Jealousy is in my blood, but that doesn’t mean I want to limit my wife later.

One of the hallmarks of Arab culture is jealousy. I learned it that way and that is how I was brought up. We consider it a sign of love. When the Arab woman notices that her husband is no longer jealous, that is, he doesn’t care much what she does, she sees it as a sign that he no longer loves her. She already sees her relationship on the rocks in her mind. Here in the Netherlands I see that jealousy in relationships rarely occurs. A friend said to me, “I see it as a limitation. A jealous man has no confidence and no confidence in me. “She also said that her boyfriend likes it when other men flirt with her. This way he knows that he has hooked up a nice lady. “Really ?!” I exclaimed in surprise. “But are you jealous?” I asked. “Not at all, he can do whatever he wants and so can I”, she said. She asked how I thought about it.

Well. I am a Syrian man, and jealousy is in our blood. That doesn’t mean I want to restrict my wife later. For me, jealousy has nothing to do with my confidence. Not even with confidence in the other. I don’t see having a relationship as a contract where we own each other. Love, respect and mutual trust between the two sides are the highest feelings we can feel for our life partner. In my opinion, this results in jealousy. It is the protection and enhancement of these beautiful feelings, not a limitation of love. So yes, I am a jealous man. Do the Dutch see jealousy as a sign of love or of ownership? In the end I hope the first, otherwise I will have a very hard time in this country.

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