The school is not only a place where I learn, it is also where I connect with others.

“Dear all, I quit my studies, because I can no longer find my twist and motivation in my studies,” a classmate told us. It’s a nightmare I get every night. Temporarily stopping and resting during this crisis means increasing study delay. I do not want that. However, it is not possible to find the same motivation as for the corona crisis.
The schools are closed to protect the students and to limit the number of infections. Staying at home and continuing to study, it turns out to be a knockout not only for me, but also for other students. The school is not only a place where teaching is given, it is also a place where I connect with others and learn from my fellow students. We inspire each other. That helps me enormously as a new Dutchman, because the way of learning in the Netherlands is very different from what I am used to. In the Netherlands, students learn to figure things out for themselves and to use the internet if they don’t know something. In Syria I am used to getting the material with an example, and then discussing it with fellow students and working on our assignments together. The solution of distance learning is the least bad solution out of a range of bad options. The system is being improved in the process. It remains difficult to live your life from your own room and to continue to develop. It’s like using a device at full power continuously. It will go just fine for a while, but after a while things will overheat and explode. It is a matter of waiting and biting through. Will I stay in my room forever because of the burnout I will soon have, or will I have finished my academic year despite the difficult circumstances?

Let’s hope for the latter.

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