0829-Graafseweg 219

On the day that I was dismissed from the trauma department, I received a report with medication etc. and a statement of my weight upon dismissal. Only once in my life I surpassed that weight: when making a world cruise of 117 days in 2016. Then I was 95Kg, and that was a shock, because even my tuxedo did not fit well anymore…

However, I am now 28 days in the sousterrain nursery at the Graafseweg. No extended breakfast with ham and eggs, but a convenient Kellog’s full grain, with dried fruit in it. Lunch is mostly a soup, Pierre’s speciality. And a 1 course dinner in the evening.

Although I have no hard physical things to do, an excursion with the walker over the ramp to the ground floor -either to enter the house, because mounting the stairs is strongly forbidden with the injury of the right femur, or to go to the car when we have to go out for visits, funerals or a commemorative mass- takes a lot of energy. Going up I can manage myself, going down Pierre has to hold the walker to prevent that I go to fast and lose my equilibrium.

At the day of dismissal my weight was:


Today my weight is:


One thought on “0829-Graafseweg 219”

  1. If the weight loss is a concern I highly recommend consuming a liquid protein supplement drink in addition to your diet if your doctor allows this? I too deal with weight loss from illness and this helps to maintain daily calories.


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