0832-Postponed memorial service

Pierre’s youngest sister Jeanne Sleijpen was hospitalised just before the corona outbreak in the Netherlands:  on 25 February 2020, with severe kidney- and heart problems. On my birthday, 28 February, Pierre had a very early discussion with his sister’s specialist. As Jeanne was hospitalised in de Zuyderland Medical Center in Heerlen (South Limbourg), about a two hours drive from Nijmegen, these visits took more or less an entire day, as we visited Jeanne’s husband often afterwards. Between the specialist, Pierre as a fomer G.P. , the patient Jeanne and her family, they came on an agreement for kidney dialysis for a maximum of 14 days. Jeanne received the holy sacraments of the dying. Her funeral was under the first strict Covid-19 rules: a maximum of 25 family members, including the clergical staff. Afterwards there was a gathering for a strict number of people, at her youngest son’s house in Bocholtz, on the German border. Normally there is in the Roman Catholic tradition a remembrance service 6 weeks after the death. But under the Covid-19 rules that was not possible. As Jeanne’s birtday is 08 July, the family planned a memorial service for Sunday 12 July. Now the church was -under the corona-rules- rather crowded with over 100 people. After a visit to the cimetary there was a gathering at the Sleijpen family residence. I could keep myself  under control, with lots of Paracetamol and Morphia… When back in Nijmegen, the weather was so nice, that we could have a pre-dinner drink in “my” garden.

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