Of course you would never miss a dictatorship, you would think. Sometimes I secretly miss it. For example, if our country is in the grip of a dangerous virus and the government only provides “advice”. If you are not allowed to have an opinion about what the government decides, it can sometimes just have its advantages. The military will just take to the streets if you don’t listen. It works, because Syria is not yet colored on the corona map.
Our country is colored orange. Unfortunately this time not because of a football match or King’s Day, but to show how dangerous the area where we live is. The new corona measures feel like a show that we put on together. That we want to show how well we are doing, while nothing really changes. Shops and catering must continue to have enough customers. That is why the customers do not have to wear masks, but the employees do. We wear a self-made mouth mask from a piece of cloth from the closet, because it looks nicer and matches our outfit. Moreover, it is cheaper than the medical mouth masks.
I am afraid that the new measures and behavior that comes with it will resemble the glass container. Residents separate all the glass in the correct colors, after which it is collected in one large container. We are doing well for the show, but not really.
In my opinion, measures in the Netherlands will only work if we understand the problem properly. Because there are too many people who see corona as a fart. When they walk past it, they put their T-shirt in front of their nose and let it go a few meters further. In my opinion, the Netherlands does not need new measures, but it does need better information. We need to understand the virus. Only then do we get it under control.

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