Scientific education from an art stage.

The tickets are free for a change. No large theater companies or theater groups on stage, but university teachers. The highly honored audience is purely and exclusively students, of Social Sciences, to be precise. A deal between the De Vereeniging concert hall and Radboud University preceded the special lecture setting. Of course to create extra space in the university, which is too cramped due to corana. The implementation has received national praise. Students from other cities refer to it with envious gaze: “Look, in Nijmegen they still get physical education, shouldn’t that be possible in our city?” Because every student still likes a day off. But no lectures and therefore no contact with your fellow students, they clearly think that less. Not to mention the loss of quality due to education only through visual contact. So the Rector Magnificus has set itself the sacred task of offering first-year students at least twice physical education, the other bachelor’s students at least once a week. This seems to be successful, partly thanks to the deployment of the stages, including the Main City Theater (Stadsschouwburg). The photo clearly shows that a row of chairs has been removed between the students. This means you can store your laptop and stretch your legs comfortably, something that is not possible in a regular concert season …

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