0871-Life with a walker

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0821-Graafseweg 219

Nijmegen, The Netherlands 19th July 2018 - Ambulance Just Outside ...

Friday 12 June at 9:20pm I was heading from the souterrain level to the ground level. In the hallway (1.60m wide) I slipped down. And as I am 1.75m long, I was trapped between the walls of the hallway. I felt immediately that there was a serious injury, as I could not move any more my back and legs. Pierre called the alarmnumber 112 and there arrived a small car with just one male nurse. When he could not get me on my feet, an ambulance was ordered. I was carried out via the garden gate, and moved to street level with the help of neighboring students. The report of the radiographer reads:

  • [1] Anterior wall fracture acetabulum R.;
  • [2] Fracture os pubis inferior R.;
  • [3] Fracture processus transversus L2 R.;
  • [4] Fracture costa 6 & 7 L.

The remaining part of the last three weeks is in the following video.


KLM, the Dutch national airline company, resumes as per 01 July a part of its schedule, for European and intercontinental destinations.

0811-Vincent van Gogh

Van Gogh Cartoons by Alireza Karimi Moghaddam

Iranian cartoonist Alireza Karimi Moghaddam shares his admiration for Vincent van Gogh in an ongoing comic series starring the Post-Impressionist painter. His colorful illustrations tell the story of the iconic artist’s turbulent life and the artwork he produced during his short career. From cycling through a meadow of sunflowers and laying in wheat fields to paddling in the ocean and observing the night sky, Moghaddam often illustrates Van Gogh exploring the nature that inspired some of his most famous works. In one image, cartoon Van Gogh looks up at the swirling night sky, which Moghaddam illustrates as stylized, painterly brushstrokes of color. This references one of the artist’s most iconic works, The Starry Night (1889), which visualizes the view from the “iron-barred window” of his asylum room at Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, just before sunrise. Digitally rendered in colorful line work, Moghaddam’s comics are aesthetically cheery, but that doesn’t mean the talented cartoonist shies away from portraying Van Gogh’s darker side. Many images illustrate the troubled artist’s battle with mental health. One comic shows Van Gogh feeding his cut-off ear to crows, and another depicts him standing atop of a bridge, contemplating suicide. No matter the situation, each illustrated scene gives a true representation of the iconic artist’s life in Moghaddam’s distinct, animated style. Scroll down to see some of Moghaddam’s comics starting Van Gogh.

The article was sent to me by Mr. Brian Holden, artist/painter, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.


Enjoy the Netherlands!

Holland Update Cover Loop

Happy Birthday, KLM 100y

SCHIPHOL – KLM is a hundred years old, and therefore officially the oldest airline in the world. Where British Airways, which claims the same, painted no less than four airplanes in historic colors, KLM keeps it modest: almost every aircraft carries special stickers. Over the past few months, the hangars have worked hard to put the stickers on the fleet. This happened during the regular maintenance of the devices and lasted an average of three to four hours. Almost all aircraft, from the small Embraer 175 to the large Boeing 747, now carry special inscriptions on two sides to celebrate the KLM anniversary. Even the Fokker 100, which is parked on the panorama terrace at Schiphol, was given the stickers, and also the cargo fleet and the striking Boeing 777-300ER in Orange Pride livery are provided with it. Excepted are the three aircraft that wear the SkyTeam colors, and the PH-BKA, the first Boeing 787-10 for KLM that has been painted in a festive jubilee jacket. The stickers represent a new challenge for aircraft spotters: all aircraft from the fleet must be recorded on the sensitive plate by the true enthusiast. From January 2020 the stickers will slowly disappear from the fleet. Some haste is therefore required.

07 October 2019, Istanbul Internaional Airport. KL1613 (AMS-IST) arrives at gate D7, in a welcome shower by the Istanbul International airport fire brigade.


On duty as a volunteer in the St Stephan Church: a musical intermezzo bu the organ player Ton den den Hout, Emeritus Professor at the Radboud University, Nijmegen.

Don’t cry for me…

Dirty little secrets

I watched the moon rise and the sun run away and I remember ” You and I”. I’m the dancing moon whispering words of love to you as we pass in the night. I was told fire and water cannot be mixed. One shall die.

Love can be sweet, love can be bitter. Can sleeping mind and heart be reborn? Lovers confess on paper things they need and want. Sweet wishes can be turned into dirty little secrets.

A chameleon life are we? Inner wishes becoming lies and wishing well whispers. I know people need face to face. Need to color the empty places with a canvas of long walks, beautiful places and showing real face.

Real face. Few we allow in to see. I wonder what do you dream about? I want to know what makes you smile and laugh? Hard to unlock doors closed tightly. Are we just laying in shallow graves? Waiting?

The midnight confessions to the moon are cutting and honest words. The midnight confessions are bleeding words whispered to the rising sun.

I’m the moon and you are the sun. Like all things. They turn, turn, turn till we give-in or give-up. Are we support to accept less? Would you my warm and kind sun. Love my morning face? Would I love your smile and words in the mist of the nightly darkness?

Dirty little secrets can become very heavy and the old wise poet once wrote. Don’t be wishy washy. Man-up and live.

I’m the moon and you are the sun. Please wait for me dear love.

John Coyote

Holiday travel

Our stay in Somerset, a short impression: