• The number of reports is increasing sharply in almost all regions and in all age groups.
  • The number of reports has increased more than fivefold compared to four weeks ago.
  • The number of people admitted to hospital because of COVID-19 also rose sharply.
  • The number of admissions to ICU is also increasing sharply.
  • The percentage of positive tests from the GGD Municipal Health Service test locations has increased from 2.5% in the last week of August to 7.4% in the past week.
  • In the week of September 23-29, the GGDs reported 19,326 individuals who tested positive for COVID-19.
  • Over 207,000 people have had themselves tested in the GGD test streets in the past week.

Hospital admissions, ICU admissions and deaths
There has been a clear increase in the number of COVID-19 admissions to the nursing wards and IC’s of hospitals [Nice Foundation (National Intensive Care Evaluation). In the past week, 102 COVID-19 patients were reported * as deceased, as now known, 51 of them died in the past week. These deceased were between 45 and 95 years old.
* Not all of these patients were hospitalized or died in the past week.

COVID-19 in nursing homes
The number of reports of people with an established COVID-19 infection in nursing homes has also increased further in the past week. Most positively tested nursing home residents were reported in the regions of Haaglanden, Utrecht and Amsterdam Amstelland. Starting this week, we will be applying a slightly modified calculation based on new definitions.

146,000 infectious people in the Netherlands
If someone contracts the new corona virus, this person is contagious to others for a while. Based on various data sources on how many people are infected with the new corona virus, an estimate can be made of the number of infectious people in the Netherlands and the values ​​between which this number is likely to be located. According to the latest estimates, there are about 146,000 infectious persons in the Netherlands. The number of infectious people has been increasing rapidly since mid-July: from a few thousand contagious people in July to more than 146,000 in September.

Reproduction number R.
The reproduction number has changed minimally by 1.27 (bandwidth 1.22 – 1.33) compared to last week. The confidence interval is for the fourth week in a row in all above 1. The reproduction number of 1.27 means that 100 people who are infected with the new coronavirus together lead to 127 other people who become infected.
To prevent further spread of the virus, it is important that everyone adheres to the measures. Keep your distance. Work at home. Stay at home in case of complaints and get tested. Wash your hands regularly, at least when you come home, after going to the toilet or when you go out to cook. Sneeze and cough into your elbow.

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