Santa-Claus will not hold a festive entry in most places in the region this year due to the corona virus. The local Santa-Claus committees are all thinking about “something else”. So a thick line through entries in places such as Groesbeek – ride through the village – and Malden and Mook, where Santa-Claus normally arrives over the water. That does not mean that he is not completely absent, because in the municipalities of Heumen and Mook and Middelaar there will be talks about what is still possible corona proof.

That is why in Nederasselt – in contrast to the other Heumen villages – the entry has not yet been definitively eliminated. The organizing orange committee first wants to wait for the municipal consultation. The North Limburg Safety Region decided at the end of last week that a Santa-Claus entry may not be held in any of the fifteen municipalities. The arrival of Santa-Claus in Malden has been tackled on a grand scale for years. After he has arrived by boat on the Maas-Waal Canal, it goes to the Antonious Abtkerk in the center where an extensive party follows. “It is simply not possible to comply with the rules as set by the security region (Gelderland South),” said Robert Dado, chairman of the Santa-Claus committee. He will also be meeting with the municipality next week to discuss an “alternative program”.

Berg en Dal
In the municipality of Berg en Dal, some other ways have already been devised in the various places to prevent Santa-Claus from passing too silently. In Beek, for example, children can pick up a coloring picture from Marius DIY and return it there with an address. On two afternoons (28 and 29 November), a group of Soot sweepers will go through the village to give those children a surprise.

In Leuth and Millingen, the Santa-Claus committees want to make a film of Santa-Claus and show it at primary school, for example. The Berg en Dal committee also wants to do “something” at primary school. In Kekerdom, the committee is still considering an alternative. In Groesbeek, the children can come to the Heuvelland sports hall on Sunday 15 November to give the saint a hand. Due to the corona measures, adults are admitted to a limited extent as companions. “That can of course be grandfather or grandmother”, says André Brouwer, who signs for the organization together with the an event agency from Groesbeek. “But often that will be one of the parents.”

Long day for Santa-Claus
Santa-Claus does make a long day in Groesbeek on November 15. Because he will reside in Sporthal Heuvelland from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. to receive changing groups of children. “In previous years we had about a thousand children visiting”, says Brouwer. “We now want to receive them four times in groups of about 250 to 300 children. There can be a hundred adults. Families often have more children, who want to go to Sinterklaas. It is also possible that a mother, for example, also takes her son’s boyfriend with her.”

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