0841-Student housing

It has been a while since I wrote about our neighbors at #217. In June there has been a migration of people all over the house: Friso and Tim, who lived in the sousterrain level, moved out and live now in Nijmegen East, a very sought after part of the city. Myrthe and her friend Jordy lived before on the ground level; now they live on the sousterrain level, and have the nice outside sit/work area and the lounge area. As only the ground level has a balcony at the backside, and the frontroom at the first floor a small balcony at the street side, the sit/work area and the lounge area at the sousterrain level are both popular with the other residents.

Myrthe had announced a double birthday party for Saturday, 18 July. However, on the evening of Friday 17 July there was quite a crowd gathered at the sousterrain level. There was amongst the people Friso, who handles the BBQ very well. At midnight the party was still going on, with loud conver-sations and music. At 12.15am I went over with my walker as this party had not been announced to the neighbors and went on over the time limit of midnight. I was very surprised to hear, that this was not a party of Myrthe, but a “Farewell -Welcome”-party for all the former and new residents at the house.

At 10:00am on Saturday 18 July a neighbor (resident & owner) from the oppo-site side of the “Nuisance Triangle” called at our door. He asked Pierre if Pierre had also heard the loud conversations and music. Pierre could only acknowledge that he had seen at around 11:00pm quite a crowd in the garden of #217, as Pierre had not seen me yet that morning, and did not know about my visit.

As we do not want to walk straight to the police, community police officer or neighborhood manager, but try to sort it out with the tenants first, I wrote a letter to all the residents, stating the rules which were kept by Friso and Tim. Students forget often, that there are also families living in this neighborhood. Just behind #217 lives a family with 2 very small children. They  are the first to feel/hear the nuisance. Their garden is just behind the lounge area of #217. But they keep far from the ongoing strugle private residences versus investment properties A copy of the letter went to the direct neighbors of #217 and the owner of the house.

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