dare not. But I sometimes was quite hard. “Understandable, since the age of five crosses his passion and his life and the family turned it around.” “But we want to go through this a second time,” stressing Hans and Marlene van Laarhoven. “He would always be a vegetable, and has been restored to almost 100 percent, thanks to the intensive program in Libra Rehabilitation. But also at the hands of William Verbruggen. Job who first retrieved from the sky. Since we are convinced. A very big miracle.”

2016/11/26 – Jeroen Dijsselbloem: surplus of  €4.3 billion/(£3,6 billion/$4,5 billion)


The government has this year 4.3 billion more in taxes and premiums than expected. That anounced Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem today after the cabinet. The budget deficit would fall significantly to 0.4 percent. On the 3rd Tuesday of September the government was still assumed that the general government deficit would increase this year by 1.1 percent and next year at 0.5 percent. The new figures are in the Autumn which was sent to parliament. The economic growth is one of the factors that provides for increased revenue. The public debt fell to 63 percent of gross domestic product. ,,The figures are much better than initially expected,” said Dijsselbloem. ,,It also shows that the economic recovery really is very strong. It’s an intermediate position”, he added. Next month, the Central Planning Bureau ( CPB) with new estimates. of the extra income is roughly two billion coming from corporate taxes, a billion and a billion tax from income tax. “This extra income does not mean that there will be any tax cuts,” said Prime Minister Mark Rutte. The debt must be reduced further to absorb future economic shocks. ,,It’s not that suddenly the silver fleet has entered.”

The minister Lilianne Ploumen (Foreign Trade and Development), there is also a eurprise. The arrival of fewer asylum seekers it is less lost to the shelter. Its budget is paid the shelter in the first year. Ploumen hold by lower inflows this year and next year a total of 460 million euros. That money is almost entirely used to eliminate the deficit in her ministry. Well is there are 48 million in emergency aid. That amount is completely intended for an alliance of Dutch aid organizations that assist in humanitarian disasters, the so-called Dutch Relief Alliance. The House passed earlier this month a proposal to which Ploumen was asked to make 60 million available for this alliance.

1Officers, agents and teachers may still face a slightly higher take-home pay next year. The government pulls the purse to partially offset the premium increase to civil servants pension fund ABP. Thereby rest for public servants below the line a wage increase averaging 1 percent. ABP made earlier this week to increase the contribution rate from 18.8 to 21.1 percent. An official who has a monthly income of 3,500 euros gross is thus 11 per month pay. For the government go as employer contributions by the ABP decision up. This increase will be 500 million euros, however, such a big bite out of the jar that the government has available for wage increases, it is now 330 million euros earmarked for the impact of the premium increase partly to nullify, as did Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem Finance just released.

2016/11/26 – Why does the king gets so few ‘state visits’.

King Willem-Alexander visits frequently fellow heads of state than it receives them. The relationship between outgoing and incoming state visits, because we are talking about depends somewhat off balance. The king went since taking office three and a half years ago, nine times on a state visit and was twice host at state visits of fellow heads of state. 3Monday, as the Belgian king Philippe with great effect is on a state visit is the third time. The king much more on state visit is that he ‘state visit will “depends partly related to this protocol starting point: “When a pattern change brings new Head of State first visited the country in the longer-incumbent head of state.” Therefore, the Belgian king, who three months after Willem-Alexander to the throne, now first in our country on a state visit. Incidentally, this rule other meetings, such as introductory visits between royal heads of state, not in the way. However, there is also a structural side of the imbalance between outgoing and incoming state visits of the Dutch head of state. The list of state visits by Queen Beatrix during the 33 years of her reign sat illustrates that. On it are 54 outbound and 30 inbound. A difference that more than coincidence. Heads of state with a lot of political authority and power generally are not waiting for a lot of bells and whistles expected and therefore time-consuming state visits. Interviews and meetings with kings and presidents who have little or no political powers are not relevant to them. They attach more value to less protocol visits and political leaders who pull the strings in their country. That they can do business. Often seem such meetings between heads of state on state visits, but they are not. The visit that PM Mark Rutte brought this week to Indo2015-03-17 15:17:36 KOPENHAGEN - Koning Willem-Alexander (R) spreekt tijdens een lunch op het paleis tijdens het driedaags staatsbezoek van het koningspaar aan Denemarken. ANP ROYAL IMAGES ROBIN UTRECHTnesia, is a striking example. For with pomp surroun-ded state visits have real powers often no time. No wonder that Chinese President Xi Jinping in March 2014 combined his state visit to our country with its participation in the Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague. When state visit Willem-Alexander brought to France in March this year it was noticed that President Hollande in many parts of the program default or let go but equally showed his nose. Another example: when King Willem-Alexander last summer released a fully-fledged state visit to Canada, which could be combined with an official visit to the United States to visit President Obama. A state visit was not. The three-day state visit of King Philip Netherlands next week is one of the classic kind. The kings of both the Netherlands and Belgium are then escorted politics by their foreign ministers. Prime Minister Mark Rutte has only a lunch and a short meeting with the Belgian king. The result of Filip there are three prime ministers (of Flanders, Wallonia and the German-speaking Community) and the President of the Region of Brussels, but Rutte’s Belgian colleague, Prime Minister Charles Michel, is not there.

2016/11/25 – Shack housing (Keetwonen) Amsterdam student housing


“Keetwonen”( = living in a shack ) is the name of the biggest container city in the world. Still today this is unique project. Living in a converted shipping container was a new concept in the Netherlands when launched by Tempohousing, but the city of Amsterdam took the courageous step to contract Tempohousing to go and realize it. It turned out to be a big success among students in Amsterdam and it is now the second most popular student dormitory offered in Amsterdam. The initial fears of some people that the container homeswould be too small, too noisy, too cold or too hot, are all not correct: : they turned out to be spacious, quiet and well insulated and certainly offer value for money, compared to other student homes in the city. They also come complete with a3amenities often missing in other student dormitories: your own bathroom and kitchen, balcony, separate sleeping and study room, large windows that provide daylight and a view and even an automatic ventilation system with variable speeds. The heating is from a central natural gas boiler system. The hot water for the shower is supplied by one 50 liter tank per home and a high speed internet connection is included, as well as a a2central audio phone system for visitors at the main door downstairs. The whole project was designed with an eye on how students like to live: a place for yourself, not having to share the shower and the toilet with strangers, but at the same time lots of possibilities to participate in the social life of the dormitory, including the many parties that come with being a student. The blocks have a closed off internal area for safe bicycle parking. Although the project was initially meant to only stay on this site for 5 years (and to be relocated after that – container homes are ideal for that, you move and you take your house with you!), it is recently decided that the project will be dismantled in December 2016. The project started at the end of 2005 (first 60 homes commissioned) and was completed mid 2006.

a4Shack housing project for sale!

The project is now put up for sale! The city of Amsterdam terminated the land lease. The containerhomes of this project will be sold per building or as a whole. In total 1000 student homes are for sale and they are available for pick up in January 2018. Go to for more information.

For students:

Are you currently studying, or planning on studying in the area of Amsterdam and are you looking for a room or house? Tempohousing is not responsible for the rental of the student housing. For rental options, go to

2016/11/25 – Rapid increase in number of rooms for students in Nijmegen


The growth of the number of rooms in private houses in Nijmegen seems to be no end. Since 2014, 111 licenses issued to convert a ‘normal’ house to a building with at least five rooms that are rented. This means that there is certainly an increase of 555 rooms from private pawnshop owners over the past three years.

Conversion into student rooms
This mainly takes place in Nijmegen East, central and Nijmegen West. According to figures from the Environment Department Region Nijmegen (ODRN), formerly Building and Housing Supervision. This year, even has the largest addition of merde relocated houses since 2014 (45 properties).

The figures are surprising. In the political debate in recent weeks about tackling nuisance room rentals suggested several council groups that the growth in the number of room properties decreases in the city. Nijmegen example would be more than enough room for students. Of housing shortage among them would not be any more, stated inter alia SP councilor Bart van Berkel. Especially because the large student housing SSH and in the last five years in Nijmegen more than 1,500 new rooms built in several large complexes.

2016/11/24 – Forklift needed to bring in halibut of 161 kilo


A wholesaler in Nijmegen has a halibut of 161 kilos and 2.5 meters long lying on the shelves. The huge fish did not just move. There was heavy equipment to pass. The fish was caught last weekend and on Monday the fishmongers announced the sale.The first bidder – Makro Nijmegen – was awarded the fish. Tuesday night the halibut in Nijmegen arrived and the fish with a forklift truck was brought to the store. The halibut was filleted on Wednesday by a specialist fish and seafood specialist.Last year sold a 300 kilo halibut in Nijmegen.
The head of the halibut will be sent back to Norway, in order to be able to determine the age of the animals. The fish otoliths and when they sawed the rings can be counted as a tree. The age of the halibut last year was almost 100 years. Probably this fish from 161 kilos around 60 years old.
Two men strong
The first cut through the fish and seafood specialist was about the middle of the fish. Two fish and seafood specialists were needed to cut the back fillet the fish and lift.

2016/11/24 – Jesse Klaver

a1Jesse Feras Klaver (Roosendaal, May 1, 1986) is a Dutch politician of the Greens. Since 2010 he has been Member of Parliament for the Greens and since May 12, 2015 he is leader of the Greens in Parliament. His father is Moroccan and mother is Dutch of Indian origin. His maternal grandfather played a big role in his upbringing. He spent some time studying Social Work at the Avans Highschool and he followed a circuit to be admitted to the master’s in political science at the University of Amsterdam. He was prematurely stopped the circuit. Klaver presented himself as a supporter of raising the retirement age to 67. On December 1, 2009 he became a member of the Economic and Social Council a2(SER). With his twenty-three years he was the youngest member ever of the SER. In addition to his chairmanship of CNV Youth, he was also a member of the program committee of the Green Left, on the board of the Christian Social Youth Congress and founder of the Copenhagen climate organization Youth Coalition. In 2010, Klaver announced his candidacy as member of parliament for the Greens. Candidates committee recommended giving him a place in the top five on the ballot. The party congress finally put him in seventh place on the list of candidates. The a3party won 10 seats, so he was elected. He received 2,466 preferential votes. Klaver was in parliament spokesman for social affairs and employment, education and sport. He kept his maiden speech on Higher Education. In 2010, Klaver was nominated for the political talent of the year. For the parliamentary elections in 2012 Klaver was the campaign leader of Greens and he was as number four on the electoral list. He received 3,351 preferential votes. Greens took four seats, one of which was a residual seat, then Clover was elected. In January 2013 Klaver held a TED talk the talk show Pauw & Witteman. This was chosen as the best of a series of five young politicians. He is spokesman finance, agriculture, nature, animal welfare, education, culture and science. Klaver is a member of the Committees on Foreign Affairs, Defence, European Affairs, Economic Affairs, Finance, Education, Culture and Science, Government Expenditure, Social Affairs, Health, Welfare and Sport and the method. In 2013 he took the initiative notes “Beautiful the Netherlands” to improve the protection of nature, landscape, flora and fauna with the aim Lutz Jacobi (PvdA) and Stientje van Veldhoven (D66). He also submitted a private member’s bill to reduce food waste by transparency. Klaver in 2013 drew international news with his opposition to tax evasion. In 2014 he released the plan of attack “Opportunities for children vmbo” out. The French economist Thomas Piketty was invited by parliament on the initiative of Klaver in October 2014 for a hearing. Tackling tax avoidance is a priority of Klaver, which he also a1maintains contact with former Greens spin doctor Tom van der Lee, now campaign director of Oxfam Novib. A year later bore Klaver stir with his statements against President Commissioner of ABN AMRO Rik baron of Slingelandt in a round table discussion in parliament on remuneration of top executives in the financial sector that he “did not want to know what kind of universe,” the banker alive . This he said because of Slingelandt defended a recently granted bonus from the top of ABN AMRO. Journalist Fons de Poel called Klaver them in the TV program Focal “snot” and then if its broadcasting no longer present the program. On May 12, 2015 Bram van Ojik announced that Clover succeeded him as party leader. Then he proceeded to bring his first book “The Myth of economism” in which Klaver explains his political idealism and tells how the increasing tendency to reduce every social issue would go against a calculation. In Bestseller 60 increased the book in the second week to place 5. Klaver declared on December 7, 2015 in the television program The World Keeps Turning he’s flexitariër, and eat meat three times a week. According Clover “is meat eating no problem, there is nothing wrong with that, but the extent to which we eat is absurd meat. We should eat less meat all together.”  His second book “The empathic society” Klaver presented  on November 14, 2016. Klaver is married since May 3, 2013 and has two sons.

2016/11/24 – LGBT visit King Willem-Alexander followed ‘from Uganda to Appingedam’.


King Willem-Alexander visited on Tuesday in Amsterdam the Dutch headoffice of LGBT, founded 70 yearsago. “That’s really very special,” said President Tanja Ineke, “because it is the first time in the world that a crowned head of state visits the LGBT community.” His visit is also followed “from Uganda to Appingedam” according to Ineke. She sees it as an honor and recognition for all that the the Dutch LGBT has achieved over the past 70 years. “It’s a huge boost for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people in the Netherlands and around the world.” In those 70 years, much has been achieved, but it can always be better, she thinks. As is ‘gay’ is still a widely used term of abuse in schools and discrimination against lhbt’ers not explicitly prohibited in the Constitution. And is the world still banned in 72 countries homosexuality.

‘Very cool’

The king allowed himself to catch a group of young people on projects they are developing in their schools. One of them was Nick Vijn. He thinks that schools increased visibility and attention should be paid LGBT’ers. “In the Netherlands we think too much in booths and if you are just outside, you’ll be pushed.” More visibility would prevent, according to him.
Because homosexuality is not accepted in many countries, he finds it “very cool from the king that he is coming to LGBT.” “The king is still a preview, so if you see that the king is going to this organization, this is really a helping hand.”



Souad Boumedien, one of the initiators of the Moroccan boat at the Gay Pride, was also at the meeting. She hopes that the visit of King Willem-Alexander has also affected countries outside the Netherlands. Such as Morocco, where homosexuality is still punishable. “The COC has existed for 70 years. That’s a very nice number, but they are still there because it is not finished. 70 years ago we could not openly be who we wanted to be. So there is already much changed and is beautiful . But it can always be better, and that’s our goal. “

Purple bracelets
During the conversation it turned out that the king’s daughters too are well aware of initiatives such as the Gay-Straight Alliance, Purple Friday and anti-bullying program in schools. The purple bracelets he was offered as a gift for his three daughters he seemed to know all of Amalia.

‘LGBT royal visit is important in times of increasing aggression’

a2Sixty years ago, when I was young, homosexuality was completely taboo. The word did not exist,. There were only some weird gestures that you could specify that you suspected that someone was gay,” says the 84-year-old Gerda Tok. It is this afternoon at the visit of King Willem-Alexander of LGBT Netherlands, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the gay liberation movement. “I’m excited, but it’s a bit exciting,” she says in the NOS Radio 1 News. She wants to tell the king especially about what she does for the gay movement. “I give information to schools in Friesland, where youths are trained to care. We tell it how it used to be gay. There the young people have no idea.” Just people who work in health care can play an important role, says Tok. “Elderly gays are still bullied into nursing homes. Not by the staff but by the elderly themselves. They have nothing to do. Is there someone inside that says little about his or her life, then they begin to guess.” The visit of King Willem-Alexander is a festive recognition.

Historian and former politician Coos Huijssen:
a1It is the first time that the LGTB receives a visit from a head of state. It is an important gesture, says historian and former politician Coos Huijsen. “Both from the standpoint of the king and that of gay themselves. The king wants the heart of the nation’s sympathy with everyone. And for the gay, a discriminated group, it feels like recognition. A little solidarity of the head of state.” Huijsen also notes that there are now very different attitudes towards homosexuality. “About forty years ago I came it was completely taboo. Gradually it has become acceptable first parliamentarian in the world out of the closet.. The COC was founded in 1946, but only the organization was recognized in the 70s. And with the visit of the king, we are one step further. This is a festive recognition “. Before let Huijsen noticed that he believes that the LGBT the predicate should get royal. “That was mainly meant to titillate. I understand that this can happen only if an organization has at least a hundred years.”

Nephew out of the closet
a3Real examples of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) are still been very little in the royal families in the world. “In the UK, has recently become a cousin of the queen out of the closet. That gave little surprised reactions and there was especially sympathetic. Britain’s Prince William has publicly supported the LGBT community and King Harald of Norway has in a speech full attention.” The visit of Willem-Alexander to the LGBT comes at an important time, says Huijsen. “We see the last ten or fifteen years, the aggression on the streets is increasing and increasingly made more jokes a decline in the public domain in the acceptance of gay people.. That makes this royal gesture even more important.”

2016/11/23 – Princess Beatrix swears by hip stick


If Show News had not hung on the phone, then had Els Verbunt from Haaren not even known; Princess Beatrix (78) walks with a cane from company Ninee, which Mrs Verbunt runs with her husband. ,,I knew nothing. They had seen that Princess Beatrix walked with a stick of us. But I could not even check yet that stick really came from us.” Meanwhile Verbunt has established on the basis of photographs that Beatrix at official occasions a tulip stick ‘can. ,,They got him as far as I am not directly with us bought. Princess Christina, maybe she did it through her sister.”

The company Ninee is named after Verbunts mother in law. ,,Who did not like to walk with such a boring black stick. She came to a point back from France with such a beautiful stick. This is a product that everyone happy. Why would you have for example adapt a scarf to your wardrobe, not your stick?” The Ninee poles are not found in the average shop. “A conscious choice,” says Verbunt. ,,As such sprouts smell hangs. It’s bad enough that you have to walk a lot. About becoming another case for your phone, we still do not difficult, but you always run with the same stick?”

2016/11/23 – Building Explosion in Nijmegen, 1,000 new homes in 2016


After a brisk dip in recent years there is now a big revival of construction activities Nijmegen. The dozens of cranes are not to be missed. 2016 looks good for the delivery of 1,000 new homes.

  • Waalfront West and most of the construction is achieved in Waalsprong.
  • In East, the former Marguerite Terrain, erected many homes.
  • The Genestet avenue in Willem Quarter is working on 228 apartments for single households.
  • The downtown area gets live above shops a boost. Also at industrial sites are being built.
  • The Novio Tech Campus rises a factory.
  • West is the hotel Nimma almost ready.
  • Bell Construction is working on a new business complex at the bridge “The Crossing”.
  • In the center is transformed into the old V & D complex. TopShelf department store opened here.
  • The university has just completed the dentistry clinic. The Radboud Hospital is also working elsewhere to considerable innovations of clinics.


Building Fees
The municipality sees the revival of construction activities back into the incoming building permit fees associated with the issuance of building permits. Nijmegen held beginning this year account of a dramatic year. A substantial drawback was expected on the fees, a decrease of possible 8 tons. Mainly due to less construction activity following the completion of the works in and around the secondary channel. Nijmegen may report mid November, rising from construction fee income substantially. This can lead to a benefit of € 800,000.

a1In the coming years Nijmegen accelerates building houses. At the end of 2018, the municipality wants to approximately 500 residents drop temporary houses with low rent. The pressure on housing in Nijmegen increased dramatically with the advent of legally admitted asylum seekers. Moreover, the temporary housing available for all house hunters in Nijmegen.


The city of Nijmegen has 7 sites for temporary housing selected. These locations are spread throughout the Waalsprong, East Nijmegen, Nijmegen West, Nijmegen middle. The 1st houses come Zuiderveld in Waalsprong and on-site Smit Wire to Groenestraat.

2016/11/23 – Unsafe tattoos

Better controls should prevent unsafe tattoos


Tattooing should more often unannounced by the Dutch Food and Goods Authority are checked for cleanliness. That is the trade association for Advocacy Tattoo artists and Piercers (BVTP) to prevent abuses. Now it is often done only after inspection report of a complaint. “Today you can buy a tattoo machine for less than 100 euros, you ask a permit from the health department for 550 euros, arranges a hygienic looking place and there you are,” says BVTP Chairman Hugh Stoffers. “If you do that one day the GGD have the permit issuing everything in order, you can go ahead last three years. The license gives no assurance regarding hygiene. “

GGD (Municipal Department of Health) license
The number of tattoo artists has been growing explosively, also in the eastern Netherlands. In 2011, the eastern region had 109 tattoo shops, now there are already 227, according to figures from the RIVM. The plea for more unannounced receives support from the Dutch Association of Tattoo artists (NBT). “The consumer sees only the Public Health Service permit and thinks that everything will be safe,” said Rinus Souisa of the NBT. The consequences could be very unsafe tattooing. There inflammation and scarring can occur. Also illnesses incur as hepatitis and HIV. A spokeswoman for Minister Schippers (Health) reports that there is currently no reason to change existing policy.

2016/11/23 – On This Day, November 23, 1890 the Dutch King William III died


2016/11/22 – 67th season of the Nijmegen Chambermusic Society; concert #2 of season 2016/17



Maurice Ravel (1875 – 1957)

  • Pavane pour une infante défunte (1899)
  • Jeux déau (1901)
  • Sonatine (1903-1905)
  • Gaspard de la nuit (1908)

Franz Schubert (1797 – 1828)

  • 12 dances D. 790

  • Auf dem Wasser zu singen (arr: Franz Liszt 1838)

  • Wanderer Fantasie C major D. 760

2016/11/22 – Weir built on Waalkade Nijmegen (video)


Nothing to worry about though: the water level in the river Waal is not such that it is necessary to place an additional dam on the dock. The Water Board is, however, the placement of such a barrier to practicing this Tuesday.Required by law: once every five years, the aluminum plates from storage in Weurt be persuaded to be put down for casino and restaurants. In 2011 they were last posted: when the water was in January so high that they had to be really put down as a precaution. The exercise was therefore then be omitted. Each year a different part of the one and a half kilometer dam which is put down to the quay available. In this way it is checked whether all the holes are still usable, rubbers between the partitions are still intact, and whether the work can be done within a reasonable time.Passersby see it with interest at. “What time does the high water,” one of them asks jokingly.

2016/11/19 – Inhabitant Nijmegen has go to jail for fraud with fictitious employees gay bar


A former gay bar entrepreneur from Nijmegen has been sentenced last Friday to a prison sentence of 18 months, 6 of which were suspended, for defrauding four payroll companies and 29 individuals. The 28-year-old man announced in 2014 plans to revive a gay bar in Nijmegen new life. Soon a payroll company – a kind of employment agency that the financial burden of staff takes on – from Deventer laid out contacts. He had the company pay for two employees, his partner and a friend, but the company gave them the money back. Then he tried three other payroll companies also to get so far as to pay his fictitious employees. The bar never opened.
In July 2015 he discovered a new source of income. He roamed the website “Marketplace” now and made contact with people who were looking for something. Concert Tickets, a television, a part of a car he would deliver it. He cashed the purchase price or a deposit and then gave not home. The judge ruled that he has acted intentionally and refined. In addition to a prison sentence he must pay damages totaling 18,000 euros (£ 15,500).

2016/11/17 – The Hague – Mauritshuis – Royal Collection

The principal responsible to build the Mauritshuis was Count Johan Maurits of Nassau-Siegen, then Governor General of Dutch Brazil. This city palace between mauritshuis251020071633 and 1644 built by Jacob van Campen and Pieter Post. Van Campen transferred his part of the work to Pieter Post, as both also worked on the Huygens House near the Mauritshuis at the same time, but all was finished in 1637. The building of the Mauritshuis took so long as John Maurice in 1636 for a 20161117_134252_001period of more than seven years went to Brazil and there was no rush. Another problem was the briidge which was on the site of the current building. This was not to be broken before a new bridge was built with a new gate to the Courtyard, the current Grenadiers Gate. The Mauritshuis should not be confused with the Maurice Tower, located on the west side of the Courtyard, named after governor Maurits van Oranje. The square building was built in Dutch Classicist style and stands on a high pedestal. The facade of the building has a cornice supported by Ionic columns with the known curl in the capital. It swung roof and the use of brick is typically Dutch. Because the stone provided central portion protrudes slightly (called risalit), the building resembles a Roman temple. This style is often used by supporters of Renaissance ideals. Before mauritshuis25102008Johan Maurits in Brazil came back he had sent all tropical timber to the Netherlands for the stairwell. He himself took more kinds of valuables such as skins, Native American weapons, corals, stuffed animals and paintings by Brazilian subjects (slaves, plants, villages). These were hung in the vestibule and staircase. Many Brazilian valuables he donated to other princes. Family portraits were in the large mauritshuis25102009room at the back of the house. In the hall on the first floor he hung portraits of members of other royal families. His bedroom and office were on the first floor left. In his office hung paintings on the courageous fight against the Spaniards. In his bedroom stood a bust of his employer, the Prince of Brandenburg. Shortly after the Mauritshuis in 1644 was completed Johan Maurits moved in 1647 to mauritshuis25102000Germany where he was governor of Cleves. He then just used his Hague city palace during diplomatic visits. As a Hotel Condition: high guests from the States of Holland were housed. In 1660 this was as part of the Dutch Gift a great banquet offered to King Charles II of England. On the ground floor is to recognize something of the splendor of the golden hall. After the death of Maurice in 1679 the Mauritshuis purchased by the Hague mortgagee Maes remains rent to the state. Meeting of the Committee for the Improvement of Rhyme Psalms of the States General in the Mauritshuis in 1773. In 1704 the Mauritshuis was severely damaged by fire. There was a raffle organized by the heirs of Maes to finance the rebuilding. The rebuilding was completed in 1720. The States of Holland rents again. In 1773 there 121 times gathered to arrive at the new metrical psalms of 1773. The Council of the Colonies settled there.

Visiting museum “Mauritshuis”, next to the Prime Minister MARK RUTTE’s office. We started with the permanent collection.

We continued with the Dutch masters and the Royal Collection.






20161117_135758Jan Steen was the son of an Havick Steen, a grain merchant and brewer, and Elisabeth Capiteyn. They were married in 1625 as Catholics for the ships and in all probability only then married in a clandestine church. Jan was the oldest of eight children. Like his even more famous contemporary Rembrandt van Rijn, Jan Steen attended the Latin School in Leiden. In 1646 he enrolled at the University of Leiden, but that probably had more to do with privileges, such as exemption from militiary service and beverage tax, then with serious career plans. He received painting lessons in Utrecht Nicolaus Knüpfer, a German painter of historical and figurative scenes. Influences of Knüpfer can be found in Steen’s use of composition and color. Another source of inspiration was Adriaen van Ostade, a painter of peasant life, who lived in Haarlem. It is not known whether Steen actually pupil of Van Ostade has been. In 1648 Jan Steen was admitted to the painters’ guild of St. Luke founded that year in Leiden and worked with Gabriel Metsu. In 1649 Jan Steen moved in with landscape painter Jan van Goyen in The Hague and married his daughter Margaret. Both painters worked together for five years. In 1654 he became a member of the local militia. Steen moved in all likelihood to Delft, where he ran the tavern De Slange without much success. The local economy went into the doldrums after an explosion in which many homes were destroyed and known as the Delft thunderclap. From 1656/1657 till 1660 he lived in Warmond from 1660 till 1670 in Haarlem, where he experienced his most productive period. Nevertheless, he still paid off debts from Delft in this period. In 1669, his financial situation improved only in the spring his wife died. A year later, his father died and Steen moved back to Leiden, where he would live the rest of his life in the house he inherited from his parents. In 1671 he was elected head of the artists’ guild. In 1672 Jan Steen opened a tavern The Peace. April 22, 1673 he married Maria van Egmont, with whom he had two children. His debts were again high in the period after the art market slackened as a result of the Disaster Year. In 1674 he was re-elected head of the Guild of Saint Luke. In this time the painter was often accompanied by Frans van Mieris, and according to Arnold Houbraken and Jacob Campo Weyerman was then largely spent drinking. Jan Steen died in 1679 and was buried in the family grave in the Pieterskerk in Leiden. His daughter Catherine married the marine painter Jan Porcellis.
















Lord Mayor of Groningen struggling with stealing asylum seekers


Police in Groningen conducts research on a group of bags rolling asylum seekers in the city of Groningen. It would include a group of Moroccans. According to Mayor Peter den Oudsten thieves ruin it for other asylum seekers. It would mostly go in Groningen about Moroccan asylum seekers widely pickpocketing in the center of the university town. ,,There are carried out quite a few arrests and the town it is also analyzing the police”, said the lord mayor in the Newspaper for the North.

According to the mayor, things are well qualified. It would not only go to North Africans, also Dutch and Eastern Europeans are involved in the thefts. Den Oudsten struggling with the problem. He does not stigmatize, but also believes that the perpetrators abuse the asylum procedure. Moreover, he can not evict the perpetrators because they are still in the asylum procedure. ,,I think we should return such individuals by return mail”, said Den Oudsten. What the municipality of Groningen concerns should politicians in The Hague to ensure that the asylum procedure is shorter, so attackers can not exploit their wait to go on a rampage. The VVD party in parliament (democrats) will today ask questions during Question Time.

2016/11/14 – Minute silence on Huygens College for Naoufal Mohammadi


Monday the Huygens College in the 2nd Constantijn Huygens Street held a minute’s silence for Naoufal Mohammadi (18), who was killed last Friday in a shooting incident in the Ten Kate Street. The school has a room decorated with a commemorative book in which friends and acquaintances can write a message to Naoufal and his family. What led to the shots that killed Mohammadi, also after a weekend investigation is still shrouded in mystery, police reported. Mohammadi won last year ‘proudly’ his VMBO certificate trading and sales on the Huygens College, says team manager of the superstructure Frans Meijer.

Monday morning, the school management has visited all classes of fourth grade, where many students knew Mohammadi. “That was impressive moments. It was very respectful. Students are very upset by what happened.” Meijer: “What happened Friday, we do not exactly know, and it also adds little that does know nothing justifies a death like this..”

“Do not hurt a fly ‘
Facebook mourns Mohammadi’s family to ‘our dear son, brother, uncle and nephew Naoufal. “Naoufal which did not fly evil was always friendly and very loving, helpful and loyal. He hugged his mother and told every day how much he loved her. ” He was like a second father to his nieces nephews. “He played with them, she spared, she soothed to sleep. We can not describe in words how Naoufal and how great is his loss. What we know for sure is that Naoufal nothing to do with the quarrel out of hand. He was curious and started to see what was going on. This has unfortunately become fatal. “

The family wants as quickly as possible perform a death prayer, but Mohammadi’s body was Monday morning still not been released as yet section is performed. A teacher of the Huygens College writes on Facebook that she finds it “heartbreaking” that her former student was shot. “A pupil I have taught with a lot of fun last year, but I had to give now and then a kick in the ass.”


This afternoon the first rehearsal for the Byzantine Liturgy on December 10th. I shall be present on the rehearsals of November 14, 21 and 28. As I leave for Somerset on December 1, I have to skip the rehearsal of December 5 and the Holy Liturgy on December 10, as the pane from Exeter arrives too late to attend the Liturgy.

This is one of Kedrov’s “Our Father in heaven”. (Оче наш).

2016/11/12 – Groningen & Bowie

Groningen City Museum buys fruit bowl Bowie


The Groningen City Museum has put their hands on a design object from the collection of David Bowie. The museum bought the fruit bowl this week at the auction of the art collection of the singer by Sotheby’s. David Bowie, deceased early this year, was a great lover and collector of Memphis design. This strikingly colorful postmodern design also represents a priority in the collection of the Groningen City Museum. The City Museum building itself is an outstanding example of postmodernist architecture.

Fruit bowl
It’s the work by Courtoise Manière of Nathalie du Pasquier (1957), a fruit bowl from the series “Objects for the Electronic Age”. The fruit bowl is on display from the beginning of next year. The proceeds of the auction about 350 pieces was initially estimated at around 12 million euros. On the first day of the auction is more than double that amount was achieved.

2016/11/12 – Nimwegen coalition seeks support opposition


Coalition Parties Socialists (SP), Green (GroenLinks) and Local (Stadspartij) were also seeking the support of opposition parties for a new city administration. But Elderly People Party (VSP) did not like to broaden the coalition. Wednesday it was announced that the coalition parties SP, GroenLinks and the Stadspartij continue without the Labour Party (PvdA). Instead Elderly People Party (VSP) gets a place in everyday city administration. The new coalition can only count on a majority of one seat.

“Constructive talks’
The coalition parties argued after the resignation of Labour (PvdA) councilor Tankir ‘constructive dialogue’ with opposition parties Freedom & Democracy (VVD), Democrats ’66 (D66) and Christian Democrats (CDA) says Socialists (SP) leader Hans van Hooft in Nieuwscafé De Gelderlander Friday. The aim was to investigate whether wanted to deliver one or more parties to support a new city administration. “But the puzzle fit not end,” Van Hooft.

No perspective
Elderly People Party (VSP) saw nothing in cooperation with the opposition parties, according to VSP leader Michel Hulskorte. The substantive differences were too great, according to him.

2016/11/11 – Flashmob

Hundreds of young Europeans dancing to ‘flashmob’ in Doetinchem

DOETINCHEM – A group of 320 young people from different European countries danced on Friday afternoon on the square in front of city hall Doetinchem. The flash mob was the closing of the exchange week of Ulenhof College. Doetinchem high school doing for decades exchanges with the students in the final years of general secondary education. This week there were 160 young people invited from schools in Spain, Italy, Czech Republic and Hungary.

Spicy streetdance
Together with equal Ulenhof students they performed in front of surprised onlookers and accompanied by stirring music a lively street dance on the square in Doetinchem. The youngsters have this week been including to Amsterdam and to the Liberation Museum in Groesbeek.

‘The Netherlands are beautiful’
“The Netherlands are beautiful. I love it, “said Jan (16) from Barcelona. “I love the weather here in the rain, and also of the people.” ,,Autumn is beautiful here, with all the colors on the trees”, said his fellow citizen Lucia, also 16. The day to Amsterdam was a highlight for Lucia. “But here in the countryside, I am just so beautiful. What I more really liked? skating on the ice rink Triavium in Nijmegen. “


wmThe White Mill is the oldest of the remaining two windmills in Nimwegen, Gelderland. He is at the Looimolenweg, over one kilometer outside the city center towards something aside from the road to Grave on the ridge which overlooks talking about the Nimwegen district the Wolfskuil. It is a big round stone mill, covered with roofing felt and a flight of 25.60 m. The mill dates from 1760 and was originally a beltmill that an older burned mill replaced elsewhere in Nimwegen. He had tanner mill function. The first miller was Jan Broestershuysen, who married the widow of Hendrik Hoogers senior tanner, father of the artist Hendrik Hoogers (1747-1814), who later inherited the mill and when tanner worked until his death in 1814. The mill has been raised in 1916, while the vanes system has been adjusted. The mill was turned into a flour company and was neglected until it was rebuilt in 1933 during the economic crisis and was running again. During this rebuilding was built on the belt a warehouse and above made a low position. wm2The miller died in 1955, when the mill came to stand still. In 1967, the mill became a monument. In 1974 the mill was bought by the Municipality of Nimwegen, who had put considerable restoration work in 1978-1979, with the remaining call was excavated. Unfortunately broke in 1981, a fire in the mill, which suffered serious damage. The upper part of the brick body was renewed and the interior made different. In 1983 the mill was also recovered from the damage. The mill is operated by a professional miller, which is affiliated with the Guild of Handicraft Corn Millers. The mill is open to visitors on weekdays from Tue-Sat. The White Mill is a national monument and bears number 31207.

2016/11/09 – Eating at TopShelf and Jumbo in Nijmegen Town


In the former site of V&D department store will be three floors with restaurants in Nimwegen. The new department store TopShelf, which will soon open, wants a restaurant with a terrace on the third floor. Supermarket chain Jumbo, the other tenant, comes with a food market with ready-to-eat meals on the ground floor. Terrace: Jumbo has taken over the old trade formula La Place and wants on the ground floor and first floor restaurants. The supermarket chain wants a terrace on the roof of the former warehouse. Restaurants & Cafés: There is a problem that there is no restaurant license for the property. Councilman Ben van Hees (City councel) now wants to expand the catering area Great  Market and the additional trade that can serve alcohol though. The center has four areas where trade is concentrated as much as possible.

2016/11/08 – Busiest cycling path of Gelderland is located in Nimwegen


The busiest cycling path in Gelderland is the Van Diemerbroeck Street in Nijmegen, the street along the ROC next to the railway station. Country wide is this path in sixth place. According to research by the Cyclists Union. The busiest bike path is just like last year it Smakkelaarsveld in Utrecht near Utrecht Central Station. Also on the second and third place points at the Utrecht train station. The figures emerge from the Bicycle Count Week which participated 29,000 cyclists in September. Nijmegen had 899 participants. With an app measured how they move on the bike, at what speed, at what times, how many at a time, and where the major delays.

2016/11/07 – An emotional Brahms from Rotterdam / The Hague

manIn January of this year conducted Jan Willem de Vriend several times Ein Deutsches Requiem in the South Beach Theatre put them establish the emotional performances in Scheveningen and Challenge Classics. The whole sounds exciting and extremely concerned. Comfort and encouragement, fortitude and courage: Jan Willem de Vriend knows how to lead it all musically in the right jobs. His tempos were well chosen and give both intimacy and grandeur all odds. Every performance of Brahms’ masterpiece stands or falls with the choir and soloists. De Vriend has access to the new Rotterdam Symphony Chorus, founded by the Laurenscantorij in cooperation with the Goals and the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra. In fact it is an extension of the professional chamber choir Laurens Collegium Rotterdam.

2016/11/07 – Stone through window pane bus supporters FC Groningen


A stone is thrown through the window pane of the supporters coach of FC Groningen, last Saturday after the match NEC – FC Groningen That happened at the Boetbergweg in Nimwegen, while the coach was en route from the stadium NEC to the highway A73. The stone was thrown there from the bushes. The police reported that on social media. The perpetrators no trace. When police arrived “the heroes were flown,” police said. A supporter of FC Groningen announced on Twitter that the stone nearly had hit a steward and writes about abrasions. Also, there were reportedly on social media children on the bus. To our knowledge there are no injuries in the incident. The incident gave supporters of FC Groningen next scare too many delays. NEC played Saturday night at the Goffert draw against FC Groningen. The match ended 1-1. The stone that pierced a window of the bus, has caused minor injuries to a FC Groningen steward. That NEC confirmed Sunday. The man ran his injuries by glass fragments. FC Groningen spokesman Richard Elsacker could not indicate Sunday or club action is taken. Monday will likely be clear whether FC Groningen’s declaration. The incident took place shortly after the league NEC FC Groningen (1-1). The coach was carrying about 40 passengers, including children, and was just on my way home. “We have immediately gone to the incident,” said police officer and supervisor supporters Brugt Pepper. “We have looked for possible offenders in the area, but we have not seen.” Whether the stone thrower is from the NEC camp, is not known. “I know that the culprit had to throw a large rock. Otherwise you do not get broken which double glazed windows of the bus.” The police had the perpetrator(s) of this action Sunday evening failed to find. The NEC supporters club has immediately condemned the action. The Nijmegen club leaders condemned the incident. “NEC has noted with disgust the cover withstands a supportersbus FC Groningen,” says the club’s website. “We think it’s terrible that the FC Groningen fans that have to go through. After the game is one of the two supporters coach a few kilometers from the stadium pelted with a stone while the buses were escorted by police towards the motorway. a large side window was killed and one flight attendant suffered minor injuries. the bus could not drive any further and the startled crowd collected at the police station where NEC and NEC supporters club were present. There is a replacement bus regularly and just after midnight the fans were traveling to Groningen again. “

Hyballa is pleased with point against FC Groningen


NEC Nimwegen coach Peter Hyballa Saturday could live with the draw against FC Groningen. “It was not really deserved because Groningen were the better team, ” said the coach in the Goffert stadium. “Therefore this is a very important point for us.” Was again a leading role Ferdi Kadioglu, the new darling of the Nimwegen public. “Together with Quincy, he was well-covered. For the goal of Ferdi there was a good combination of Quincy with Taiwo. Ferdi then made out well. ”

“In the last quarter we showed again that we have power, ” Hyballa continues. “That is our only certainty. The ball was not good for a long time, so I am satisfied with the draw.”

2016/11/04 – Letter from Nimwegen

Dear Lady Helen Mary Stewart-Wilson.

Exactly four weeks ago you arrived here in our humble “entourage”. Perhaps it was less than you expected. But you can not compete with the view from our bedroom: a white windmill, which was fully busy, as the miller told you.

2016/11/04 – Centre Nimwegen bottleneck full of annoyances to motorists


 Road users in Nimwegen disturbed by the many traffic lights in the center, so they often have to stop (too) much. Other major annoyances: the provincial road to Arnheim (N325) and Bankhoef (near Wijchen) are overloaded, so motorists are regularly stuck in traffic. This appears to map from one of the AA report, which members asked the door-to-door delay. 4,000 road users participated in the survey.

Thursday the traffic organization presented its findings, including a list of the 100 biggest traffic bottlenecks in the Netherlands. The report underlines once more that the green wave – a drive-on zone where motorists do not always stand at a red light – failed in Nimwegen.

With the arrival of the town bridge “Oversteek”, two years ago, Nimwegen hoped that the flow of traffic in the city would be smoother. Research from the province of Gelderland revealed this summer that the new city bridge barely has a positive effect on the traffic situation in the city. The AA survey Nimwegen is the only place in England where the city emerges as a traffic bottleneck.


King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima of The Netherlands attend the meeting of the dutch community at the Chrystal Palace in Luna Park in Sydney, Australia, 3 November 2016. The Dutch King and Queen are in Australia for an 5 day state visit. Photo: Patrick van Katwijk

31-10-2016 PERTH - King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima of The Netherlands during the traditional aboriginal welcome ceremony welcomed by Governor of West Australia Sanderson and Aboriginal elder Walley at the Government House in Perth, Australia, 31 October 2016. The Dutch King and Queen are in Australia for an 5 day state visit. COPYRIGHT ROBIN UTRECHT staatsbezoek van koning willem alexander en koningin maxima aan australie Aankomst van de Koning en Koningin. Begroeting door  H.E. mevrouw K.G. Sanderson, Gouverneur van West- Australië; dr. R. Walley, Aboriginal ouderling; mevrouw R. Walley, echtgenote; artiesten welkomstceremonie. ?Aanbieden geschenk door de heer Walley. ?Aanvang Aboriginal welkomstceremonie met rook, dans en muziek. Welkomstceremonie locatie: Government House staatsbezoek van koning willem alexander en koningin maxima aan Australië





2016/11/03 – Queen Máxima buys for a large amount in an Australian store, King advises

03Between the obligatory visits to the Australian cities this week, Queen Maxima has found time to shop a in an Australian store. With the King at her side, Máxima gave a power of the Australian fashion brand Zimmermann and they ran after one and a half hours shopping the shop with design and swimwear.Usually they listened to him, but not always 🙂 According to the Australian newspaper The West Australian played King Willem-Alexander a significant role in the choice of five items, which cost 3,500 Australian dollars. The king from a bank near Máxima’s locker room briefly commented on what attracted his charming wife. ,,They came out and all he said was a brief “Yes. No. Yes. No. ” ‘says Zimmermann saleswoman Romy Paparone (23), but the royal couple did not recognize it “an immense honor” was to receive the high visiting from the Netherlands. According Paparone Maxima took off the fashion advice and to seriously. ,, Mostly, they listened to him, but not always. ”

When the royal Sunday the store, which is part of the shopping mall Claremont Quarter in a suburb of Perth, walking into, there were no other visitors inside. Paparone thought to enjoy a good start to the day when she noticed that Máxima easily grabbed clothes from the shelves. ,, They gave looking to be in bathing suits because they often visit Greece (the royal couple has a villa in the town of Kranidi, ed.). ” The choice finally fell on a silk jumpsuit with print, silk organza blouse and Italian swimsuits, a cotton sarong and airy silk dress with lace occupation; the latter three with the same mustard floral print. Paparone took our queen very friendly. ,, She thanked for the service and was very relaxed about it. ” The label Zimmermann was founded in 1991 by sisters Nicky and Simone Zimmermann. Their creations are considered welcome items on the New York catwalks.

2016/11/03 – Man jumps not of Waalbrug due to fear for drowning.


The 51-year-old Dutchman which on Tuesday stood above the Waal Bridge, jumped not from the bow, because he was afraid to die drowning. He was under the influence of alcohol. The man had climbed on the bridge in confused state with the idea of putting an end to his life. When police and firefighters arrived balanced man already on top of the 65 meter high arch. The Waal Bridge was closed on both sides for all traffic.

Personal problems
The Dutchman dropped by persuading agents to come down. He is placed under custody of the crisis service. The Nijmegen, which is struggling with various personal problems, known to aid workers. The man gave a lot of consternation because he was in the 65-meter high bridge arch. Fire, ambulance and police put large, and closed the bridge to traffic. Cyclists and cars therefore could not the city or off.

Crisis Service
An hour later the man was safely back down after officers had been talking to him. He was taken by police to the office, where guidance is arranged for him. The crisis service has caught the Nijmegen today and talk further with the man. It is still unclear why the man had previously been standing on the evening of the 65 meter high arch of the Waal Bridge. He was taken to the police station, where further guidance is arranged for him. The fire department came up with a platform and a fireboat site. The police and ambulance were present. The bridge was closed off on both sides for traffic. Both bicycles and cars were not on the bridge.

Students want even before 03:30PM beer on campus


As far as students of the Radboud University Nimwegen, is now at 03:30PM already tapped beer on campus. At this moment the faucet in the Culture, the student bar on campus, only to open that time. And that is patronizing, says Timo Bakrin. On behalf of the B.O.S. Nimwegen, the umbrella organization for the six largest Nimwegen student associations, he is in the university student and he wants the university administration request to reconsider the measure. Students are indeed wise enough alcohol to cope, he tells students Vox magazine: “We’re all adults. We can vote in the parliamentary elections and to choose which study we want to do – one of the most important decisions of your life – but we can not choose when we drink a beer. I find that absurd. “

Bakrin wants the “beer time slot” is brought forward to 01:00PM. Although he can count on support from the entire student council, it is still questionable whether the administration of the university also shares his opinion.

Since the opening of the Culture, in 1996, beer is a matter of debate on campus. Four years ago, said the administration has for the last explicit on the matter: “No beer will be donated to four. That does not change. If there is something changed, then it will be later rather than sooner.”

2016/11/01 – Unmanned to 32 meters

New platform rises unmanned to 32 meters


TIEL – If you raging inferno and makes the blaze a scorching heat, you’d rather not be in the toxic smoke. With the latest platform to battle fires in Tiel, it is not necessary any more. The vehicle can in fact be operated from the ground. “The extinguishing jet, cameras, lamps; everything is remotely useful”, says René Prongs of the fire. “If it is not necessary, you do not need unnecessary people to work in a dangerous place. “

Patrick Fielder teaches as vehicle driver 10 device drivers and instructs 8 device vehicle handlers how to work with the device. If all of them on November 11 have completed their training, the old car can be sold.

20 tons
The new Austrian-built platform with a chassis of Volvo, Mercedes replaces who did more than 16 years of service in Tiel. The new platform weighs 20 tons and cost nearly 700,000 euros.

2016/11/01 – Panorama railway

02Getting in on the red carpet, a warm welcome from our hosts and drive through the varied Dutch landscape while enjoying a superb dinner: romantic can hardly. We hold a table for free in our stylish train, where you will be welcomed with an appetizer of the house as a celebration of an evening train and eat. During the 2:45 hour train trip through the Randstad and the Green Heart prepares our cook dinner live on board and you will be on your beck and call our friendly staff. Panorama Rail Restaurant is definitely the tastiest train in the Netherlands!

Lovely evening! Atmospheric and cozy. Delicious eaten.

Once the majestic, 65-year-old locomotive Panorama Rail Restaurant under the hood of Amsterdam Central Station looming, all eyes are on the special and elegant train. The locomotive and carriages all have a distinctive history in the Dutch and European rail network. We’ll tell you more about the history of the trains and the emergence of the Panorama Rail Restaurant.

04Dining cars

A restaurant or bistro in the train was once very common, but is still rare. In the sixties and seventies of the last century many international trains experienced a restoration. For this special carriages were decorated with over sixty carriages pulled in under the name “Grill Express” from France Europe. Seven cars came to the Netherlands and to the turn of the century were used by NS on many international lines. Belgium, France and later Portugal were home bases for the Express Gril, who came from their depots in Switzerland and Italy. With the demise of many long-distance connections also finished the regular bet turn of the century.

03Two carriages, with the numbers 022-9 and 027-8, with rail Promo started a new future. In 2014 the trains were acquired after years of minimal effort and renovated in Germany. Bogies and rigging were completely disassembled and overhauled to the highest standards. The interior has been refurbished, while the old parquet floor again could be restored. The kitchens with ovens and hob, again were put into operation and form during the ride with Panorama Rail Restaurant workplace Julius Jaspers and his team of Julius Bar & Grill.


05Locomotive E 1200

Pull Rail Panorama Restaurant is now over 65 years old locomotive of the former NS Series E 1200. They were 65 assembled back in the Netherlands on the American model with thick steel. The bogies coming directly from America. Netherlands got this locomotive from the Marshall Plan provided for the reconstruction after World War II. Despite their age has the imposing machine with a capacity of over 3,000 horsepower and weighing 108 tons is still a maximum speed of 140 kilometers per hour. In total, the Dutch Railways possessed 25 such locomotives. At the beginning of this century, a small number of demolition was saved, after which she started a second life to the first private railway for freight trains in the Netherlands. After various wanderings ended our locomotive depot in Blerick, where our support in peace could be working on the new youth. while the locomotive was given back its original train number 1215 again. The color scheme of our locomotive establishes a clear link with this American history. The tricolor livery is based on the structure of New Haven, a renowned operator in the United States. By orange New Haven to exchange for the characteristic blue of Rail Promo was a tough color scheme that reflects the indestructibility and history of this train.

06Lord Mayor of Amsterdam, Mr Eberhard Van der Laan baptized 1215 the name “City of Amsterdam” on March 23, 2016. This Rail Promo brings not only a historic locomotive on the track for Panorama Rail Restaurant, but also restores an old tradition where locomotives were decorated with a city arms. After the voyage the engineers of our train open the door to their cabin for you. They tell you more about the history, explain the indestructible technology and let you sit in the driver’s seat.


2016/10/31 – Willem-Alexander gets special picture in Australia


King Willem-Alexander was in the first hours of the state visit that he and Maxima in Australia brings a pleasant surprise: a photo that was taken from him almost 20 years ago, during the performance of one of his biggest hobbies, diving. The state visit of the King and Queen started this morning in Perth. It is not the first time that Willem-Alexander visits Western Australia. As crown prince he was there in 1997, partly for work and partly as a private visit. He then plunged Beacon Island to residues of the past that in 1629 Dutch ship Batavia. The shipwrecks photographer Maritime Museum in Perth, Patrick Baker, was there at the time images.

Who saw the prince never, until now. This morning, when Willem-Alexander and Máxima visited the impressive wreckage of the Batavia in the “Ships Wreck Gallery ‘in Perth, Baker was called forward by the curator of the museum. Who explained that he will hand over the photo to Willem-Alexander. ,,But that’s wonder-ful”, replied the king, and immediately thereafter, with a hearty grin. ,, You are, moreover, nothing has changed.” The royal couple was greeted at the start of the state visit in Perth with a Welcome to Country ceremony by aboriginals. They danced, played music and were sandalwood leaves are smoked in bowls. A ritual that should take care of cleaning. This afternoon they received in the Sandalford Winery members of the huge Dutch community in Perth.

 2016/10/31 – Criminal record not preclude political career Geert Wilders


PVV leader Geert Wilders will formally notice a little of a possible conviction for hate speech or group defamation. Even with a conviction by a criminal court may be a Dutch member of parliament. The probability that the Wilders judge takes away his right to vote, exists only in theory. The court as of today considering the controversial “less, less’ ruling the PVV leader. Although the outcome is still uncertain, any judgment Wilders will not mind getting in the way. Actually there are a few obstacles to not be allowed to sit in parliament. People under 18 years are not eligible without a Dutch passport. A criminal record does not prevent. The audit of MPs is in fact in the hands of the parties themselves. A political party does not get any information about a criminal prosecutor.

Suffrage by voting
Formally, one can judge anyone have the right to deny its candidate in the elections. But then there must be a sentence of one year imprisonment or more. PVV leader Geert Wilders is indeed formally receive maximum one year in prison if found guilty of insulting a group of people based on race and incitement to discrimination and hatred. However, taking away their right to vote is a rarity in the Netherlands. So did the OM instance the murderer of Theo Van Gogh have the right to elect and to be elected steal, but the court was not in it. The past has already produced several MPs with a criminal record. So Eric Lucassen (PVV) had a conviction for adultery on his pants and Hans Janmaat (Centre Democrats) for hate speech.

Criminal record
Actually seen Geert Wilders has already a kind of criminal record. That’s because the term ‘criminal record’ exists only in the vernacular. Justice has been working for several years with the so-called Criminal Records Registry and there is much more than just a conviction. Thus the acquittal of Geert Wilders is also included in his previous criminal case because of hate speech. In principle, recorded almost all decisions of the Public Prosecutor and all decisions of the judiciary.


2016/10/30 – Titus Brandsma

titusbrandsma1932Titus Brandsma (Anno Sjoerd Brandsma born Oegeklooster in Bolsward, February 23, 1881 – Dachau, July 26 1942) was a Dutch Carmelite priest, professor and publicist from Friesland. Brandsma was a specialist in medieval mysti-cism and self mystic. As strong civil priest in question, he took initiatives of Catholic eman-cipation, Catholic education and journa-lism. Brandsma resisted Nazism. In 1942, he was arrested during World War II by the Ger-mans and was killed at the Dachau con-centration camp. In 1985 he became a martyr beatified by Pope John Paul II.

2016/10/30 – Residential tower of 22 floors near Nijmegen railway station


The former office complex Metterswane at the central railway station in Nimwegen is the middle of next year demolished. Developer KondorWessels Projects (KWP) builds on this place a tower of 22 floors. The tower is twice as high as the current building. According to project leader Roy Hasselerham KWP not all floors filled with houses. Hotel and supermarket –  The new complex are 260 apartments (rental and sale), hotel of about a hundred rooms and a supermarket. The construction costs amount to around 40 million euros. Office Space – The office complex Metterswane had since 2012 a hip business building with lots of entrepreneurs. Most is a few hundred meters to sit down in the former office of the city region Arnhem-Nimwegen where entrepreneurs under the name Start Up Nimwegen rent office space.

2016/10/29 – Street artists

Nimwegen, October 29, 2016

Street artists from Peru.

2016/10/28 – Baarn, a reunion

From left to right: Chief Medical Officer Pierre Bormans, the wife of the captain of the Dutch soldiers Mary Schneider and the Headmaster of the Dutch school Rein Bertram.


2016/10/28 – British newspaper raved about outfit Queen Maxima


The British newspaper Daily Mail is extremely enthusiastic about the clothing choice of Queen Máxima yesterday on a working visit in Almelo. In an extensive article full of pictures hitting the royalty reporter not stop talking about the tasteful style of the queen. That color choice! Those earrings! How the jacket stylish carries over one shoulder! British journalist Siofra Máxima Brennan calls the style savvy monarch “: the style conscious monarch. She praises Maxima’s love of color and how she combines colors: “She went to the extreme with its enthusiasm for combinations.” According Maxima connoisseur Josine Droogendijk wore the queen a dress and jacket designer Edouard Vermeulen and was the hat of Fabienne Delvigne. Thursday the color combination was a blue dress with a mustard yellow belt, handbag and turban. That headgear Daily Mail can appreciate from the 20s. Somewhat wryly journalist notes that King Willem-Alexander what “sober” was dressed in the visit. He wore a dark suit with white shirt and light blue tie. King caught his gallant wife when her high heels gave her problems in the forest. The British newspaper praised the Queen earlier this week even though her fashion choices. When the reporter praised the brown coat that Maxima’s ‘slim figure’ perfect. According to journalist Brennan is the Dutch monarch is one of the most zealous European royals.


2016/10/27 – ‘Nimwegen remains the eldest city in the Netherlands’


02Nimwegen can safely remain as the eldest city in the Netherlands. That says Jan Thijssen, the former city archaeologist almost 30 years in the Nimwegen bottom delved into the past. In Limburg a great excitement arose among archaeologists about the results of new research into the age of the Roman bathhouse that has previously been exposed in Heerlen. Much older than thought. The complex dates almost certainly from the beginning of the first century, was adopted. This makes it much older than previously thought. Heerlen archaeo-logists now say that the city Coriovallum (Heerlen) is over 2,000 years old.The latter reopened the debate in Limburg about who can call itself the oldest town. Not Nijmegen, not Maastricht, Heerlen, but thus the oldest?” Limburg chauvinism ‘Titus Panhuysen, the former Maastricht city archaeologist, speaks of Limburg chauvinism. For him is certain: Nimwegen is the oldest. The evidence he gave himself in 2002 after investigation of a 2000 year old gods pillar. A monument in honor of Emperor Tiberius.Neither Heerlen or Maastricht has such a monument. They were never an independent Roman city, he says.

Owner BZZY looking lifesaver after death of wife


Owner Jeroen Verhoeven of the successful Dutch meal attendant BZZY is looking for young entrepreneurs who can save his business in Arnhem and Nimwegen. He must perforce close its stores after the sudden death of his wife Malou, co-founder of the chain BZZY. “To continue alone is not an option,” Verhoeven says emotionally. “I’m only responsible for our baby.”

The couple opened their first store on Second Walstraat in Nimwegen in 2008. Their Healthy Fast Meals, for people who are ‘too bizzy’ to cook, proved a hit. The meals were given names like Endive Boost Blend and Cauliflower Rocket Breeze.

Last October BZZY opened a second branch at the new station Arnhem next Pathé.

People who respond BZZY appalled at the conclusion of the business and the intensely sad occasion. Verhoeven called their responses “heartwarming” and fully recognizes that the company deserves a restart. “I’m looking for people who see opportunities, someone who can run it in the stores, our concept can take over or help them to find another solution. A hero who wants to work with a startup in healthy eating. It would be a shame if BZZY would disappear.”

Eating between the slabs of meat at The Black Fox03

The Black Fox Nimwegen choose meat and let that show. Ellen Willems eat this week about the Tongue at the new meat restaurant in town. The window is a meat processing unit and in the display case are dry aged burgers, homemade salami and rumpsteaks. It looks like you can buy a butcher shop where your meat, and that it is next to a restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. As you walk in, you stand next to the butcher’s display case and look at the back with three ripe closets full of meat. The back of the bar is a white tiled wall with six taps.

It is not a place where you are going to a romantic dinner. For that denotes something much between the pieces of meat. But if you want to eat a really good steak and want to drink a nice glass of beer or whiskey, with extremely pleasant staff, you may be fine up here.

Kelfkensbos 32, 6511 TB Nijmegen, 024 – 2020915,


2016/10/26 – Radboud Scientists discover rare ‘ghost microbe’ in Twente canal


Radboud University Nimwegen (RU) with the Max Planck Institute discovered a rare microbe in a sample from the Twente. That made the university on Monday on its website. A microbe that both methane and iron ‘eat’: microbiologists were expecting that he existed, but could not find the creature anywhere.

Ghost Microbe
Researchers at the University seemed to have it for years in their collection. The recently discovered ‘ghost bug’ is the penultimate of ten organisms that scientists believe they exist, simply because they exist. “The evolution rarely leave an unoccupied niche,” the University said in their announcement.

Twente Canal
That sometimes you just have to look close to home, showed. “Nota bene in our own collection of samples,” said microbiologist Mike Jetten from Radboud University in the press release. “We found them in accumulation cultures from the Twente we had for years. We could raise a whole culture by feeding them with iron and nitrate, a substance that we normally never stop in large quantities in our tanks.” Particular being: the unicellular organism (the archaea) plays an important role in the quality of the ‘wet’ nature, as it purifies water. The microbe eats iron, breaks it down so that the other bacteria weather is edible and is simultaneously harmless substances.”It’s really an extraordinary discovery,” said Jetten. “We hope the latter bacterium soon to find, but Australian and US researchers sit on our heels in that quest, which is so exciting.”

3The microbe that researchers at the Radboud and the Max Planck Institute found in Twente, can purify water naturally. Because of this tiny creature can result in savings of tens of millions of euros. Water purifiers have now mostly buy methanol and add wastewater to initiate degradation of harmful substances.

The microbes can now found that job in the future account for, expected prof. Dr. Ir. Mike Jetten of the Radboud University in Nijmegen. “That can make the water treatment plant in the Netherlands a few years annually tens of millions of euros cheaper,” said Jetten. He got his team three years ago by the state 22.9 million grant for research into the microbes.

2Rich soil
The wondrous organisms in the mud of the Twente continue to surprise him and other microbiologists. In the past ten years, it was established that sit in the bottom of the channel not only bacteria that break down the noxious substance methane, but also itself produce oxygen. New research has now shown that t
he mud samples from the Twente also contain iron-eating microbes, which scientists sought for years.

Ghost Microbe number eight
Jetten has ever compiled a list of nine of the most wanted microbes. These single-celled “mud bugs” stimulate a chemical reaction. The now discovered bacteria are referred to as’ ghost bug number eight. They come not only in the Twente. “Now once we know who they are, we see them everywhere. In ordinary locks on the seabed and in rice fields they live. “

4Role iron producing processes
They can also, according to him shed new light on the age-old debate about the role that iron producing processes have had on the early Earth. “Iron is from the beginning an important metal in the bottom of the earth. This bacterium may have played a role in making the cooler the earth so that another life was possible”, said Jetten.

2016/10/26 – Royal & Government Aircraft PH-KBX flying empty to Australia


The Dutch government plane is flown empty to Australia for the state visit by King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima. Which can then make as domestic flights within the Fokker 70. The fly up and down the unit cost a quarter of a million. That message Yahoo! News today. According to the Government Information Service, this is the cheapest solution. The king and queen go first with a scheduled flight to Australia. The government plane in flight can not make clear at once and should stop about six times to refuel. Because the Orange have a busy schedule and have to move much too do not allow use of domestic flights. Australia would be too expensive to rent a plane.  The a2plane would already have frequently been followed for state visits of the royal family, such as visits to the West Indies and Indonesia. Moreover, the device is increasingly used by Ministers and State Secretaries and less and less by the Royal House. The government plane, the PH-KBX, comes from 1996 and needed to be replaced. So it can not fly sea on one tank. In mid-2017 there will be a new device. The costs are expected to Interstate 50 and 90 million.

2016/10/25 – Daphne Verlinden: with friends in the band bus


Daphne Verlinden (31, Valburg) is bassist and founder of the Nimwegen all-female band Bootleg Betty. Tonight the quintet in Arnhem.
“Especially our guitarist Imke is a fan of Eilen Jewell, so it’s super cool that we stand tonight in Luxor Live in her program. I like myself a lot of old rock ‘n’ roll and rockabilly. I like to seek out cool songs of yesteryear, such as Janis Martin, Lavern Baker, Brenda Lee and Bunny Paul, then having to make play lists of like I made cassette tapes used or burned CDs. Wanda Jackson is a great heroine of all band members. We have not written anything for the song A song called Wanda. And the good thing is that at one time expressed its appreciation for us on Twitter. We could hardly believe it and twittered to the manager whether they had written themselves really and truly listened to our music, and that was that. That was one of the best days of my life. ”


“I live in Valburg, since February last year because my friend already lived there. But I often go back to Nijmegen. Shopping, nightlife, watch straps. And I have many friends live. It feels different. Now I’m going from the village to the big city, while it previously was just the place where I lived. I think it’s nice to live quietly in Valburg. But if you once eat out in Nijmegen and you want to drink a beer, you do have to stand still this is the last bus at 18.15. ”

“I also do entertainment especially in Nijmegen. For example, with the girls from the band, because we are just good friends. We usually go to Dollars, good sing along with bad covers. And of course there is a good house band, with much emphasis on the bass, so I think anyways nice. Furthermore Nijmegen has many good brewpubs and you can watch straps Sleeping Beauty. ”

“I love going to festivals such as Lowlands, Pinkpop and Sziget. But the little things that are organized in Nijmegen, as Billy in Bottendaal and Kids & Billies. It is especially nice that you can walk around at festivals, as you look at a band and can scroll back to the next band. That’s my way of entertainment. And it is quite fun to play himself at a festival. We have done quite a lot, lately. was one of our dreams to be on the Black Cross and they succeeded. Furthermore, we played in Nijmegen on the De-Affaire, ‘t Eiland and Kids & Billies. For me personally play Paaspop best. We came on stage and saw that great gift tent full of people and thought, “Okay, this is exciting! Good focus, this should go well, we have to play well. ” But it was quite tasty. The sound was fine, and the crowd was super excited. And then we also have partied all night all together. ”

Men’s Parties
“We come up with the band the most crazy places. often in typically male parties, such as the Harley-David Sondag in Bornerbroek. According see me on the picture that we have five women and think “let’s see”, without having heard us. I hope we are asked simply in most cases for our music. You can get very far with laughter dresses and eye-liner and love, but we are all well past that point. We want to be appreciated as a musician. ”

Band bus
“A performance is also a kind of entertainment. You’re on the road with four of your friends. My friend also often goes with it. My favorite part is when we hire a bus. He often rides, and he always says, “It’s like driving around a chicken coop.” Loud singing and shouting, we always have great fun all together. moreover, we are still looking for their own band bus. We are always jealous when we see other bands with their tough coaches while we arrive crammed with cars. ”

“I love performing with the band allerleukst, but wherever I am super happy, is to make music around a campfire. I can do the whole long evening. Guitar let go around. making music together, it connects. Anyways making music is something that does something special with me, I can totally go on. ”

Watch foreign jewelry at Gallery Marzee


NIMWEGEN – lovers can admire this week jewelry from around the world at the Galerie Marzee in Nimwegen. More than 100 graduate jewelry makers may display their showpieces Sunday, August 21 to Saturday, October 29th at the annual exhibition
Special necklaces to bracelets and eccentric from China to Estonia. Marie-José van den Hout, founder and owner of Galerie Marzee: “This is the only place in the world where you have such a good overview of contemporary jewelery.” According to her have been sold around 40 jewelery.

Marzee gallery is open from Tuesday to Friday from 10:00AM to 06:00PM and on Saturdays from 10:00AM to 05:00PM. Visitors to the exhibition can watch for free.

2016/10/24 – Amsterdam, facade bricks of ancient buildings







2016/10/23 – Double decker trains


Below: King Willem Alexander train at The Hague

Van Beatrix naar Alexander trein van NS op Den Haag Holland Spoor. Foto Photo Republic / Marco De Swart

2016/10/18 – Arch bridge in Nijmegen, Netherlands

The Crossing is the name of the new bridge opened in November 2013 for car traffic across the Waal, located in Nijmegen. This crossing is west of the two existing bridges Nijmegen. 

Total length: 1,195 m
Opened: November 24, 2013
Headway: 14 m
State: Gelderland
Type bridge: Arch bridge






2016/10/18 – King opens Joint Inspection Centre at Schiphol

2016-09-05 19:47:58 AMSTERDAM - Koning Willem-Alexander arriveert bij het jubileumconcert van het Jostiband Orkest in de Ziggo Dome. ANP ROYAL IMAGES BAS CZERWINSKI

His Majesty the King opens Tuesday November 22 the Joint Inspection Center (JIC) at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The Joint Inspection Center aims to enable a safer and more efficient cargo handling at the airport by different enforcement and inspection services to collaborate on inspections of air cargo. The JIC is one of the projects falling within the Schiphol SmartGate Cargo program. This program is a joint initiative of Customs, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, KLM Cargo and Air Cargo Netherlands. In the JIC are logistics and enforcement physically together. The facilities include among others an expedition floor, scanhal, storage and examination rooms, a quarantine room for small animals, garages for scanning vehicles, offices and a training center.

King brings before the opening of the JIC a working visit to the Customs staff.

2016/10/17 – Half more ships on river Waal by low water


The unusually prolonged low water provide navigation on the river Waal much hindrance. Files are not currently expected, but on the river it is very busy the last few days. There pass 50 percent more ships than usual at this time of year.

Less heavily loaded.

The ships are due to the low water level is much less heavily loaded than usual. Therefore, more ships are needed to transport the cargo. At Rijkswaterstaat websites may boaters how much depth they have on their ship and how many tons they can charge.


Inland skippers sail now added slowly over to Nimwegen. The screws else for too much commotion of the water and suction. So boaters would hold together: the channel is in fact considerably narrowed by the low water.

Last year

A year ago Waal had a period at this time with very low water level, slightly less so than now. Rijkswaterstaat had ships then wait, so they passed one by one Nimwegen.

2016/10/16 – KLM B787 “Dreamliner”

Animation of the B787 Dreamliner

San Francisco, Toronto, Rio de Janeiro, Capetown, Cairo, Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Delhi, Chengdu, Xiamen, Hangzu, Sganghai, Osaka.

2016/10/15 – Groningen – Trolleybusses

I remember them very well, the trolleybusses in the city where I was born… 🙂 🙂 🙂

2016/10/15 – Arnheim/Nadiliya

Bullied transsexual Nadiliya dares not go to school

tr1After years of bullying is the last straw for Nadiliya Rozenstein (27) from Arnheim. They no longer go to school and did return this week against two fellow students. “I’m transsexual, which to some apparently a big problem.” Arnheim, who studies at the Rijn IJssel College, is since a few weeks at home. “Every day it was hit. They tease me, call me by my boy name. Make secret videos of me on their phones, which they then distribute to their friends. Lots going behind my back. I bite off me, but do not have the energy to go again confront them every time. ”

Tuesday she did press charges against two bullies to the police.

Daan Huisman, team leader at the Rijn IJssel, is aware of the problems. “I regularly talk about this with Nadiliya. And still the door open for her. It’s a great girl, but one who feels quickly addressed and responds emotionally. “

Huisman stressed that he bullies but what wants to address: “In extreme cases we can even proceed to expulsion from school. But we need to have a concrete clue. The accusations are always hearsay. We can not do much with it. “

An offer from the Rijn IJssel to complete the training from home has Nadiliya being beaten by hand, “Then I might as well go home to do a course at the LOI. It feels like I’m banned, purely for who I am out of school. That hurts a lot. “


Nimwegen acquired since the Second World War, unlike Arnhem, yet a full tram network. However, there was destroyed the laws and the tram showed quite a few signs of wear. Therefore, the City Council on May 24, 1950 decided to tram line 1 to use a trolley line. It was also decided to take tram line 2 to Berg en Dal and tram line 3 to Voorhees in operation until the planned tunnel under the station would be ready. This tunnel was 22418however only in 1966 and put into use when the tram was long gone. As in Arnhem, the overhead was applied by Kummler & Matter. Beginning in 1952 began with the southern part of line 1 because the assembly here was easier than the rest, where the tram overhead hung in the road. On March 6, 1952 the overhead on the Hatertseweg and the southern end loop was completed. Where Hatertseweg joins the St. Anne Street, a temporary connection to the tram overhead aangebracht.Voor the trolley was the tension of the tram was taken 800 volts instead of the more usual 600 volts. The planned loop to run at the Hazenkampseweg created an approximately 2 km long instruction / proeflijn.Op July 9, 1952 trolley line was first put into service between the station and the 22423Old Molenweg after the tram overhead was removed in two days . From November 15, 1952 the trajectory of the Station to Juliana Refuge could be operated trolleys. Line 1 was thus 9 kilometers long. On this route stood at Hengstdal and the Sparrestraat a loop. Voor operations were 14 trolley buses exist that were ordered in January 1951. Verheul built the bodywork on a chassis of British United Traction (BUT), model 9721T with an electric installation of the English Electric Company (EEC) .Technisch these trolleys were equal to the Arnhem 101 series, appearance, however, was more modern. The engines of the first two Nimwegen trolleys were mounted in Arnheim. The Nijmegen trolleys were equipped with fluorescent tubes that were fed directly from the overhead allowing light under electroless pieces in the overhead tripped


Nimwegen may get short-term back Trolleybus. The municipality wants to see if they can join the Arnhem project Trolley 2.0. Articulated buses of 18 meters can thereby kilometers driving without a catenary. Nimwegen long insisted on a tram into the city. “It is now clear that a tram is difficult to achieve,” said a spokesman. The construction and acquisition are very expensive. The Waalbrug can not even wear a streetcar. There are also doubts whether to make sufficient use of travelers. “There are other high quality transport systems in development such as electric buses or buses on hydrogen,” said the spokesman.


It is necessary in the city pass a transport system which larger vehicles can be used. The number of available places for passengers then goes up considerably. The municipality wants to examine next year together with the province of the possibilities. “The development of Arnheim Trolley 2.0 will then be discussed.”


These developments are possible thanks to millions in aid. In total, the development of the Trolley 2.0 costs about 8.6 million euros. The project is being drawn by the German trolley manufacturer Vossloh Kiepe, but also the HAN University of Applied Sciences (HAN), Hermes and his three companies from the region involved. Between 1952 and 1969 drove there trolleybuses in Nimwegen. In December 2022 must clearly choose what new form of public transport Nimwegen. The municipality should have are the demands on the table so that carriers can compete for a new contract.

2016/10/15 – Steam train Goffertpark needs €100,000 to drive


100,000 euros to be collected in order to ride the famous steam train again by the Goffertpark. Steamgroup “De Goffert”, founded by some former drivers, before starting a crowdfunding. They will include door to door to collect. The steam train drove in August 2012 for the last time in Nimwegen. It was sold to a Swedish amusement park, offering it for sale. The money is needed to purchase, transport and recovery of the rails.

The former drivers to leave again ride the train from spring 2018 on weekends. They rely on a small 150 passengers per day.

2016/10/15 – Harpists

Who wants a harp goes to the store Marije and Michel in Wehl


WEHL – They started as a student works, but now lead from Wehl an international harp trade. The story of The Troubadour Harpen is the remarkable story of Marije Green (36) and Michel Roels (38). Marije plays since her eighth harp. While studying architecture in Delft she started dating Michel Roels.

International company
From the hobby Marije to refurbish old harps created The Troubadour Harpen, has grown into an international company. The headquarters moved last week to Wehl.

Marije and Michel already have an extensive customer base, which includes more topharpiste Lavinia Meijer. “The harp world is not so big. Monder Linge advertising is very important, “says Green. “We have a contagious enthusiasm. We also specialize in relatively small harps, which are widely used in folk music, “says Michel.

Knew from abroad and more and more people are finding the case. “From Sweden to Russia and Portugal people come here. But the majority of our customers come from the Benelux and Germany. “

2016/10/15 – Mega umbrella

Waiting for the bus under a huge umbrella in Wijchen


WIJCHEN – Most shelters do not fall on. But which the Master Cooth Avenue in Wijchen. However, since this week a shelter in the form of an umbrella. On the handle you can sit. Until recently traveler could not shelter during a rainstorm, because missing the bus shelter.

It was an employee of the municipality Wijchen who came up with the idea to put an umbrella. Such a bus shelter had seen abroad. That is something for Wijchen, she thought. Her colleagues were enthusiastic.

So the Mountain Harense welding company Mulders turned on. There’s idea to the official umbrella designed and made. “Those are the fun jobs”, says Giel Mulders. With his son, he runs the company. It is the second bus shelter that they account for. For the municipality Druten they made last year a vandal-proof specimen, consisting of a steel cage with boulders. And that was no coincidence: in 2014 were more than fifty Drutense bus shelters vandalized. hence the township rural leader. Mulders: “Our shelter does seem idiot-proof. The box has not yet been destroyed. “

2016/10/14 – The Hague – Mauritshuis

The famous Royal Collection, managed by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, contains highlights from the oeuvres of famous painters such as Gerard ter Borch, Gerrit Dou, Pieter de Hooch, Gabriel Metsu and Jan Steen.
For this exhibition are selected genre paintings by Dutch masters of the Golden Age. Here we see life itself: peasants fighting, flirting ladies and gentlemen, but also loving mothers or an ordinary shopkeeper.


Johannes Vermeer

The absolute highlight of the exhibition is Lady at the virginal with a gentleman ( “The Music Lesson”) by Johannes Vermeer. “The Music Lesson” is one of the rare pieces of Johannes Vermeer who have survived a total of 36 paintings. The painting from around 1660-1662 shows a lady and a gentleman in a virginal. Above this musical is a mirror that reflects the foot of Vermeer’s easel. Without doubt the music in this painting symbolizes love, which further emphasized by the Latin motto on the virginal. The painting was acquired in 1762 by King George III, but stood still book as a work of Frans van Mieris the Elder. Only became clear later that it was a work of Vermeer.


Jan Steen

Another highlight of the exhibition Woman in a Jan Steen bedroom from 1663. We see a woman who, judging by the marks above her calves, not buying her sock but pulled out, said she looks at the viewer. Here too there is an amorous context. Contemporaries were fond of this kind of performances. That physical pleasure is fleeting, Stone made clear by depicting the skull in the doorway, under a lute with a broken string.

The Royal Collection and Mauritshuis

The exhibition Dutch house: Vermeer and contemporaries from the British Royal Collection is the result of a collaboration between the Royal Collection and the Mauritshuis. Under the title Masters of the Everyday: Dutch Artists in the Age of Vermeer was shown earlier this exhibition at The Queen’s Gallery in Buckingham Palace, London, and The Queen’s Gallery at The Palace of Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh.

2016/10/06 – ‘D66-crown prince’ Paternotte wants to The Hague


Jan Paternotte, leader of D66 in the Amsterdam City Council, the wants to go to the House of Commons. He comes to the upcoming parliamentary elections high on the electoral list of the party. Paternotte is considered talent within the party, and is often referred to as the intended successor party leader Alexander Pechtold. In recent years led Paternotte (32) the Amsterdam branch of the party, but he is ready for the next step, he said today in an interview with this newspaper.
,, I find that I want to do after eleven years on the board against things we ramp in municipalities, but not allowed in The Hague. From day one give language lessons to refugees by professional teachers. Or look at education through which you can nearly impossible to start a new rural school rules. The money is distributed in The Hague, many educational policy is made. If you want to do something there, you have to be in The Hague. ”

Incidentally Paternotte wants to know nothing about him as a protégé of true Pechtold. ,,Such qualification is especially nice for my parents. I must once again get into The Hague and then for four years doing my job.” The exact spot on the list of Paternotte has yet to be determined, but the general expectation is that he will be placed on one of the first ten places of the electoral list.

2016/10/06 – Exhibition Valkhof

scan_20160930-1Museum Valkhof in Nimwegen is dominated by gladiators since last weekend. Our image of the fighters in movies, comic books and stories is not true, prove the show Gladiators, heroes of the Coliseum. The story of the gladiators is much more nuanced than the image of the movie hero who fights to the death. The exhibition Gladiators visitors get a glimpse into the lives, fears and dreams of the Roman fighters. Who were they? How they were recruited, how they trained and what was their daily life like? Athletes Gladiators trained as athletes and had an iron discipline. The Roman population they represented especially courage, fighting spirit and self-sacrifice. Colosseum Valkhof illustrates the hardened men by means of paintings, armor and sculptures that have so far been exhibited only in foreign museums. Some of the pieces have never been outside of Italy and appears thanks to a collaboration with the Coliseum.

Private collection The museum also finds homegrown shows such as green glazed cup from Nijmegen, where gladiator fights are shown. The exhibition opens on Saturday, October 1st and lasts until Sunday, March 5th 2017. Valkhof Museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday between 11:00 AM and 05:00 PM.

2016/10/05 – Pierre Alain



A former construction site in Nimwegen is working Heroes tasty dishes together in a relaxed atmosphere and are served with guest care. As if we walk a workshop. And that’s true. Previously worked at this place by carpenters, now being cooked here Heroes. The former warehouse is still high and has a beautiful paneled ceiling with large glass peepholes into the treetops and sky. The walls are of unplastered masonry, and the floors are concrete. The tables range from high and for two, to a long table from one piece of wood, where at least twenty people can sit at the same time. Above it all hang out in the wide open space, huge metal lamps. In the back, finished with dented steel, is the full width cooks kitchen where ex-starred chef cook French Leenders. The restaurant is in a residential area on the Hatertseweg in Nijmegen. The Timber Yard is the name of the place where former construction company Willems lived. Now, in the workplace, among other artists and designers active and there is a creative wijkje arise in the district. With upside restaurant Heroes, which offers more than food, which is also a work area in the kitchen and service for young people who need a helping hand.


Grill Shelf
Beforehand we eat together a grill rack. Chicken thighs are quite tender and taste like chicken, pulled pork which is smoky and crunchy, the ribs are spicy and the coleslaw is not slammed down to garnish, but is really a fresh dish. One special mention for the brisket on the shelf, lower meat from cows breast which is not much entirely eaten in the Netherlands. Work meat has so much muscle that the low and slow should yarn. That’s done and it’s saved. It’s Sunday early evening and many tables are families. Children chatter on flops back and forth. Just a ride on the kart outside, between two corridors, and then continue eating. A girl takes as a dessert with a scoop ice cream at the large display and then asks the chief cook or he whipped cream. Of course, he smiles on the half wall that separates dining room and kitchen. A dollop of whipped cream is scooped from a container and added to the ice cream. It’s pathetic and draws the atmosphere.

As a main course we eat a beer can chicken, also called bierblikkip. By putting the chicken on an opened tin, remains juicy and tender by steaming beer. The ministry asks if we save ourselves with the cutting of the chicken, if not then the chef assist us. Attentive but it will succeed. The chicken is not too salty and slightly spicy. We chews everything and even eat the nice grilled dry skin. Serve with hearty relish of red onions and fresh creamy sauce with horseradish. The patatas bravas from the oven and potatoes with salad plate schil.Misschien says it all. It consists of Lollo Rosso and Lollo Biondo leaves a very fine outing, some vine tomatoes and a dressing. Simple, but so fresh and cared for that it’s all good.
The operation is not to mention spotless. A glass of water is what clumsy as the ministry wants to clearing our table, the order of the desserts is not passed, and coffee and tea are served coffee and cappuccino. There you can fall over, but I do not come here. It is not indifference or unwillingness. The people at the table doing their best to give us a nice evening.
From the dessert menu, we have indeed tasted all the dishes. That fact consists solely of a Brown Betty and crème brûlée. Normally I do not need dessert after portions of this size, but I would like to taste. Brown Betty is a warm apple tart with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream that we could communicate better in terms of serving. It should also in taste, for a snack tasting. Delicious, with a crunchy crust just out of the oven and melting ice. The crème brûlée is as it should be, cold with a crunchy caramel crust. A good option is to choose a scoop of ice cream from the display case. Striking: the bulbs are not very hard, but at just the right temperature, so creamy and soft.

The dishes are faultless on the table. The atmosphere is relaxed for adults and children, the ministry is happy that you are there and knocks the price. Overall, I am a fan of Heroes.

Svetlana van Wielink – Shimanskaja was born in St. Petersburg, where she spent most of her life. On her fifth she started her musical education. The piano was svetlana1the early years center, a great love that she still cherishes. Later singing and choral conducting with it. The conservatory training as conductor and singer she attended the Saint Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts. During her study, where classical music was central, she began her work as conductor and singer of a Russian Orthodox church choir. She became fascinated by the influence of orthodox classical music (Russian) composers, an influence which is hidden by the Revolution until well into the twentieth century for many remained. Her rich experience and deep knowledge of Russian music she spend with her love into Dutch work. Since 2007 she works with a palette here to corn as a piano teacher and as a singing teacher. Singers say that I liberated their votes and thereby bring closer to the soul of the music.

2016/10/01 – Princess Beatrix surgery on her right knee


Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands today, October 1, 2016, on location in the Francis / Vlietland hospital in Schiedam surgery on her right knee. When the operation is a knee replacement operation. Attending orthopedic surgeons Dr. M.J.M. Driessen and dr. S. Breugem. Mr Driessen conducted earlier in 2005, an operation in which a prosthesis was placed in the Princess left knee. Doctors have informed that the operation was successful. Princess will be advised by the doctors a few days in the hospital. Afterwards they will continue rehabilitation at home. In connection with this surgery and the rehabilitation of the Princess.

Her Majesty Queen Máxima will replace her at the opening on October 4 a.s. European congress nursing for the elderly in De Doelen in Rotterdam.

2016/09/30 – Delicious Guys:


Gladiators. Tough men were gladiators, idols of many keen looking woman.

Heroes of the Colosseum. Exposition in the Valkhof Museum, Nijmegen, from October 1, 2016 till March 5, 2017. Masterpieces from 19 Italian museums and 9 North European museums.





2016/09/23 – Next Saturday is the so called “Nimwegen Night of the Arts”. 

A maximum of 3,500 visitors can pass by different podiums with 22 different acts. Tickets for the entire festival are only €15.00/CA$22.00/US$16.75/£12.90.


2016/09/22 – Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, will visit King Willem Alexander and Queen Máxima on October 11, 2016. There is an informal luncheon at the King’s residence. Afterwards there is a trip to the museum “Mauritshuis” in the Hague, to visit the exposition “Vermeer and contemporaries” from the British Royal Collection.









scan_20160922Amalia (12 years old), the eldest daughter of King Willem Alexander and Queen Máxima, will receive, starting 2021, an allowance of € 1,500,000 (£ 1,287,300) per year, to be “independant”. A regular student in the Netherlands pays per month:

  • € 00,365 Room rent
  •  € 00,165 College fee
  • € 00,144 Entertainment & sports
  • € 00,161 Regular shopping
  • € 00,097 Health insurance
  • € 00,057 Study materials
  • € 00,056 Transportation
  • € 00,047 Clothing/shoes
  • € 00,026 Mobile phone
  • € 01,118 Total per month
  • € 13,416 Total per year

The princess gets 1,500,000/13,416 = 112 times more than a regular student! There is no need to look for a job, as the tax payers of the Netherlands supply the money 😦 In the Netherlands the parents have to support financially the student, as the system of a free scholarship supplied by the state does not longer exists. This scholarship, has been replaced by a loan system.

2016/09/21 – Local recreation


2016/09/21 – Mail service & price of mail

Where the price of a stamp for an ordinary letter increases with 87% (from € 0.39 to € 0.73), the volume that the Dutch company handles diminishes from 5,100,000 pieces to 2,400,000. That is a decrease of 53%.


2016/09/20 – A poll indicated, that our present Minister of Finance, Jeroen Dijsselbloem, also well known in Brussels, and a tough guy in the Brexit case, came out as #1 as candidate for Prime Minister in the next government (elections in March 2017). Lodewijk Asscher, the present vice-prime minister, came out as #2. Mark Rutte, our present Prime Minister, came out as #6 😦 😦 😦


2016/09/20 – The Dutch equivalent of the American State of the Union. Traditionally on the third Tuesday of September.

2016/09/19 – Hattem

A visit to Pierre’s former colleague as a G.P. in the Dutch army, based in Germany.

2016/09/19 – The red buildings are the houses where students live. In the yellow buildings live “normal” families. As you see, we live in a “hot” area: the numbers 219 & 221 are just in between the “lively” area Graafseweg 215/217 & 223 – 237A. In our gardens we have our neighbours from the Hatertseveldweg 126 – 122.

😦 😦 😦 😦 😦


2016/09/18 – Ecology: inventory and monitoring of qualitative and quantitative data of flora and / or fauna species in an area for a long time. Here in the marshes of the river Waal at Nimwegen.


2016/09/17 – Groningen

scan_20160917-3Groningen Railway Station in the past and at present: in 1866 Groningen was connected to the national network. In the beginning there was only a sort of wooden shelter, in 1872 there was a wooden building constructed. Because Groningen as city had a military function, the railway station should easily be removed to prevent attacks of gunfire. In the same year there came more tracks from different directions to Groningen. A permanent brick building came in 1892, designed by Isaac Gosschalk in Dutch Renaissance and neo-Gothic style.

Because of a very complicated reconstruction in 1968, the railway station lost a lot of it’s “grandeur”.  Between 1994 and 1999 a very extensive renovation took place and the former monumental splendor was restored, including the magnificent ceiling of the central hall.

The eldest railway station, still in use, is Valkenburg (1853) and the most recent Utrecht Vaartsche Rijn (August 22, 2016)

2016/09/17 – A hedgehog in the garden 🙂


2016/09/17 – Blonde d’Aquitaine – farming

Stan Bruijsten (23) is a student at Arnheim University. He is the son of a farmer (pigs). He owns 20 cows, and runs his farm pure biological. After 6 years in the meadows of Stan the cows go to the butcher. His only goal is: to give the best quality of meat. More details on his website and facebook (both in Dutch 🙂 Mail – Phone: +31 6 3737 4936; Sources: De Gelderlander / Website: Copyright © Stan Bruijsten Vleesvee 2015


2016/09/17 – Blonde d’Aquitaine.

A light-colored animal with often slightly bent downwards round horns. It is a breed from the southwest of France, that is characterized by a balanced structure of the strong body. It is a beautiful cow in the landscape. They provide lean meat.


2016/09/16 – Mansur Ahadi came back to the Netherlands as a married man. Now he has a wife in Afghanistan, the chances for her to get a naturalisation are much better, as it is now on the basis of family reunion.


Mr Mansur Ahadi and Mrs Alia Ahadi

2016/09/16 – Mansur Ahadi engaged with Alia. Mansur is a former pupil in Dutch language of me. He runs now a shop for mobile phones. He went to Afghanistan for the immigration of his future wife.


2016/09/15 – Risk a € 140 (£ 119) fine by jumping from the bridges into the river Waal.

The young man left is only 16 years old, and perhaps his parents pay the fine. The young man on the right is a 21-years-old student medicine at Nimwegen Radboud University. For a student life is already expensive. But… “I feel my tummy in my brain when I jump”. (quoted).

🙂 🙂 🙂



To accomodate a Lady you do everything what is in your power and/or reach. So, to make the guest apartment still more B.P.-like, Pierre and I installed this morning a fountain in the pond. The goldfishes seem surprised but pleased. All we have to wait for is her Ladyship’s approval… 🙂 🙂 🙂



2016/09/10 – G217

At 12:19 AM: a candle light party on the terrace of Graafseweg 217-sous. At least 6 youngsters (students???) are “lounging”, perhaps more. Tomorrow we can see the “remainders of the night before” 😦 😦 😦




2016/09/09 – G223 – 237

8 studio’s for students. Our neighbours have the nuisance of extreme loud parties.




2016/09/04 – Groningen – Paternal home

Impression of my paternal home in the city of Groningen, 1968.

2016/08/26 – Nimwegen with in front prominently the Valkhof Castle.



2016/08/15 – Commentator NBC mistakes Máxima for spouse of Dorian Van Rysselberghe

At the American television channel NBC, they are not quite aware members of our Royal Family. The commentator saw after the golden race of Dorian van Rysselberghe our Queen Maxima as the wife of the surfer.

“Look, Dutch fans on the water, ” it sounded when the winner of Olympic gold climbed the stairs of the yacht. On deck amongst others stood Willem-Alexander, Maxima and their children waiting for him. After the high five with the King followed a hug between Van Rysselberghe and Maxima. The commentator: ,, That’s Van Rysselberghe women. A special moment. ”

2016/08/14 – Our neighbors, Peter and Marie, have just opened an Airbnb location.


The film on YouTube is very professional and it will also see pieces of their garden. Our garden is adjacent to it, so you also get a piece “Graafseweg 219” with.


Address: Graafseweg 221, 6531 ZS NIJMEGEN, the Netherlands

Copyrights: Pjoiter T

2016/08/12 HM Queen Elizabeth II  of England, HM King Willem Alexander of the Netherlands, HM Queen Máxima of the Netherlands


2016/08/12 – HRH Willem Alexander, Prince of Orange-Nassau, HM Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte, Prime Minister of the Netherlands. Location: Municipal Museum, Amsterdam “Night Watch”.







This afternoon in the back yard: the hibiscus syriacus



2016/08/06 – Amsterdam Canal Pride













2016/08/03 – HRH Beatrix, HM Elizabeth II & HRH Philip



2016/07/29 – State visit Barack Obama to the Netherlands





2016/07/27 – Travel for free

Nimwegen – Arnheim – Utrecht – Amsterdam CS (National Railway); Amsterdam CS – Amsterdam World Trade Center (metro); Amsterdam World Trade Center – Schiphol Airport (National Railway); Schiphol Airport – Almere – Lelystad – Zwolle – Leeuwarden (National Railway); Leeuwarden – Groningen (Regional Railway); Groningen – Assen – Zwolle (National Railway); Zwolle – Deventer – Arnheim – Nimwegen (National Railway)


Departure: 09:05AM   Return 09:42PM

If you are 65 years or older, you can get a 32% discount on railway tickets provided by the national railway company. Included are 7 free days travel throughout the Netherlands and a discount on international railway tickets. There are some rules:

  • departure not before 09:00 AM morning rush hours;
  • free travel not valid on Mondays and Fridays, because of the large number of business travellers as well as students;
  • 09:00 AM rule not valid on Saturdays and Sundays, when you can start your journey very early and return very late.

My “free travel” starts on the 28th of the odd months and is then valid till the 27th two months later. E.g. yesterday expired the free ticket for May 28 – July 27. And I had the following itinerary: Nijmegen – Amsterdam Central (train), Amsterdam Central – Amsterdam South (metro), Amsterdam South – Schiphol Airport (train), Schiphol Airport – Leeuwarden (train), Leeuwarden – Groningen (local train, no discount 😦 ) , Groningen – Nijmegen (train). On the following blog pages you will get a visual impression of my day, including 2 videos.


Amsterdam Central Railwaystation: First Class Restaurant.



Along the rail track in Amsterdam South the World Trade Center is situated. Also many financial companies have their head offices here.

On the roof of terminal 2 of the airport is a panorama terrace. Big attraction: the City Hopper F70.


You can peek in the cockpit and follow the discussions of air traffic control (the video below) 🙂 🙂 🙂


And after all this excitement you need a break before the long voyage to Leeuwarden starts 🙂 🙂 🙂


201607271700vrijreizenWhen you change from the national railway company to a regional company, you have to check out at a terminal of that company first, because your ticket price is then calculated. On your card you have to load € 20 or € 50 euro.

When you check in € 10 is deducted from the balance on the card. When you check out, and the price of the ticket is more than € 10 the difference is deducted from your card; when the price is less than € 10 the difference is credited to your card. The price of a ticket is always in kilometers, after the most efficient route. Your card is necessary on all public transport in the Netherlands.

A discount at the national railway company is not a guarantee for a discount on local carriers. These companies have their own prices.

When I arrived in Leeuwarden I checked out at the national company (the yellow one on the left) and I had to check in on the carrier Arriva (the orange one on the right.


Weather in the North of the country (Friesland, Groningen) can be nasty; here the railway tracks disappear in a sort of haze towards God knows… 😦 😦 😦 Luckily, there is a piano on the larger railway stations. And you will be surprised to hear the classical and jazz performers!!!



Groningen, Central Station AD 1895

The station building was designed by Izaak Gosschalk and combines Neo-Gothic and Neo-Renaissance elements  The waiting hall annex ticket office was fabulous.

foto jan lankveld/

So-called Red Orphanage. It originally Spiritual Virgin Convent chapel with resulting complex, used as orphanage after the Reformation, has four wings around a courtyard, the eastern is medieval and still meets the closure of its eastern robbed chapel in the SE corner. The medieval right wing’s basement into two naves; On the east facade narrow stone two light frames. In the SE corner of the chapel with vaults supported gallery in the western half. Following the gallery 15th century construction with rectangular floor, where narrow lancet windows on the north and west. Other part of the 17th century wing with narrow high windows on the floor. Northern and western wings renewed in 1700 and has since been amended several times. (Source: State Service for Cultural Heritage).


At the time in my youth, that it was still an orphanage, I came often in this institution. There was a very impressive part of this complex, where all the people who financed the institution came together, dined, and even could sleep comfortably. The housing of the real orphans was much less distinguished 😦 😦 😦 After the closing of the orphanage, it became an institution for young criminals (Het Poortje / The gate). The left door was our front door; we lived on the first floor (see above): the utmost left window was the bathroom, followed by 3 windows of the living room; my father had his office in the utmost right part, the 4 windows. The bedrooms were on the second and third floor. At the time that there was a youth prison behind my Mum’s kitchen, she was confronted often by escaping youths 😦 🙂 As I asked yesterday, this house is now a complex for student apartments.

“HET POORTJE” / “THE GATE”183900000000Groningen~Rode Weeshuisstraat


Drawing from 1839, where a part of our house is still visible.





Picture from July 27, 2016201607271832vrijreizen

2016/07/25 – Summer exposition in the Saint Stephan Church, organised by Intermedi-Art.






Grietje Postma
Dutch, born in Dronten, 1961

In 1984 Grietje Postma enrolls at the Academie Minerva in the town of Groningen, in the Northern tip of the country. She has an eye on the painting curriculum, hoping to find her voice in rendering the deserted landscape of her lowlands. She quickly realizes her propensity for drawn lines in her compositions. She decides to take a printmaking class, thinking it may develop her graphic sensibility. Inspired by the docent Wim van Veen, she finds her way through the first technical difficulties of woodcut techniques and never looks back. By the time she leaves school in 1989 she is a printmaker; and she has found her technique in color woodcut reduction. By carving a single plank of wood in consecutive states, all colors are printed from one matrix. Unlike most artists who have practiced the reduction method, and there are few, she works from dark to light. The complete plank of wood is printed in the darkest color on all sheets of the edition. She then cleans off the matrix and carves it for a first time, taking out those areas she wishes to show in this first darkest color, all the while printing over other areas with a second, lighter color. Thus carving the lines for one color at a time and printing it on the whole edition at once, she ends up with a plank almost completely carved away, with only the lightest color highlights still raised on the plank. This is a one way street: as she carves each color, in successive states, she takes away the very lines needed to print darker (earlier) colors. Because darker colors have been mostly covered by lighter ones, most of Postma’s compositions often feel “animated”. Looming through the tiny unevenness of inking, which are caused by the texture and the grain of the wood, they viewer detects colors that have mostly been hidden. This “translucent” quality gives great depth to her landscapes. Postma combines this technique with an uncanny ability for simplicity. The branches of trees, the stems of flowers, blades of grass, all make up the linear texture of compositions of great austerity. Rather than render a reality, she draws with these lines colorful ambiances; she creates mood and uses outlines to capture our gaze. Her lines almost never force the eye in a particular direction. The slightly surreal quality of light and color very much relaxes the eye: a contemplative landscape shimmers on the retina. As observers of this outdoor view, we often do not feel exposed to the elements. She makes us take a step back, as if sheltered behind a pane of glass. We are warm, admiring cool and cold landscapes from fall, spring and winter. Only rarely does the viewer feel completely part of the surrounding landscape. Grietje Postma has been carving a few color woodcuts each year since 1988. Averaging about five compositions each year, her oeuvre only amounts to about one hundred twenty-five prints to date. She prints her planks with the greatest of care in small editions of fifteen to twenty-five. Her thick sheets or Van Gelder paper have pristine margins and registration is impeccable. Her work has been shown throughout The Netherlands by many galleries and acquired by foremost collectors. Because of her notoriety in her own country and the very limited amount of work produced, her work is scarce and most editions before 2005 sold out. It is a pleasure to be able to acquire these great prints and to offer them to an American audience. While inspired by the lowlands of the northern Netherlands, these landscapes resonate with many who have lived in the Midwest. By departing from reality to render a “composed” and personal landscape, her esthetic sense creates ultimately universal compositions.

2016/07/17 – Moenen

Following the post about Mariken of Nimwegen, follows here a bit more abot this one eyed charming devil:

Moenen plays an important role in the medieval story of Mariken Nimwegen. He is the devil who tempts Mariken to go with him to Antwerp. There they go together and lead for seven years a life of debauchery. If Mariken repents, Moenen trying to murder her, but fails. Eventually Marikens sins are forgiven. The limestone statue of Moenen is designed by Piet Killaars and placed in 1968 on a staircase between the Saint Stephan Cimetary and Stikke Hezelstraat. The position in which the image is placed – Moenen turns his back to the church to – needs no further explanation.


2016/07/13 – Mariken

Mariken by her uncle, with whom she lives in the house, sent to Nimwegen to do the market shopping. In the evening it’s too late to go back home safely, but her aunt Nimwegen will offer her no shelter and chases her away. Desperate Mariken goes down in a hedge. As a stranger speaks to her, the devil disguised as a man. He is known as “Moenen with one eye” and promises her knowledge and wealth if she will go with him. But she needs to change her name, because he does not like getting to a certain Mary to be reminded. Mariken now Emmeken (a name that means little M, and therefore still refers to her own name). Emmeken and Moenen travel to Antwerp, where they lead a long wild and sinful life for seven years. Then Emmeken want to see her family. They go to Nimwegen and see there on the street the staging of a play about God’s grace. Emmeken repents. The devil takes her high into the air and let her fall in order to break her neck and taking her soul to hell. But she survived the fall because her uncle for her prayers. With him, she travels to the pope to find forgiveness for her sin of years. The pope gives her metal rings around her neck and arms. If the rings will fall off, that will be the sign that God has forgiven her. Mariken goes to the monastery. After many years of penance appears an angel that removes the rings in her sleep. If Mariken died two years later, the rings are placed over her grave.


Statue of Mariken on the market square in Nimwegen, in front of the porch (AD 1605) leading to the Saint Stephan Church (AD 1274).

Picture: July 12, 2016



2016/06/23 – NIJMEGEN


King Willem-Alexander will come to Nijmegen to witness the final day of the “Walk of the World” (Nijmegen Four Day Marches). Rumors circulated about his coming equally, but were only confirmed this afternoon by the royal family. The invitation to come to Nijmegen, the king has in his pocket a year. The Nijmegen Four Day  Marches will be this year for the 100th time, reason for the Four-4323061 Day Marches Foundation to give the anniversary edition a royal touch. The father of Willem-Alexander, Prince Claus, participated in the marches of 1967. The vows of the king does not mean that the foundation in terms of safety must bend over backwards. “We had assumed royal visit,” said a spokesman for the marches, so we would only have to switch back if the invitation would be turned down.”

2016/06/23 – Claus was born Klaus-Georg Wilhelm Otto Friedrich Gerd von Amsberg, on his family’s estate, Schloss Dötzingen, near Hitzacker, Germany on 6 September 1926. His parents were Claus Felix von Amsberg and Baroness Gösta von dem Bussche-Haddenhausen. His father, a member of the untitled German nobility, operated a large farm in Tanganyika (formerly German -c1East Africa) from 1928 until World War II. From 1938 Claus and his six sisters grew up on their maternal grandparents’ manor in Lower Saxony; he attended the Friderico-Francisceum-Gymnasium in Bad Doberan from 1933 to 1936 and a boarding school in Tanganyika from 1936 to 1938. Claus was a member of such Nazi youth organisations as Deutsches Jungvolk and the Hitler Youth (membership in the latter was mandatory for all fit members of his generation). From 1938 until 1942, he attended the Baltenschule Misdroy. In 1944, he was conscripted into the German Wehrmacht, becoming a soldier in the German 90th Panzergrenadier Division in Italy in March 1945, but taken as a prisoner of war by the American forces at Meran before taking part in any fighting. After his repatriation, he finished school in Lüneburg and studied law in Hamburg. He then joined the German diplomatic corps and worked in Santo Domingo and Ivory Coast. In the 1960s, he was transferred to Bonn.

Claus met Princess Beatrix for the first time on New Year’s Eve 1962 in Bad Driburg at a dinner hosted by the count von Oeynhausen-Sierstorpff who was a distant relative of both of them. They met again at the wedding-eve party of Princess Tatjana of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg and Moritz, Landgrave of Hesse, in the summer of 1964. With memories of German oppression still very strong 20 years after the war, sections of the Dutch population were unhappy that Beatrix’s fiancé was a German and former member of the Hitler Youth. Nonetheless, Juliana gave the engagement her blessing after giving serious thought to canceling it. The engagement was approved by the States-General (Dutch House of Commons and House of Lords) —a necessary step for Beatrix to remain heiress to the throne—in 1965. He was granted Dutch-c2 citizenship later that year and changed the spellings of his names to Dutch. The pair were married on 10 March 1966. Their wedding day saw violent protests, most notably by the anarchist-artist group Provo. They included such memorable slogans as “Claus, ‘raus!” (Claus, get out!) and “Mijn fiets terug” (Give me back my bike), a reference to the memory of occupying German soldiers confiscating Dutch bicycles. A smoke bomb was thrown at the wedding carriage by a group of Provos. For a time, it was thought that Beatrix would be the last monarch of the Netherlands. However, over time, Claus became accepted by the public, so much so that during the last part of his life he was generally considered the most popular member of the Royal Family. This change in Dutch opinion was brought about by Claus’s strong motivation to contribute to public causes (especially Third World development, on which he was considered an expert), his sincere modesty and his candor (within but sometimes on the edge of royal protocol). The public also sympathised with Claus for his efforts to give meaning to his life beyond the restrictions that Dutch law imposed on the Royal Family’s freedom of speech and action. However, these restrictions were gradually loosened; Claus was even appointed as senior staff member at the Department of Developing Aid, always in an advisory role. One example of his attitude toward protocol was the “Declaration of the Tie”. In 1998, after presenting the annual Prince Claus Awards to three African fashion designers, Claus told “workers of all nations to unite and cast -c3away the new shackles they have voluntarily cast upon themselves”, meaning the necktie, that “snake around my neck,” and encouraged the audience to “venture into open-collar paradise”. He then removed his tie and threw it on the floor. In 2001, when on Dutch television he announced the marriage of his son Willem-Alexander, Prince of Orange, and Máxima Zorreguieta, an Argentine woman of Spanish and Italian descent, Prince Claus referred to himself as more a citizen of the world than anything else. Prince Claus died April 6, October 2002 (aged 76) at the Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Tonight at 07PM “our” asparagus season ends. Dinner guests will be two former colleagues G.P.’s from Horst with their spouses: Martin and Marjos Duives and Leon and Yvonne Majoor. Pierre prepares the asparagus (white) “the classic way” with boiled eggs, ham. Hollandaise sauce and little fried potatoes. We begin dinner with a home made creamy asparagus soup. Dessert will be strawberries. For asparagus we always serve Pinot Grigio. Yours truly does the table setting (from choosing the cover to putting the crystal wine glasses), prepares the ham and eggs.


The table is set, the guests can come… 🙂


From left to right: empty chair: Martien Duives who takes the picture, Marjos Duives, Luke Barkhuis, Pierre Bormans, Yvonne Majoor, Leon Majoor.




Harp player in the Broersstraat, Nimwegen