Verpleegkundige Laszlo van Houten, Radboudumc

“We are learning to receive patients who come from IC”

Nurse Laszlo van Houten (27) takes care of patients in the special corona department at Radboud UMC. At the request of this newspaper he reports weekly about his experiences.

In the meantime, we have as many nurses as we have patients. That does not mean that the department is full, on the contrary. Five patients and five nurses. This allows various colleagues to relax and have quality time with their family, which also continues. I now hear several colleagues say that they are happy that the schools are opening again. I can’t imagine that since I don’t have children. What is nice is that during this period I grew closer to a nice lady with whom I now also have a relationship. She is also a nurse, so we understand each other well during this difficult time. Fortunately, at home it is not only about work, but also about what we will do when we have more freedom of movement.
Prepare for influx from IC
Well, we are now preparing for an influx of patients who are still in IC, patients who have been there for so long that they have now been tested corona negative. Normally there is a department where patients of the IC can strengthen, regain muscle functions and start breathing and swallowing independently again. You can check if you are ventilated for a month, that all your muscles relax. This includes your breathing muscles and your swallowing reflex. However, colleagues who normally work in that department are now deployed at the IC because of the staff shortage there.
Training and schools
In the past few weeks, for example, I have been fully training and following training courses with other nurses from our department, so that we can also take good care of these patients who come from the ICU. This also includes psychological support. Because how difficult it is, if you could make a bike ride of 100 km six months ago, you can not even hold your glass now…
Do we ever return?
For the outside world, the “normal” familiar life starts slowly again. We expect that this will take a long time for us. The question is whether we will ever return to “as it was before corona”…

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