0821-Graafseweg 219

Nijmegen, The Netherlands 19th July 2018 - Ambulance Just Outside ...

Friday 12 June at 9:20pm I was heading from the souterrain level to the ground level. In the hallway (1.60m wide) I slipped down. And as I am 1.75m long, I was trapped between the walls of the hallway. I felt immediately that there was a serious injury, as I could not move any more my back and legs. Pierre called the alarmnumber 112 and there arrived a small car with just one male nurse. When he could not get me on my feet, an ambulance was ordered. I was carried out via the garden gate, and moved to street level with the help of neighboring students. The report of the radiographer reads:

  • [1] Anterior wall fracture acetabulum R.;
  • [2] Fracture os pubis inferior R.;
  • [3] Fracture processus transversus L2 R.;
  • [4] Fracture costa 6 & 7 L.

The remaining part of the last three weeks is in the following video.

2 thoughts on “0821-Graafseweg 219”

  1. We are very sorry to hear about your unfortunate accident at home Luke. It was good to hear that you were quickly attended to by medical personnel. I trust that your recovery is progressing favourably? Best wishes for a fast recovery from this mishap.


  2. Beste Luke,

    Wat een schrik dat je door zo’n ongelukkige val in de lappenmand bent terechtgekomen. Een ongeluk zit in een klein hoekje: dat heb jij helaas ervaren.
    Wij hopen voor jou op een spoedig herstel en geniet deze zomer van kleine dingen die wel mogelijk zijn samen met Pierre.

    Marjan en Hidde


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