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  • Blog post titles are in the format: <title>-YYYY/MM/DD-XX, where XX stands for the country, like UK, US, FR.
  • Post titles ending with YYYY/MM/DD*D* will be removed from the blog after 7 days, as you can see the same post on the relating page (the D between the ** indicates: delete; e.g.  “Anwar’s column-2018/02/08*D*” will be deleted from the blog on February 15, as the blog post is also on the blog page “Anwar’s columns”).
  • Blog page titles are mentioned on top of the site. A page is handling only one subject: Netherlands The-YYYY-XX (Politics, Royal family, Nimwegen & private news), Royal Family-YYYY-UK, Stewart-Wilson-YYYY-UK (everything about the family of Lady Helen Mary Stewart-Wilson), where YYYY stands for the year. If there is a lot of content on a page, then the page will be split up in calendar years: Stewart-Wilson-2016-UK, Stewart-Wilson-2017-UK, Stewart-Wilson-2018-UK.

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