Find an internship

I have to find an internship. That is difficult in these times. For newcomers in the Netherlands, doing an internship is not only a matter of completing assignments and applying knowledge. Above all, it takes getting used to the corporate culture and getting to know the new words we encounter in the workplace.
“I barely learned anything during the last internship,” a Syrian friend said to me. He had to work from home because of Corona. “I’m thinking about staying home from school for a few months like you,” he said.
Because I had completed my five-year study as a lawyer in Syria, I received a five-month exemption here. I could use this time to graduate earlier, but I won’t. It means that I sit at home, do assignments at the computer, and meet online. The Dutch are good at that, but I am not. I need real contact to be able to signal the glassy looks of the Dutch when I say something again that is not correct in Dutch. Then I can correct myself and explain better what I mean. With gestures, some English words, and then it works.
I have decided to stay at home for six months and prepare for my graduation internship. But above all I want to give myself space to recover from the past years. From the war, from fleeing, from the first years in the Netherlands.
“Take time and rest to process the images in your head”, I often hear. If I do have to do that, I’d rather be at home alone. Nobody will be surprised if it makes me scream. Now is a good time, and not when I have a job soon.
Getting fired for screaming at my computer doesn’t seem like a good idea to me.

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