Solar energy

As per 31 May 2020 (UTC+2):


  1. Sunrise: 05:24am
  2. Sunset: 09:46pm
  3. Hours: 16h 22m.


  1. Started: 05:45am
  2. Ended: 09:00pm
  3. Hours: 15h 15m.

Monthly report: May 2020:

  •  462.085 KW produced;
  • € 87.80 earned;
  • 181.13 Kg CO2 emission saved, which equals to 0.61 trees planted; present total 6.4 trees.


  • This month was the best month in our solar panel history, with a day average of 14.906Kw.
  • 11 May we had a peek production of 2.894Kw at 11.45am; strangely enough this is over the maximum of 2.75Kw for the solar panel system.
  • 12 May we passed the production of 4Mw since installation.
  • 28 May we had a day production of 20,02Kw; the first time that we surpassed the 20Kw limit since the installation on 02 October 2018.




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