Mayors want mandatory quarantine after holidays

Mayors want the opportunity to mandate people to quarantine for 14 days if they have been on vacation in contaminated areas. They have asked the cabinet to take action in the short term. “After all, it is now up for discussion,” said the Mayor of Nijmegen, Hubert Bruls, who is also chairman of the Security Council. “We want to be able to impose it if necessary.” Bruls spoke to Minister Ferd Grapperhaus (Justice) on Friday about the increasing number of people who test positive for corona. The outcome of this consultation is, among other things, that the Cabinet will ask the Outbreak Management Team (OMT) for new advice on the usefulness of mouth masks. Mayors are given the space to make local masks mandatory. “But the Security Region has also asked the cabinet to oblige tourists who have been in areas where the virus flares up again to go into quarantine for two weeks. That is now only recommended, people can escape it.”

Code orange
But if the infection rates continue to rise, such a mandatory quarantine may be an option to do something about it. These are people who have been on holiday in areas that have the code orange, areas that are not recommended by the government to go there. While the mayors Ahmed Aboutaleb of Rotterdam and Femke Halsema of Amsterdam argue for a mouth mask obligation, Grapperhaus and Bruls do not see anything to introduce that nationwide. Bruls: ,, The situation is different per region. In Gelderland-Zuid, for example, you only speak of a single contamination, so we do not need to take extra measures for the time being.”

Family parties
His colleague in Arnhem, Ahmed Marcouch, announced on Friday that there will be stricter supervision of the rules against the spread of corona in the catering industry because the rules are too often violated there. Bruls is more concerned about family parties: “We see that the most important thing in the family sphere, at family parties.” “Extra information should again point people to compliance with the corona regulations. He finds virologist Marion Koopmans by his side. The professor of virology at Erasmus MC in Rotterdam, who advises the cabinet and the World Health Organization as a member of the Outbreak Management Team, argues in favor of postponing parties when they cannot go outdoors and keeping them at bay.

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