Restaurant The New Shop (De Nieuwe Winkel) from Nijmegen wins prize for best vegetable dishes: “Perhaps best in the world”

The best vegetable dishes in the Netherlands come from this kitchen. It is the kitchen and laboratory of De Nieuwe Winkel in Nijmegen, a leading restaurant that mainly works with vegetables and only uses meat and fish as garnish.
On Monday, Chef Emile van der Staak’s restaurant was awarded by We’re Smart, an international organization that promotes healthy, ecological and sustainable food. The organization calls Van der Staak a “vegetable wizard”.
To give an impression of what he makes, a proud Van der Staak mentions a dish from the new menu he has just introduced. “We pulled stock from the wood of the Chinese mahogany and it tastes uncomfortably similar to chicken soup.” The inspiration arose in the Groesbeek food forest of Wouter van Eck. “When we cut the tree, an amazing aroma was released.”

The award is justified, says culinary journalist from de Volkskrant and Nijmegen native Mac van Dinther. “This restaurant is unsurpassed in the Netherlands and perhaps the best in the world.” Culinary journalist from De Gelderlander Ellen Willems is also full of praise in her review. “Van der Staak’s cooking techniques are far-reaching and innovative.” Van Dinther: “We can be very proud of this in Nijmegen.”

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