Is January 1 the birthday of all Syrians and corona babies?

“Biggest increase in births since World War II”. A headline for a newspaper in 2021. The corona crisis is causing the families and couples to spend more time together. The weather is nice, people do not have to work and have nothing to do. The often used excuses to get out of their homework, such as “honey, I have to get up early tomorrow” or “honey, I have a headache and I am tired”, do not apply now. It has now become really serious. This gives us a new baby boom: the corona babies!
When I was in Syria during the war, just like at any other time, children were born. These children were not immediately reported to the municipality, because it was closed because of the war. When the congregation reopened, all these children were registered with a date of birth from the first day of the month in which they were born, or just January 1, as with me. Syrian parents often report their child only months after birth, so that their child does not have to go to school immediately at the age of 6 and does not immediately go to the military with 18.
In the Netherlands, people in many places are initially identified by their date of birth. When I pass my date of birth here, people get confused. They get to see a long list of my countrymen, who all have their passport on January 1st. I wonder if, if the intelligent lockdown remains in effect for a long time, the Syrian way will be used to enroll all babies on the same day, January 1, 2022. Then January 1 will be the birthday of all Syrians and corona babies.

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