3. Student housing

0707/Hatertseveldweg 140

The penthouse has an immense terrace, apparently fitted to place party tents on…

On 17 November 2018, at 12:09AM there was a huge party going on:

Nevertheless this appartment is also part of the “nuisance triangle”. And it was NOT the first time that the ladies had a party, with the women in smart dresses and the gents also smartly dressed. This time no tuxedo’s. The picture below gives an impression how packed we are around the nice inner gardens… 🙂 🙂 🙂 😦 😦 😦

0677/Graafseweg 215

201809042019NL_Gwg215-1The  official Society Student Housing Nimwegen (SSH&) owns about 1,500 houses and appartment buildings in Nimwegen. One of these (Graafseweg 215) is just similar to our house:  219.

DIrt collection from private houses and companies is organised by a company, called DAR. The system is very easy (also for high educated students…): every week the Dar comes by; for us the Tuesday is the day. Alternating in weeks you put 201809042019NL_Gwg215-2outside your green container, next week your bags containing plastic and separately remaining garbage. On the third Tuesday special vans collect the large blue container with paper.

Yesterday it was the green container day. The students discarded everything but the green container. I took these pictures at 8:20PM. The vans of the DAR passed by long ago. But they should be strict what to collect.

This is now the 3rd time that this happens at this particular house. I complained before by SSH&.



The large, Gelderland student cities of Wageningen and Nimwegen are faced with a considerable shortage of rooms. Especially those who want to study in Wageningen have to take long waiting lists into account. The shortage is constantly increasing, is the expectation. One year after their enrollment, around 175 students are still on the waiting list at Idealis in Wageningen, with some 5,000 rooms being the largest student housing provider. They started studying in academic year 2017/2018, but are still without a room. “Last year we already had some students who did not have a room after a year. But not that much. Until a few years ago almost everyone had a room before 1 May. It shows that the pressure on the chamber market continues to grow, ” said spokesman Hellen Albers. In total, Idealis received 2,058 enrollments for the past academic year. “These are also students who enrolled, but were not sure of their study city.”


More difficult
The expectation is that it will be increasingly difficult to find a room in Wageningen in the coming years. The number of students at Wageningen University is now rising to around 15,000 students in 2022/2023, according to forecasts of some 12,000. There are not so many homes: Idealis expects that around 1,000 residential units will be added in that year. ,, We do what we can and have various locations. Due to the increase in the number of students, the tension between supply and demand will worsen. ” The number of students living away from home has increased considerably in recent years in Wageningen. Ten years ago, according to the latest National Student Housing Monitor, s2there were still about 4,700, two academic years ago 7,400. A very different effect is observed by Idealis in Ede. There the demand has just declined and the market is ‘very relaxed’. Albers: ,, As the number of students living away from home in Ede is decreasing, it is increasing in Wageningen. ”

Just as in Wageningen, there is also much more demand in the Nimwegen market than supply. Even though the pressure is according to student accommodation provider SSH&, which has around 6,400 rooms and 35 percent of the room market, ‘stable’ in recent years. Nearly all first-year students who enrolled before the start of their studies had a room in May or June, says manager Vincent Buitenhuis. ,, Students who have to travel for a long time and therefore get priority, have a room for Christmas. Those who live closer always at the end of the first year. ” The accommodation provider has about 2,000 to 2,500 homes available every year from the 6,400 rooms in Nimwegen. More than 3,000 students register annually with the accommodation provider. “Many students find something on the private market.”

Second-year students
According to Buitenhuis, a new problem forms students who only go to rooms in their second year. “There are more and more. The problem is that they are not allowed to use our priority rules. First-year students and students with travel urgency go ahead, which s3puts second-year students in trouble and has to wait longer. That can take two years. We look at what to do with the rules. ” In Arnhem, pressure on the chamber market is in balance, according to the latest figures from the National Student Housing Monitor. Only 6,000 students live in rooms there, compared with around 19,000 in Nimwegen. The SSH&, which owns nearly 10 percent of the market, sees an increase in demand. Buitenhuis: ,, That is why we are going to build 140 units so that we will have 600 rooms in the future. The fact that students quickly find a room also comes from the many private providers. ”

Note: SSH& used to be SSHN, meaning: Society Student Housing Nimwegen.

0633/Hatertseveldweg 140


In the night from 15 July on 16 July I awoke because of an immense noise of a party, which took place on the balcony of a house at the Hatertseveldweg 140. Ladies in evening dress and men in suits with black tie AT THREE O’CLOCK AM. The party lasted at least till 04:00am, because then I fell asleep.

The following morning at 11:00am the (half dressed) party-gang was already busy evaluating the feast of the night before. I went over to neighbor Peter to ask him if he had heard the noise also. He had not. Peter and Marie sleep two levels lower than Pierre and I. However, Peter told me that the appartment recently was hired by two young ladies. As I was too angry about the very unsocial behaviour of the people, Peter went alone over to the ladies. He explained to them that any noise on balconies and in gardens was kept in the inner garden of all the houses in the nuisance triangle. Thus, because both the Graafseweg and Hatertseveldweg are elevated roads, creating an immense surface with sousterrain floors and large gardens.

The ladies had no idea of that and promised to take consideration in future.

0612/Graafseweg 217

Our neighbors Friso and Tim announced about 6 weeks ago a Midsummer Party for June 23, 2018. The eventual noise nuisance would last till midnight. And after their promise, with their neighbor Luke at the side of the DJ, the party ended prompt at midnight. The whole gang went afterwards to the city center, to continue the party till 04:00AM.

0577/Graafseweg 213-B

This morning -Sunday, 13 May- a very noisy group of young people were still outside on the premises of Graafseweg 213-B, on the lower ground level. At 12:20am I went over to the group, and asked who the host/hostess of the party was. A young lady indicated her front door, saying “We shall put the volume of the music lower”. At 12:50am I woke up by the noise of the party still going on, with loud conversations and laughter. I was annoyed being woken up, and decided to record the incident. Here a very short (45 seconds) impression:

When I went to the St Stephan church -11:10am- to do my volunteer work, the following picture of “the remainders of the night before” were this:



When I was taking the picture of “the remainders”, a neighbor (Graafseweg 215) asked me if there were problems. When I told him of what happened in the early morning, he told me, that he has had a note, saying, that the party should last till 02:00am max.

The definition “neighbor nuisance”  is hard to get:

  • Dutch law refers to the city laws.
  • City laws are complex, so I called the Nimwegen police.
  • The police informs me, that -as soon as I feel nuisance of neighbors- they will send an officer, no matter what hour of the day.
  • The police says: each individual has it’s own interpretation of “nuisance”, so they take it always seriously.
  • Strict hours for neighbor nuisance are nowhere stated, e.g. from 10:00pm till 07:00am.

0573/Graafseweg 223-237

But a few days later it was a beginning mess again: on Monday morning (07 May) I had seen the service van of the container company leave the premises at 07:30am. When I passed by coincidentally at 12:40am, the following situation was there:


I mailed the next morning to the owner of the complex. I told him, that I was grateful that he had taken immediate action after the first complaint.

Mr Vogelsangs called me in the afternoon around 02:00pm. It appeared, that there had been a new tenant in the complex, who had dumped all the packing materials of the furniture etc. in the container. The last incident (picture above) was only due to a tenant, who was too lazy to use the key for the chain on the locker.

0565/Graafseweg 223-237

After the complaint about the carbage container and the lose carbage disposal bag…

the owner of the student housing Graafseweg 223 – 237 + 239 came over at the door at 11:00am. He threatened me: “I have a kickbox school who wants to hire a part of the building, and those boys will teach you a lessen”, “I come over this afternoon with my business companion and we can be very nasty”, etc.. Meanwhile he took pictures with his smartphone of my face, my entire body, the number plate of our house and the name plate. Perhaps more. But my mail to the city nuisance department made him to act, as the container was emptied within 2 days:


0564/Graafseweg 223-237

Today at 04:49PM the same situation as on 11 June 2017: an overfilled garbage container, with even bags with plastic/garbage around it:


I have put a complaint at the department of the city, which handles all complaints. They are the implementing organization for permits, supervision and enforcement for construction and environment. There is a contract between the owner of the student housings and a third party, that the container is emptied every Monday around 10:00AM. Apparently the day before yesterday that was not done.

Last year:


Counted from street level, these students have their drinks on the fourth floor 🙂 🙂 🙂 Life is so nice in Nimwegen city!!!

From top downwards:

  • 4th floor: roof ( the sitting area);
  • 3rd floor: attic floor;
  • 2nd floor: gothic windowed bedrooms;
  • 1st floor: gothic windowed bedrooms;
  • ground floor: gothic windowed living rooms;
  • basement: storage rooms and apartment at backside.

For Nimwegen this is a very common way of house building. When I have to compare with our house, then I state the following:

  • 3rd floor: not in use, attic;
  • 2nd floor: storage; there could be 2 bedrooms;
  • 1st floor: master bedroom, office, sundeck (total 15m / 50ft);
  • ground floor: lounge area, dining area, garden room (total 15m / 50ft);
  • basement: running over the full length of the house (total 15m / 50ft): guestroom, living room, garden room; plus a nice back yard and a pond.

0355/The nuisance triangle


================122 till 126=128 till 136=138=140

===========================  Groenestraat   352

================================138A             |

============================225F/138B         354

============================225E /138C           |

============================225D                   356

============================225C                       |

============================225B                    358

============================225A                       |

209=211 till 213A=213B till 217=219/221=223 till 241


  1. The red colored numbers are student housings; the largest complex is Graafseweg 223 till 237, with in the garden a wing of studio’s, that runs from Graafseweg 225 to the opposite side: Hatertseveldweg 138. The owner of this complex is also the owner of Graafseweg 239.
  2. The blue colored numbers are companies. One of these buildings (354) might as well be converted into student housing; the plans are there; 18 rooms!!!
  3. The black colored numbers are the houses which people own and live in.
  • 13 buildings are private owned and used by their owners—–37%
  • 3 company buildings——————————————————-9%
  • 19 buildings are private owned but hired to students———-54%

When counting in people per housing, figures are completely different:

  • private housing: av. 3 people/house number====13 x 3=    39 (25%)
  • company buildings; av. 0 people/house number===3 x 0=    0     (0%)
  • student housing: av. 6 people/house number====19 x 6= 114 (75%)

That means: for every 1 private owning and living person in the “Nuisance Triangle” there are 3 tenants/students!!!

Nota bene: these figures are based on the official data from the Community Nijmegen, as far as they are accessable for “open” information.

0317/Graafseweg 217


  • Everything back to “normal”: the lounge-set is on its place, the BBQ, the American style freezer/fridge and 2 refrigerators are gone 🙂
  • A lot of the beer and soft drinks are still “in stock”, as well as a part of the meat for the BBQ 😦
  • I hope that the entrance fee of € 15 per person has covered the expenses of Friso, Tim c.s.. 🙂

0316/Graafseweg 217



  • The party ended earlier than planned, just after midnight, due to the fact that neighbors had called directly the police instead of coming first over and discuss the matter with  the organisers of the party: Floris and Tim.
  • The first police car arrived at 07.00 PM at the neighbors Graafseweg 215, where previously this week had been nuisance to neighbors.
  • The last and third time that the police came over was just past midnight June 24/25. The police threatened to confiscate the “nuisance obstacles” (2 sound panels of the the DJ).
  • So, Floris announced the party continued but without music and light effects. At the appointed time of 01 AM all was silent, and the party members were gone to the city”s student nightlife.

By the way, I attended the party for a while and was introduced by Floris and Tim as “the understanding neighbor” 🙂 🙂 🙂

0315/Graafseweg 217




Saturday, 08.32PM

0314/Graafseweg 215









Pictures above: left the front door with the orange sign of SSHN (Society for Student Housing Nijmegen), and right the doorbells with the names of the tenants.


  1. Residents of the property Graafseweg 215 sousterrain/ground floor/first floor at {6531 ZS] Nijmegen, domicile sub 2. following, hereinafter referred to as “the nuisance to residents sub §3 “.
  2. SSHN, as owner of sub 1 named property, domicile Laan van Scheur 4 at [6501 BD] Nijmegen,  hereinafter referred to as “the landlord /owner“.
  3. Luke C. Barkhuis and Pieter J.L. Bormans, owners and residents of the property Graafseweg 219, domicile Graafseweg 219 at [6531 ZS] Nimegen, hereinafter: “the residents“.


  1. During the evening of Monday, June 19th to the morning of Tuesday, June 20, 2017, the nuisance to residents §3 in the garden of the property Graafseweg 215 sousterrain/ground floor/first floor had a cozy & loud gathering/party.
  2. When the residents wanted to rest at 00:10 on the 20th of June (they sleep at the street side of the Graafseweg, but for ventilation the sliding doors on the garden side on the first floor should be opened) there was laughter, discussions and noise of eating and/or drinking utensils.
  3. From the balcony (garden side) on the first floor, one of the residents has called to the nuisance to the residents §3, but without reaction /result.
  4. At 00:30 at night, guests started to say goodbye, in a for the residents, loudly way.
  5. One or more guests then went loudly towards the Graafseweg 223-237, also student housings with other nuisance to residents, where the concerning landlord/owner of the property being also approached for inconvenience.
  6. At 00:45 hours, after cleaning up the gathering/party environment, silence returned.


  1. In the model rental agreement SSHN, the owner/landlord states in Article D.11: “The tenant is obliged not to give landlords, residents or neighboring residents any inconvenience“.
  2. The inconvenience of room rental objects, as yours, was dealt with at the meeting of the City Council of Nijmegen on June 14, 2017 under item 12, and will be re-appealed to the City Council meeting on 28 June 2017.
  3. POLICE: “The approach to nuisance is a joint responsibility of municipalities, police, relief agencies and housing associations. But you as a citizen can also do something by -for exemple- reporting inconvenience. When people live close together, conflicts or arguments can arise. By not talking at all or not talking well, it can get out of hand. Neighborhood mediators can help you out there with your neighbors.” 
  4. The new and stricter room rental policy of the municipality of Nijmegen is bad at student housing firm SSH &. Kees Stunnenberg, director of SSH & the largest student housing firm in the city, finds that Nijmegen is shooting a cannon on a mosquito with the new stricter room rental policy . The student is highly stigmatized in the new policy as a nuisance, he believes. ‘I wonder if you’re a first-year-old to feel welcome in the city, if you’re reading this.’ Also chairman Floris Boone of the student union AKKU believes that the municipality of Nijmegen exaggerates and overcomes the inconvenience problem in student housing. “The rotten apples should take you out, but do not put the student down as a nuisance. We see that happening now. That’s really a pity,” Boone says. According to SSH & Director Stunnenberg, the inconvenience caused by students, in particular, is “6,000 rooms, at least.” “And if there’s really a nuisance, we’ll get up soon after a message. We employ twelve house masters who are on our way daily.” The SSH & has especially large, separate student complexes. The number of “city houses” of the SSH & does not exceed 80. There are about 600 students living in it. House smugglers: Stunnenberg finds that there is also another large private room rental market, including real house smugglers, and that the situation may be different. “But what worries me is that Bert Velthuis, with his new approach to custody, puts the student in a false daylight. As if they are all celebrators and cause many problems in the neighborhood. However, most students are very socially involved, work hard. Many students are actively involved in the neighborhood where they live, we experience. Ten years ago we got more complaints than now.” According to the director, there are no more than twenty at the SSH & within. “Students give the city shine with their dynamics and talent. What would be Nijmegen without students? Perhaps an aging, shrinking provincial town.” He calls the note of Governor Velthuis about the room rental policy, therefore, a little bit tight. “Of course, it’s great to deal with excessive nuisance, we do it ourselves too. But not every mention of a living is evidence of excessive inconvenience. It’s sometimes nothing at all, for example a bicycle that’s wrong.” Better visible: Stunnenberg also finds it good that Alderman Velthuis demands that the landlords of the premises must be more visible to the neighborhood. “We have a SSHN tag on all our properties. Therefore, every resident can find us if they want to file a complaint.” President Floris Boone of Student Affairs AKKU considers it a good idea to organize complaints complaints better. Velthuis wants it to be kept central. “That’s a good step. But I think that complaints about other tenants in ordinary homes should also be centralized. ‘ Boone also claims that illegal property owners should be taken care of.“They do not comply with the law.” (source: de Gelderlander)

A copy of this email will be delivered at the nuisance to residents §3. However, we count on SSHN quick and adequate handling!


L.C. Barkhuis & P.J.L. Bormans

Graafseweg 219, 6531 ZS Nijmegen

0311/Graafseweg 217

Announced for next Saturday: a party at our neighboring student house & garden till 01:00AM. The two companions of the sousterrain -we are very well “on speaking terms nowadays 🙂 “- came today at the door. Preparations (decorations) apparently just delivered…

0310/Graafseweg 241

A new case: at Graafseweg 241 it is also a mess with household dirt. Although the DAR (dirt collect service Nijmegen) will pass by next Tuesday, it is already on Friday morning a bit of chaos here. According to the number of bells, there live about 8 to 10 students in this house.

0308/Graafseweg 223-237

As a variation on “On a beautiful morning like this”, here the evening setting of the neighboring students of Graafseweg 223-237. Visible are 5 females and one male, the whole “assembly” coun-ted ten people, having a beer in the sunset. The picture is taken from our front balcony and the (according the owner of the student complex) offending red car is parked exactly on the driveway of Graafseweg 221, with the strict permission of the owners of Graafseweg 221.

However, the owner of the student complex, Mr. Vogelsang -husband of the owner of the buildings in question: Archi-Bel B.V., sees this as an illegal use of his property and threatens to tow away the red car (“It is only a matter of putting a chain and discard the obstacle”, as he said).

The proprietress of the car, a woman known by our neighbors, lives also at the Graafseweg (odd numbers) but more towards the city. Normally she parks the car in front of the student complex, which is -according to the angry owner- a private property. So in the last case he could ask the lady in question to park her car elsewhere. At the other side of the Graafseweg is a cycle road annex driveway, where lots of people park their car in the evening, as parking space on the odd numbered side of the Graafseweg is sparse 😦 😦 😦

0307/Graafseweg 223-237

Within 24 hours the dirt container of the student housing complex has been emptied. An angry husband of the pro-prietress ( REAL ESTATE MALDEN B.V.  / Archi-Bel B.V.) was on the phone this afternoon. “Why making all that fuss, when there sere only 4 bags for collection not placed IN the container, and that somebody would have forgotten to close the lid of the container?”. NOW the lid is visibly secured with a chain… Further-more: each Monday morning the container is emptied. So… dear neighbors, why bother?

0306/Graafseweg 223-237

At the neighboring housing for students (?) the Graafseweg becomes more and more a mess. The owner of the 37 student rooms and -apartments,  REAL ESTATE MALDEN BV (related to Archi-Bel B.V.) has already troubles with the community of Nijmegen, because a part of the studio’s and apartments have been built without the consent of the Community. Furthermore the fire brigade Nijmegen inspected the buildings and declared them not safe for housing.

0296/Graafseweg 217 

The brand new lounge set looks like there will nothing happen tonight… 😦

Instead of beer in (manly) bottles, there are now pink and green cups on the table… 🙂

what will be going on tonight???

0294/Graafseweg 217 

In the afternoon of Saturday May 6 a brand new lounge set arrived. And at 07:13PM the first guest arrived for a try-out.

And at May 7 01:05AM the remains of the party were observed. At the utmost left on the picture you can see a part of the bottles beer that were still “on stock” 😦 🙂

0283/Graafseweg 217

The decoration from the outdoor Christmas tree is still functioning 🙂

Party till deep in the night, with numerous bottles of beer 😦


Rapid increase in number of rooms for students in Nijmegen


The growth of the number of rooms in private houses in Nijmegen seems to be no end. Since 2014, 111 licenses issued to convert a ‘normal’ house to a building with at least five rooms that are rented. This means that there is certainly an increase of 555 rooms from private pawnshop owners over the past three years.

Conversion into student rooms
This mainly takes place in Nijmegen East, central and Nijmegen West. According to figures from the Environment Department Region Nijmegen (ODRN), formerly Building and Housing Supervision. This year, even has the largest addition of merde relocated houses since 2014 (45 properties).

The figures are surprising. In the political debate in recent weeks about tackling nuisance room rentals suggested several council groups that the growth in the number of room properties decreases in the city. Nijmegen example would be more than enough room for students. Of housing shortage among them would not be any more, stated inter alia SP councilor Bart van Berkel. Especially because the large student housing SSH and in the last five years in Nijmegen more than 1,500 new rooms built in several large complexes.


  • he red buildings are the houses where students live.
  • In the yellow buildings live “normal” families, which have a lot of nuisance of the neighboring people.
  • As you see, we live in a “hot” area: the numbers 219 & 221 are just in between the “lively” area Graafseweg 215/217 & 223 – 237A. In our gardens we have our neighbors from the Hatertseveldweg 126 – 122.

😦 😦 😦 😦 😦


0057/Graafseweg 217

At 12:19AM: a candle light party on the terrace of Graafseweg 217-sous. At least 6 youngsters (students???) are “lounging”, perhaps more. Tomorrow we can see the “remainders of the night before” 😦 😦 😦




0056/Graafseweg 223 – 237

8 studio’s for students. Our neighbours have the nuisance of extreme loud parties.