About the author

Luke Cecil Barkhuis was born 28 February 1949 in the city of Groningen, capital of the province of Groningen, in the North of the Netherlands. Luke has still two sisters (b. 1945 and 1946). His father passed away in 1993, his mother in 2001.

07 January 1978 Luke met his present partner Pierre Bormans. On 21 June 1999 their relationship was registered in Amsterdam. Pierre is a former GP. He closed his practice in July 2003. Luke and Pierre moved to their present residence in Nimwegen mid-September 2003.

  • He makes himself useful by helping refugees (mostly teaching Dutch language, but also helping with law matters, introduction in the Dutch society, financial advise etc..).
  • His musical heart is at the Nimwegen Byzantine Choir. He writes the (computer) scores for the choir members, in close contact with the conductor Svetlana van Wielink. Apart from this work he is also treasurer of the choir and keeps a constant track on the data of the choir members and staff.
  • He is a member of the volunteers group at the Saint Stephan Church.
  • He and his partner Pierre are dedicated participants of the yearly Four Day Marches (Walk of the World).

Luke is a fervent traveller: by train, plane and boat. Recent cruises were:

  • North Cape (2009),
  • Greenland/Iceland (2010),
  • Worldcruise (2012),
  • South-America / the Pacific / Australia / Singapore (2014),
  • Worldcruise (2016),
  • Spain and France (2017).

During the worldcruise of 2016 Luke met Lady Helen Mary Stewart-Wilson Fox. The cruise lasted 117 days, and after numerous bottles of champaign, crème de Cassis (for the Kir Royal), gin, Cointreau, the friendship carried on with visits to Lady Mary in North Curry, Somerset, and return visits to Nimwegen. In June 2017 they were cruising together to Spain and France. All the entries “Stewart-Wilson” in the blog refer to their friendship, as well as to the very interesting background of Her Ladyship. Her late husband  Sir Blair Aubyn Stewart-Wilson was Deputy Master of the and Equerry to Queen Elizabeth II of England from 1976 to 1994. (According to very interesting and hilarious notes between Her Majesty and  Sir Blair, that you can find in a very peculiar place, the Queen and Blair had a very good bond.) Over the past years Pierre and Luke have met the three daughters of Sir Blair and Lady Mary: Alice, Sophy and Belinda. For medical purposes Lady Mary has her 3rd GP (apart from North Curry and London), and a private male nurse.